[MISC] ECW Changes, Eddy Tribute, WWE News, TNA Online & More

Inside Pulse was experiencing some technical difficulties yesterday, but all is well, and as we head into the Fourth of July weekend, how’s about some fireworks as we catch up with some NEWZ?

– Edge vs. RVD was announced on ECW.com as the main event for next week’s ECW show on Sci Fi with both belts on the line and under extreme rules.

– WWE.com announced yesterday that “World Wrestling Entertainment has come to an agreement on the release of Johnny Parisi. WWE wishes Johnny the best in all future endeavors.” Johnny was previously in TNA as Johnny Swinger, and is also an ECW alum.

– As a follow-up to the story that Kurt Angle will be taking a hiatus from wrestling, PWInsider says that the reasoning seems to be for personal reasons and/or to heal his many injuries.

– The other huge ECW news this week was Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn telling Paul Heyman and the rest of the ECW crew that they weren’t happy with the product, and Vince will be taking over, bringing more of his vision into the mix. PWInsider reports that many RAW, SD and ECW talent isn’t happy, as they were hoping “new” stuff from ECW would benefit all brands.

– Some other ECW notes from PWInsider: This week’s Sci Fi show utilized all ECW roster members who were at the show, which seems to mean that anyone on the ECW.com roster that was not on TV was also not AT the show itself … many wrestlers were happy to see Christopher DeJoseph get his ass kicked by Sandman at ECW … ECW house show matches scheduled to take place this week include RVD vs. Big Show, Test vs. Tommy Dreamer, Sabu vs. C.W. Anderson, Sandman vs. Justin Credible in a Dueling Canes match, Balls vs. Knoxx and Little Guido vs. Doring.

– Wade Keller of PWTorch weighs in on WWE’s backstage climate: “By all accounts, Vince McMahon has been less predictable and more erratic than ever behind the scenes, with everyone basically catering to him for fear that if they don’t, he could snap against them. McMahon is running the show with less input from others than probably at any point in WWE history. Kevin Dunn and Stephanie McMahon are the only two who have the clout and enough of his respect to disagree with him on any decisions he’s making.”

– PWInsider says that the current plans are to blow off the Kane/Fake Kane angle (with Monday’s unmasking being the end of the storyline), but they left it open in case they change their minds. JR hinted as much in his latest WWE.com column.

– An Eddy Guerrero tribute show is taking place this Sunday in Denver at the Coliseum, featuring these matches: El Hijo del Santo vs. Blue Demon Jr., Chavo Sr. & Mando & Hector Guerrero vs. Rey Misterio Sr. & Villano IV & King Haku, L.A. Park vs. Super Parka, Black Warrior vs. Brazo de Plata, Silver King & Arturo Flores vs. Mr. Aguila & Damian 666, Kayam & Enigma de Oro vs. Felino & Heavy Metal, Mascarita Sagrada vs. Piratita Morgan, Jason King vs. Dan Kobrick vs. Gallo Tapado Jr.

– Matt Hyson (Brother Runt, the former Spike Dudley) is setting up a wrestling school, according to PWInsider.

– TNA has shut down its message board, and PWInsider says they are planning to focus more on MySpace. They have already established official MySpace and YouTube sites with news updates, video clips and more. In fact, SpikeTV shows have been added to iTunes, including episodes of TNA iMPACT! for $1.99 each.

– WWE.com reports that DX is banned from RAW on Monday, has added JR’s weekly “RAW MVP” column, a column from Jimmy Hart, Coachman giving the “State of RAW” address, Steve Keirn talking about women’s wrestling in the “Agent Confidential” feature, interviews with Booker T and Bobby Lashley going into tonight’s match (and a video package of their feud) and a feature on big men vs. little men feuds.

– ECW.com has posted Joey Styles’ latest commentary, where he talks about how underappreciated RVD is by WWE. Also on the site are more info on the July 4 ECW on Sci Fi show in Philly and a new ECW on Sci Fi sub-site.