InsidePULSE’s TNA Slammiversary Report

InsidePULSE’s TNA Slammiversary Report
Announcers are Don West & Mike Tenay
By: PK

Free Show:

Monty Brown comes out and says that he is being held back. He then rips on Samoa Joe.

The Naturals (w/ Shane Douglas) vs. Team Canada (A1 & Eric Young)
I came in when the match was in session. The Nats are in full control the whole match, but the Canucks nefariously steals the win.
Winners – Team Canada

Shane Douglas is PISSED. He cuts a pretty good promo on how he always did what was needed to be done to retain his legacy. He then tells The Nats that they will not re-enter the Impact Zone until he thinks they are ready.

They then show the awesome Joe/Steiner promo that aired on Thursday.

Team 3D came out and ripped on the new ECW. They said that the Impact Zone will be Zombie-free. They want The James Gang now, and they go to the back to get them.

PPV intro.

Team 3D vs. James Gang – Bingo Hall Brawl
All 4 fight through the tunnel to the ring. Kip and Bubba cross chairs, with Kip getting the advantage. BG and D’Von fight in the crowd, and they cross into the LAX territory, and LAX beat both men down. Bubba sets up a guard rail on a few chairs, and hip tosses Kip on them. D’Von and BG back towards the ring, BG over the rail, on the apron, and leaps back in the crowd on D’Von. Team 3D and BG fight up the rafters, and Kip hits both 3D with a trash lid, and they work toward the ring. A trash can of weapons is tossed in the ring, and all 4 start getting back in the ring. Bubba cheese grates Kip’s head, but then BG takes Bubba down with a trash can lid, then BG and D’Von KO each other. Kip then nails a Famasser on Bubba on a trash can for 2! Kip is beating down on D’Von in corner, but Bubba comes from behind, and sets up for a Doomsday Device, and D’Von nails it. They set up a table, and D’Von dumps BG, then they hit the 3D on Kip for the pinfall.
Winners – Team 3D

Jeff Jarrett cuts a great promo about how he’s going to win, and how he should be the champion. Zbyszko comes in and tells JJ that the new face of TNA Management is who they thought it would be, and they are screwed.

Bobby Roode & Coach D’Amore vs. Rhino – Handicap Match
D’Amore runs scared for a bit, then Roode and Rhino square off. Rhino gets the advantage, and D’Amore is tagged in. Rhino chases D’Amore around the ring, but gets clotheslined by Roode on the outside. Back in the ring, D’Amore tries a pin, but only gets 2, and Roode is back in. The Canadians are working over Rhino very hard. Rhino fires up, and slugs away on Roode, then hits a huge belly to belly. Roode charges, ducks a clothesline, but drops Rhino in a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2. D’Amore is in, and he goes to the top for a moonsault, but misses! D’Amore actually pulled off a good looking moonsault. Roode, leaps in the ring, but gets a fist to the gut. D’Amore goes for a DVD, but Rhino spins out and hits a spinebuster, then tosses Roode to the outside, followed by a GORE GORE GORE on D’Amore for the pin.
Winner – Rhino

Borash with Joe. He is not afraid to face Steiner.

Senshi vs. Shark Boy vs. Petey Williams vs. Jay Lethal vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sonjay Dutt – #1 Contender for the X Division Title – Elimination Rules
Petey and Shark Boy start. Petey sets Shark up in the tree of woe, and goes for the “Oh, Canada”, but Shark Boy with the Shark Bite! Back in the ring, Shark Boy tags in Lethal. Senshi in, and he and Lethal go back and forth with some chops. Senshi with a kick to the back of the head, and he tags in Shelley. Shelley chokes up Lethal, and hits a back cracker for 2. Lethal flips over Shelley, and tags in Dutt. Dutt flies around the ring, and hits a standing moonsault on Shelley for 2. Dutt goes up for his walk the ropes sprinkler, but Shelley knocks him down, so Dutt crotches himself on the ropes, then Shelley drags Dutt’s crotch along the top rope. Shelley sticks his hand down his pants, then tags in Shark Boy, and wants him to do a double suplex on Dutt, but he goes to double up Shelley, then Petey, then Lethal, then Senshi, and they do a six-pack suplex! Shark Boy and Dutt are the legal men, and Shark Boy is getting LOADS of offense in, then goes to the top for an elbow drop, but Dutt moves, then hits the running standing moonsault on Shark Boy for the pin. Shelley pounds on Dutt, but Lethal gets in. Shelley goes for a Swanton, but Lethal puts his knees up, and Lethal hits a big full nelson suplex for the pin. They do the classic out of the ring spot, with Dutt leaping on Senshi, Lethal and Petey on the floor. Back in the ring, Petey nails the Canadian Destroyer for the pin on Lethal. Petey and Dutt go back and forth. Senshi in, he and Petey fight on the turnbuckle, and it looks like Petey is going to try a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope, but Senshi pulls him off, and Dutt hits the flipping inverted DDT, then Sheshi hits the Warrior’s Way (double foot stomp) off the top, eliminating Petey. Senshi drop kicks Dutt in the corner, the sets him up in the Tree of Woe, gets on the top of the turnbuckle, and does the Warriors Way on Dutt’s face!
Winner – Senshi

Nash wonders what happened to Shelley, Shelley says that we didn’t see it, but there was about 20 guys with knives out there, and some with gats, so he had no chance.

