The Weekly Pulse: TV's Second Wife

New shows that I watched this week? There was ‘Treasure Hunters’ on NBC. That show reminded me of ‘The Amazing Race’. The shows are so similar! I smell a lawsuit coming! Wait..there is a difference. There is not any physical tasks on ‘Treasure Hunters’. Not yet at least. They have to solve a big puzzle as well. Hmm..maybe that is what saves them from being the same show. I will continue to watch it, because it’s interesting so far and I like ‘The Amazing Race’. I also found it funny that the “dumb” teams were able to advance, while the “smart” guys barely survived. Says something about the show. The clues are in the just can’t overthink them. Next, I saw ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Not too bad of a reality show. I don’t really care for Gordon, but that’s the point. I will watch it again if nothing else is on, which is likely. But I won’t be too upset if I don’t watch another episode. And that is all of the new shows that I watched this week.

Let me talk briefly about shows that I watched last week and update you on them. I actually didn’t watch ‘Saved’ last week, but I have now and I have watched the first two episodes. It’s a good show, but I think I’m suffering from TV burnout right now. There are so many shows I watch right now..that ‘Saved’ gets lost in the shuffle sometimes. It just sits on my TiVo until I get to it. And by that time..I’m a little tired. However, it’s a good idea for a show, so I will continue to watch it eventually. As for the show that comes before it, ‘The Closer’, I may be done with that show. It’s okay, but I just can’t stand Mrs. Kevin Bacon that much. I’m from the South and I have an accent, but her accent is so crazy! It really affects my enjoyment with the show. That and I don’t really care for the crime genre of shows. Yeah..I know everyone loves ‘CSI’ and ‘Law & Order’ and all of those shows, but they are just not my first choice. I will watch them, but I won’t be sad if I don’t. The same goes with ‘The Closer’. Maybe if someone else was playing the lead would be better. As it is, it’s just okay and watchable. But not “can’t miss”!

Not a whole lot left to talk about except ‘Big Brother’! And that is all you really need this summer. The show hasn’t started yet, but the list of 20 candidates, to go back into the house this summer for the “All-Star” version of the show, has been revealed. I have the recap of the announcement here! You will see the list there along with a few comments from myself. However, I’m going to reveal to you now the 12 houseguests that I HOPE make it into the house and who I will be voting for. You ready for this? goes. In order of who I most want to see back in the house:

#1 – Kaysar Ridha
#2 – Will Kirby
#3 – Janelle Pierzina
#4 – Jase Wirey
#5 – Lisa Donahue
#6 – Alison Irwin
#7 – Diane Henry
#8 – Howie Gordon
#9 – Michael “Cowboy” Ellis
#10 – Marcellas Reynolds
#11 – Danielle Reyes
#12 – Erika Landin

Feel free to vote the same way, so this can happen. It would be a fun combination of people. Kaysar, Will, and Janelle should be a lock to get in. I would throw Jase in as the third guy. Lisa should also be safe in getting in as well. After that it gets cloudy. But I think Howie working with Jase and Kaysar would be a good alliance. Maybe Michael “Cowboy” Ellis as well to form the new “Sovereign Horsemen”. I never saw Will play ‘Big Brother 2’, so it will be interesting to see what he does. Alison, Diane, and Erika are there to bring the heat and the bitchy catfights to the show. And I think Marcellas and Danielle are interesting characters to finish off the 12 houseguests. What do you think? I will talk about how this list differs from what we decided in our tournament at the end of this column. We are down to 6 houseguests in the “Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER!” tournament and this week we decide who makes it to the “Final 3”!

One last thing. If you love MTV and you missed it last week, you’ll love this! If you don’t, well..get your head examined! Now on with the week that was here at IPTV!

Seinfeld Quote of the Week

“A woman that hates me this much..comes along only once in a lifetime!..I’ve got to go after her!”George

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Columns a.k.a. Fun in the Sun!!

Mathan Erhardt helps me out by picking a side in the HBO vs. SHOWTIME debate. Which pay channel should I get? Find out what Mathan had to say about it. He also talks about ‘Deadwood’, ‘Rescue Me’, ‘Huff’, ‘Entourage’, ‘Lucky Louie’, and ‘Saved’. That means I went 3 for 6 this week and that’s .500. Not bad at all. Oh..and the ‘Friends vs. Entourage’ battle is won? ‘Entourage’ all the way for me! As for the new question..I go with Rosie on ‘The Jetsons’. I love technology and newer technology can only help you as a maid!

