[MISC] Goldberg Update

–Bill Goldberg did a promotional interview today for the WFA MMA PPV show on 7/22 that he is handling announcing duties for.

– Says he has no plans to do anything with TNA in the near future, and that there would have to be extensive negotiations with Spike before he could do it. That would indicate that he’s looking for a Sting-type deal.

– Says he wouldn’t fight Brock Lesnar on an MMA card because Brock is a good friend of his. Overall, Goldberg was pretty negative about doing MMA, as he feels he’s too old and has a lot more to lose than the younger guys.

– He said he would only fight someone he didn’t like, and someone brought up Vince McMahon. He said he’d have to tie both of his hands behind his back, and even then Vince couldn’t take his kick. This is true — just ask Bret Hart. The hosts brought up Vince’s physique, and he said Vince is just like guys you see at gyms that are all show and no go.

– He said he’d only go to TNA if they made the financial commitment to really compete with WWE, and he’s skeptical about them doing that. He said he’s “stomached” a little of it, and that they needed serious help in talent, production and time slot.

– He said he’d break Samoa Joe’s neck. It’s true. He kicked Bret Hart in the face and ended his career.

– He said he was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time to beat Hogan.

– He zoned out the crowd reaction during his final WWE match against Brock Lesnar. He says the crowd affected Lesnar.

– Says he will never set foot in a WWE ring again. His time in WCW was good and his time in WWE was bad. Duh.

– Says that if WWE’s drug testing policy is legit, then he appreciates it. Says the company doesn’t deserve blame for the drug-related deaths in wrestling, because it all comes down to the person and not the company.

– He was crushed by Eddie Guerrero’s death because Guerrero helped him out greatly when he was starting out.