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Sabin
Sabin is a spitfire right off the bat, and Nash signals for Shelley to come out. Shelley is helping him out, and Sabin is at Nash’s disposal. Sabin fights back, goes for the Cradle Shock, but Shelley pulls Nash’s leg, and then Nash goes for the Jacknife, but Sabin sits down on Nash and slugs away, then dives through the ropes on Shelley. Sabin hits a leg drop from the top for 2. He goes back up, but Shelley crotches him on an exposed turnbuckle, then Nash hits the Jacknife for the pin.
Winner – Nash

AMW & Gail Kim want to know what AJ and Daniels is up to.

America’s Most Wanted (c) (w/ Gail Kim) vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels – NWA Tag Team Titles
AJ & Daniels with loads of tag team offense. They start brawling on the outside. Gail Kim leaps on Daniels back, and AMW is now dominating on the outside. AJ goes over the guard rail, and he tries to springboard the rail, but Storm takes AJ’s leg out, and AJ goes gut first over the rail. Back in the ring, AMW works over AJ. Harris with a staling suplex for 2. Storm back in, they pound away in the corner on AJ. Storm goes for a Tornado Inverted DDT, but AJ fights out and hits a Pele. AJ and Daniels clear the ring, and Gail tries to get in, but AJ and Daniels surround her, and a very built woman makes her way in, and takes out Gail. AJ has Harris laid out, goes for the Spiral Tap, but Harries moves, and AJ misses. Storm distracts the ref, and Harris hits AJ with a fist full of handcuffs, for 2 when Daniels pulls the ref out. Daniels hits Storm with the Angel’s Wings, but Harris elbow drops the ref, and tosses him out. Harris has AJ set up, Storm goes to hit Daniels with a beer bottle, but hits Harris in the back of the head. Daniels with a Rock Bottom, AJ with a Frog Splash, then Daniels with the BME for the pinfall!
Winners and NEW Champs – Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles

Sting says that he will take the title if he can tonight.

Mike Tenay in the ring, and announces the new face of TNA Management, Jim Cornette…um, yay? Cornette rambles and rambles and rambles about how things will change. And I’m sitting here wondering what the problem is.

Steiner cuts a decent promo, calling Joe’s DVD Unsellable (Instead of Unstoppable, which is what it’s titled).

Scott Steiner vs. Samoa Joe
Back and forth action to start. BPP with a powerbomb, and has he tries to pin him, but Joe pulls him in with a Triangle Choke. They fight on the outside, and slam each other with chairs. Steiner has Joe down against the ring, and then Steiner slaps a chair across Joe’s face. Back in the ring, Joe fights back, and locks on the Rear Naked Choke. Steiner fights out, and locks on the Steiner Recliner, but Joe stands up with Steiner on his shoulders, and he drops him on the top rope, then hits a snap rolling powerslam for the pin.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Christian thinks he will win tonight.

Christian Cage (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings vs. Abyss vs. Sting – NWA World Championship – King of the Mountain
Earl Hebner is the ref. Huge melee to start. Cage, Abyss, and JJ on the outside, and Truth dives on them. Sting gets on the Penalty Box and leaps on all 4! Back in the ring, Truth rolls up JJ for the pin. Truth can now hang the belt.

JJ goes to the box. Abyss sets up some tables on the outside, and he looks like he is goint to toss Cage on them, but Cage rolls up Abyss, and Abyss goes to the box. Christian can now hang the belt, and Abyss goes in right as JJ gets out.

JJ and Christian pair off, and Truth and Sting are going at it in the ring. Abyss gets out, and it looks like he’s formed a partnership with JJ. More tables are stacked up on the ones outside already. Abyss takes out Sting, and JJ then hits Truth with a Stroke from the apron into the guard rail, and Truth goes in the box, and JJ is now eligible to hang the belt.

Sting and Abyss are paired off, and JJ and Cage are paired off for the whole time Truth is in box. Truth gets out, and all 4 are in the crowd, so he tries to climb the ladder to hang the belt, however Abyss gets to the ring, and tosses over the ladder. Abyss and JJ team up to take out the other 3 with a ladder. Truth tries to climb the ladder again, but Abyss tosses him over again. Abyss tosses the ladder back, and drills the Ref. JJ goes to grab the title belt, but Abyss steps on it, and won’t let JJ have it. JJ begs for the belt, then Mitchell yells DOOMSDAY, and Abyss nails the Black Hole Slam. Abyss is eligible and JJ goes to the box.

Abyss starts to climb the ladder, but Sting shoves the ladder, and Abyss falls to the outside thought the tables! JJ is back in early, as it appears that Zbyszko has let him out. Sting stops him though, and locks on the Scorpion Death Lock, tosses the belt to Christian, and telling him to climb the ladder. Cage gets dump by Zbyszko, then Sting nails the Scorpion Death Lock for the pin, as he makes the KOed Earl Hebner count the pin. Sting is now eligible.

Sting grabs the belt, and starts climbing, but Cage sees it, and sprints up the ladder, and they start fighting over the title, but Hebner tosses the ladder, and both fall to the outside!!! Hebner is in cahoots with Zbyszko and JJ!! JJ climbs the ladder, and hangs the belt for the win!!
Winner and New Champion – Jeff Jarrett

Zbyszko and Hebner get out of there quickly.

Jarrett is celebrating on the ramp, and Referee Rudy Charles takes the belt away from JJ and gives it to Cornette who is on the ramp.

Show Over.