Murtz interviews another person fired from ‘The Apprentice 5’! This time the interview is with Roxanne Wilson! What does she have to say and what does Murtz ask her? know what you need to do to find this out!

Matt Basilo says certain TV universes for certain shows don’t add up like they should! Which shows would that be? have to read for yourself. While you are there, see Matt’s comments on ‘The 4400’ and ‘The Dead Zone’!

Faray Syed wants you to continue to vote as it’s your right! But she is not talking about voting for politicians. NO..she is talking about voting for your favorite contestants on your favorite reality shows like ‘American Idol’ or ‘Canadian Idol’. Or how about the ‘Big Brother’ vote that has started this week? That works too. She wonders what it would be like if we decided every aspect of TV including lineups and new shows! Interesting. Read all of that and more from Farah this week!

Dora Malone reminds you to watch and vote for your favorite ‘Big Brother’ houseguests to get into the house. Like we could forget to watch the best reality show EVER! Dora explains why she likes that show. But she has more to say and this column is really about deciding “who is the coolest ‘Survivor’ dad ever?!?!” She has her list of dads and the order they finish in. Do you agree?!

Kevin Wong talks about a show I have never heard of. He watched it as a kid or something. It’s educational. It’s called ‘The Great Space Coaster’! See what the heck he is talking about!

Recaps a.k.a. The Gang is All Here!!

Steve Murray finishes off another season of ‘The Sopranos’! It’s a little late, but at least it’s here! Check it out!

Kevin Wong has a new show to recap this summer! It’s ‘Treasure Hunters’ on NBC! He has the first hour of the first episode of the show, followed by the second hour!

I have episode #4 of the ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’! Love and war at its best! And if you missed’s the recap of the ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ casting special!

This week we had 3 TV on DVD reviews! One by me!

John Cavanagh takes us back to a time where MTV had the greatest (or worst..depends on how you look at it) cartoon of all-time! He reviews Beavis & Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection (Volume 2)!!

I have a good show that got lost in the shuffle during the influx of great TV shows in the early 1990’s. I review Coach – The First Season!

Robert Sutton has an episode of a SHOWTIME horror series. He reviews Masters of Horror: John Landis – Deer Woman!

Celebrities a.k.a. Nothing!!!

Nothing for you this week, but it happens. Next week maybe.

The Weekly Pulse Weekly Poll

The tournament is almost to the end! The new polls and matchups and how you can vote is further down. Keep reading to continue your voting in the “Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER!” tournament!!

What Did My TiVo Record This Week?


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ’24’

– ‘Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘The 4400’ (Clip show!)

– ‘Saturday Night Live’ (Hosted by Dane Cook!)


– ‘ComicView’

– ‘The Cosby Show’ (Marathon!)

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Miami Ink’ (Marathon session!)

– ‘Treasure Hunters’ (Hmm..I smell ‘The Amazing Race’!)

– ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’

– ‘The 4400’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Hell’s Kitchen’

– ‘Falcon Beach’

– ‘Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat’

– ‘Fast Inc.’

– ‘Saved’

– ‘The Closer’

– ‘How to Get the Guy’ (Just so my other TiVo can have something to record!)

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘Unwrapped’


– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Food Styling!)

– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Sugary Deserts!)

– ‘The Cosby Show’

– ‘Roseanne’

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Fear Factor’

– ‘Last Comic Standing’

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

– ‘The Real World: Key West’

– ‘Jamie Kennedy’s Blowin’ Up’

– ‘Tuesday Night Book Club’

– ‘ECW Wrestling’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘Rescue Me’


– ‘Miami Ink’

– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Blue Collar TV’

– ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ (Casting special!)

– ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’

– ‘Lost’

– ‘One Tree Hill’

– ‘The Hills’

– ‘Cheyenne’

– ‘Inked’

– ‘Criss Angel Mindfreak’

– ‘Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘The Secret Life Of…’ (Candy bars!)

– ‘Dog Bites Man’


– ‘King of the Hill’

– ‘Gameshow Marathon’

– ‘My Name is Earl’

– ‘The Office’

– ‘Making the Band 3’

– ‘Run’s House’

– ‘Windfall’

– ‘Pimp My Ride’

– ‘Mind of Mencia’

– ‘Late Show with David Letterman’

– ‘TNA Impact!’

