The Sunday HEAT

— The dearly departed: Today we must bid farewell to one of our HEAT regulars; Goldust. He partnered with Snitsky for a while to make “another” odd squad. But due to a lack of creative plans I had for him, the WWE and I felt it was time to part ways. Goldust we will miss you.

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Scott Fowler & Jonathan McCulley
No entrance rule in effect here as we’re sure to give the heel tag team of HEAT the win here. And for some reason they let Murdoch take the mic as my IQ suddenly feels lower. Cade slaps one of the jobbers over the face as Murdoch continues the play by play on the mic (with Coach back in the booth with Grisham). Now we have Cade on the mic as this time Murdoch starts the pummeling on the second jobber. Some double team nearly finishes the guy off as Murdoch takes the cheap shot at Ben “I should have worn a helmet” Roethlisberger. Double end clothesline calls the match at 3.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– Victoria vs. Mercedes Martinez
Hey look at that, a girl with a Mexican last name. I know a girl who has that name. Except that her first name isn’t the name of a car and she doesn’t wrestle. Hmm, go figure. Lillian puts the Spanish tone to her name and Victoria starts to slug away. We stay on two headlocks for quite some time and reversed bridges as Victoria gets the upper hand. Back suplex cover for Mercedes only gets two, misses the clothesline and she falls straight into a knee. Total squash afterwards as Victoria nails the widow’s peak.
Winner: Victoria

– Matt Striker vs. Tim Arson
No entrance rule in effect part three! Maybe Striker should put this theory of mine into his lesson plans. Striker lets us know what the man he’s facing in the ring is a grad from Penn St. University. But that isn’t a good thing as he’s a graduate from Michigan as he calls to ring the shiny object. Striker I see is still wearing the fruity ring tights. Leg flip with a drop kick gets some offense for Arson, but Striker quickly fires back. Headlock slows down the match, as Arson finds a way out and starts to reel Matt backwards. Striker gets in a cheap hit which sets him back up as Striker puts together a nice little combo starting off with a fireman’s carry, to a front and back neckbreaker, followed by a DDT for the win. Nice. Grisham dubs it the 1-2-3 from the teacher. Ok, that kinda killed it.
Winner: Matt Striker

– Rob Conway vs. Gene Snitsky
Since we had to let Goldust go, we felt that there was no better way to reward the surviving team member by putting him in the MAIN EVENT! I worry sometimes. Conway starts the match off strong first, but Snitsky gets a hip toss with a scoop slam follow. Tie up in the corner with Conway getting the upper hand once more as he tries for the snap suplex, but Snitsky counters with his own. Big boot attempt is followed, but Conway ducks out of the way as Gene gets nothing but rope. Clothesline takes down the big man as Rob puts in a few elbows for good measure. Two count and a big knee keeps the pressure on Snitsky. Headlock gets the count, but Snitsky gets the hand up before the three fall and a few elbows goes into the gut of Conway to loosen the hold. Atomic drop, moves momentum and a scoop slam with sidewalk slam follows up as we get the HUGE clothesline, knocking Conway to the mat. Swinging neck breaker however puts both to the ground. Both get up a little bit shaky as Snitsky gets the big boot for the win. A pretty decent match actually.
Winner: Snitsky

The HEAT Wave
So we’re back to our regular HEAT, with no Carlito, three squash/ jobber matches and lots and lots of fun (sarcastic). And sorry for missing out last week, it was just one of those absent minded times. But like I said, we’re back. So if you feel the need to scratch the itch, do so here. Till next time, I’m out. Peace!