Sproll – Soft Science Review

Website: Sproll, Sproll @ My Space

The Inside Pulse:

Based in New Brunswick, Sproll has earned its place in the Canadian music scene with singles like “Eyes Have Spoken” and “Everywhere You Turn”. With tour dates bringing them across the country, it won’t be long before they’re recognized as one of the East Coast’s best alongside the likes of the Trews and Sloan.


It’s one of those albums you can let run all the way through without having to run across the room to press the “SKIP THIS SUCKY SONG” button. And for the cost efficient price of $9.99 you’ll be able to impress everyone with your impeccable taste and wide knowledge of the Canadian music scene.


It’s only six tracks long – just as you’re getting into the groove it ends. Also, it’s hard to come by in Ontario seeing as it’s consistently sold out at maplemusic.com.


Keane meets The Perishers

Reason to buy:

To start the collection early. Before long the first Sproll EP will be one of those coveted items you can only find on eBay going for a ridiculous amount and only up for grabs because some poor kid in Victoria drank away his tuition money.