Rob Zombie – Educated Horses Review

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie hasn’t particularly been known for his music as of late. With his directorial career getting deeper, nobody really expected him to come out with another record. I mean, he left the scene with “American made music to strip by”, a pretty competant dance rock album. It was a high note in how to do fun, campy rock while being legitimately sexy. So what is this? Well, I’m not sure. It’s not stripping music, that’s for sure. It’s also not really the horror pop fun he’s known for, either. It’s something different, and yet distinctively Zombie.

The trademark Zombie beat is prevalent throughout. You know, that doo-wop thing he does that makes his regular fare such good club music. It’s also nice to hear some instances where Rob is trying to be less human than more human than human. “Death of it all” is probably the closest we’re ever going to get to a real ballad by Rob, and it’s the centerpiece to the album. Don’t expect to hear it at any weddings or anything, but it’s nice in a satanic-love kind of way.

There’s no real breakout song here like there is on every other record, and because of that, this album likely won’t do well. Rob has always rested on his hits, and this one is pretty lacking. Also, the entire record seems a little older and less fromp-through-the-dark-woods, making it seem more like an attempt at a comeback instead of a party record.

Marylin Manson with Buddy Holly, naturally.

Reason To Buy:
You’re curious to see if Rob has progressed musically in the last few years (by and large, he hasn’t), or you need some more good music for your goth strip club.