Time to Talk a.k.a. We’re Down to Six in the “Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER” Tournament!!

The quarterfinal round of voting is done! We are down to 6 houseguests! Who is left? are the results of the quarterfinals:

Drew Daniel (BB5) – 5
Kaysar Ridha (BB6) – 33

James Rhine (BB6) – 14
Danielle Reyes (BB3) – 22

Will Kirby (BB2) – 28
Rachel Plencner (BB6) – 9

Erika Landin (BB4) – 18
Jason Guy (BB3) – 20

Lisa Donahue (BB3) – 20
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich (BB2) – 17

Janelle Pierzina (BB6) – 31
Alison Irwin (BB4) – 6

Before I talk about the final 6 houseguests left. Lets first talk about our “Final 12” as a whole. They were technically our “All-Star” cast of ‘Big Brother’. Looking at our list and the official 20 candidates that could be on ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’..we got 8 out of 12 correct. Kaysar, James, Danielle, Will, Erika, Lisa, Janelle, and Alison are all candidates to be on ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’. I was really shocked that Drew Daniel and Jason Guy didn’t make the list. Especially Jason since he made it to our final 6. But that may have more to do with him being busy with his job, which is casting for reality shows, than CBS not wanting him back. I would be shocked if he wasn’t asked to come back. He probably was, but didn’t have the time. Drew is probably the same way. Or maybe he didn’t want to come back, since he won ‘Big Brother 5’ and is a nice guy. Maybe he wanted to give others a shot at winning some money. The other two are not as much as a shock. Rachel has done well enough in the tournament, but there were too many other great and interesting characters from ‘Big Brother 6’. She didn’t make the cut. And Nicole..well she was a fluke to be on our “All-Star” list. She made it this far only because of her opponents. She got an “easy” road to the “Final 12” as she faced weaker female opponents. And add that to the fact that she barely won each of her rounds..and you can see why she is not on the official list of candidates for ‘BB7’. She sneaked in through the back door here. But 2/3 is not that bad. Of course, we will see who actually gets in ‘Big Brother 7’ and then compare how we did with their 12 and our 12 then. I still believe that the 8 we picked will get into the real thing. They are all interesting and fill a need in ‘Big Brother 7. CBS picking 6 of them worries me a little, but hopefully they will be smart to just copy us!

Now then..back to the tournament. We have cut it down from 12 to just 6. All three remaining members of ‘Big Brother 3’ survived together and advanced another round. That should tell you something about that least the top players of that show. There are two people left from ‘Big Brother 6’ and Will still carries the flag for ‘Big Brother 2’. help with your voting, you may need a reminder of who these people were. So I suggest you go to these websites to refresh your memory on Seasons #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, and #6!

Here are the brackets again:

“Best ‘Big Brother’ Houseguest EVER!”

Group 1


Kaysar Ridha (BB6) vs. Danielle Reyes (BB3)

Group 2


Will Kirby (BB2) vs. Jason Guy (BB3)

Group 3


Lisa Donahue (BB3) vs. Janelle Pierzina (BB6)

This is the Semifinal round of the tournament. There are 3 matchups! This will be an interesting week as it’s ‘Big Brother 3’ vs. everyone else. It’s also the “Top 3 vote getters” vs. ‘Big Brother 3’. Thus far..Kaysar, Will, and Janelle have blown away all their opponents and have gotten the most votes each week. The 3 from ‘Big Brother 3’ a.k.a. the final 3 of that show, Danielle, Jason, and Lisa, have gotten a lot of votes along the way but they have not blown away the competition lately. Will it be an all ‘Big Brother 3’ final next week? Or will the “top 3” roll on right into the finals for the ULTIMATE showdown?! You will just have to VOTE now and see what happens later. Tell your friends and any ‘Big Brother’ fans you might know, because time is running out. The tournament is almost over and ‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ is almost ready to begin. Spread the word as this is one of YOUR final chances to decide which ‘Big Brother’ houseguest is the greatest EVER!

That’s all I got this week! Any questions, comments, or suggestions are always welcome, especially if it is dealing with this tournament or how you can donate to the TiVo cause!

Remember..“Life Ain’t Always Beautiful, but It’s a Beautiful Ride!”

And as always…“You Can’t Fight Fate!”. See you when I see you!