Make Movement: The Main Event Players Up In Smoke and DX Pictionary Fun

Is it possible that Edge as the new WWE champion be overshadowed by Rob Van Dam (and Sabu) being busted for marijuana possession? It’s a bad break had by all. WWE has to face their Wellness Policy with their weed loophole, RVD has to face the consequences of something we’ve known all along about him and Edge is the new WWE champion, and it’s currently unclear if he is champion because of this public relation situation or if this was the direction they were going to go no matter what.

Edge deserves a chance to run with “the ball” and be more than a belt warmer for John Cena. As a heel, he’s come a long way since the days of his feuding with Matt Hardy. With the exception of Vince McMahon, Edge is the top heel on RAW. The combination of RVD, Cena and Edge works well, with fans engaged in all the characters, no matter what their viewpoint is. It would be interesting if Edge dumps Lita, and that would either free up Lita to return to women’s wrestling, or to jump to ECW, a place where she once called home.

The other main storyline of RAW was DX doing a parking lot cookout, simulated oral sex with Triple H and Candice, running the production truck and fireworks that made me think of the Great Muta’s mist. I could have lived without the simulated oral sex, Triple H looked like he was dry heaving and Candice looked sick. If that’s what it is like having sex with either one of them, then I’ll pass.

I have some amusement of using a random line like ‘oh go see Mr. Fuji Shawn’ for the simple reason is, what has happened to Mr. Fuji and how many people in the audience know who Mr. Fuji is. Still, it gets ChristianShawn out of the raciest of DX moments and that’s fine. The sound affects with Vince McMahon were a cute touch, I’ve always wondered what Vince would sound like sped up and be able to keep a straight face during it. The most amazing part of the segment was the animation, can you imagine someone flipping the channels and seeing that on their screen? Shocking yes, and I still laughed because it seemed in line to what DX would do. I assume they are going to get punished/beat in Texas for Saturday Night Main Event because as of last count, three straight weeks of embarrassing Vince on RAW. DX however is still pulling in amazing ratings, and I feel DX will be allotted more than a three month stay with the ratings they are getting in.

The interruption of Estrada was surprising but Umaga squashing a local indy jobber wasn’t.
The Highlanders debut was far from exciting, it was not catching on with the audience and I had negative expectations for it because the gimmick is so dated and useless, so I wasn’t disappointed or proven wrong. Maybe they should pair up with Umaga, it can’t be any worse than the Spirit Squad beating Snitsky, Viscera, Val Venis, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Eugene for no reason at all other than to deplete their careers.

Randy Orton name drops his crush on Brooke Hogan, therefore, teasing a chance to kill the legend of Hulk Hogan. Wouldn’t it make more sense for him to terrorize the next Diva Search winner? Instead, we’ll get Brooke’s music push and Hogan’s ring return.

Johnny Nitro reminded me why I feel he’s better as a tag team wrestler, by some very sloppy in ring work. Without Melina, there is no real excitement and nothing “special” about his character or his ability. With Carlito, at least he has a chemistry with the audience and the ring ability to be remembered after a two hour show.

RAW was missing:

No Kane. No Mick Foley. No Ric Flair. With the exception of the last match, no good wrestling. DX saves the show from a total meltdown and the main event was good despite the rushed feeling, however WWE must find it’s balance of wrestling and entertainment. You can have both on the show.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun filled Fourth of July. My new favorite underground music pick of the week is Westcott and Rodway from the United Kingdom with their amazing instrumentals that remind me of Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Coldplay. Props to Gloomchen for allowing me to flirt with music reviews for InsidePulse, be sure to read her column, Summertime Blues, News, and Views, if you haven’t already, which is always very over with the wrestling columnists of IP such as myself.

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Always remember, for things to change, you have to make movement. Thanks for reading and for all the feedback, feel free to contact me anytime at

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