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Stuff @ the Start

Dexter – I finally caught the promo for this Showtime show this week, and I’m pretty excited. Sure it’s got a familiar face in a similar setting, but it also seems like a pretty interesting hook; a medical examiner who moonlights as a serial killer who kills killers? Consider me down!

The Wire – Seriously, everyone should give this show a chance. Anyone with HBO On Demand, who hasn’t tried this show out is missing the best show on television. If you’ve got Netflix, I urge you to put at least the first season near the top of your list. You won’t be disappointed.

In fact I’m willing to make an offer; to anyone who watches the first season of The Wire and doesn’t come away as a fan of the show, I’m willing to refund their time spent watching the program.

C’mon that’s a deal you just can’t beat. So watch the show and prepare to be slayed.

What I Watched Last Week

Hustle (AMC) – For some reason I forgot to mention this show last week. I watched the premiere of the second season, and it was very good. This week’s episode was more lighthearted and a great deal more fun. The fact that a con got conned made it that much more enjoyable. This is one of the most solidly written shows on the air. I highly suggest folks give it a shot since there’s really nothing else on at the moment. It’s not a serial, so you won’t be lost and it’s highly entertaining.

Entourage (HBO) – I would be lying to you if I said that I truly enjoyed this week’s offering. A missing Shrek doll? This show seems to have taken a turn into regular “sitcom” territory. It also seemed way to easy to wrap up the Dom storyline. This Sunday’s episode looks promising, but this one was a dud.

Also what’s up with Ari? Last season we saw him have a big power struggle at work and lose. This season he’s got money problems, yet doesn’t appear to be struggling for clients. Wouldn’t this be a natural storyline for the character, yet I don’t even think that it’s been addressed? Is Vinnie that huge a star that he’s all Ari needs? Don’t build up a story only to leave it half resolved, I’m disappointed.

Lucky Louie (HBO) – Now that I’ve fully accepted that this show is just a sitcom with cursing, I’m enjoying it more. I dug the whole “homosexual origins” of Independence Day, which was a funny riff. Still the writing seems kind forced, as many times it’s way too obvious that Louis is doing a bit from his act. Not smooth at all. But this was a pretty funny episode.

Saved (TNT) – Man, do I love this show. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Wyatt has usurped Ed Stevens as “the love struck TV character that I most empathize with (and root for).” I appreciated the poker lessons, as I still don’t know how to play (and yes, I do live in Las Vegas.)

And that Mormon kid is so real! I so couldn’t appreciate that character as much if I wasn’t here in Vegas. I loved that he had a minor crush on partners’ partner. That was comedy. This was a really good episode and if the week were any slower it might have been the best thing on.

Greatest Show Ever…this week – Deadwood (HBO)

This was one of the tensest hours of TV that I’ve watched in a long time. But golly, was this episode great. I love how the seed of Hostetler’s return was planted two episodes ago. I’d forgotten why he left, but quickly remembered. The tension that built while viewers gauged Bullock’s reaction to his return was crazy.

I got even more tense when Steve was berating Hostetler in front of Bullock. It was perhaps one of the most frustrating things I’ve witnessed in a long time. And just as they introduced a “mammy” character on the show, the provided a balance in Hostetler, who is a proud Black man.

Equally tense, awaiting the other shoe to drop in regards to Dan mouthing off to Hearst. Dan had that great line, yet you know that repercussions are coming (apparently next episode.) Even Al’s meet with Hearst was rather tension filled. And you know you’re watching an good episode when it features Al pontificating while receiving “pleasure.”

This was a superb hour of television. And the best thing on this week.

Oh My God, There’s Nothing On!

There’s a chance that I’m genuinely addicted to TV.

Since it’s summer, I find myself with a lot of time on my hands, because there isn’t that much on TV that I’m interested in. Furthermore, when I sit down on Thursday nights and compose this column, I find myself panicked and craving more television programming. And aren’t panic and craving two symptoms of withdrawal?

I guess I shouldn’t complain, because I’ve got more time on my hands to read (comic books), listen to music and just genuinely ponder things.

But I really miss watching TV. I like to be entertained. It’s too bloody hot to actually go out and experience much her in Las Vegas, so watching TV is a darn cool proposition. However, I’m not really one for channel surfing and that’s exactly what I’m been doing lately.

In fact I’ve gotten so bored that I actually sent an email to my cable company to demand Showtime On Demand, just so that I’d have that extra option for catching something new to me.

Eh, I should quit complaining. I’ve got two and a half seasons of Homicide: Life on the Street to watch again and some movies that I want to check out the commentaries on.

Still it’s be great to watch something new.

Attack of the Mannies!

Last week I posed the following scenario;

Good news; you and your spouse are pregnant. Bad news; you’ve got jobs that require to actually go to work. Good news; these jobs pay well. Bad news; you aren’t going to be spending much time with the kid. Good news; you can afford to look for help. Bad news; not that many people applied. Maybe there’s a baby boom in the country. Maybe the current immigration controversy is keeping all of the good help out. Who knows? The point is that you’ve got limited options. Good news; every candidate is qualified. Bad news; every candidate is a “manny.”

So who would you rather have as live in help; Lynn Aloysius Belvedere (Mr. Belvedere), Tony Micelli (Who’s the Boss?) or Charles (Charles in Charge?

(Oh and to rain on everyone’s parade; it’s Tony Micelli, sans Samantha.)

Terry R. uses commons sense for his decision;

I personally would choose Mr. Belvedere out of the three. Tony and Charles would wind up breaking to many things or wasting my time with zany adventures that I would have little patience for. At least with Mr. B you get some good solid advice on life and a take no **** attitude when it comes to child raising. Also, he probably wouldn’t try to sleep with my wife.

Thomasina utilizes her heart;

Mr. Belvedere seems to know what he’s doing, Tony to a lesser extent. Charles not at all. In that case it my choice comes down to getting to see Tony clean house sans shirt, Sweet!(Oh yeah, you mentioned a spouse didn’t you. I guess for the hubby I’d have to go with Belvedere,damn!)

Colin breaks it down;

First of all, Charles is out. Like I’m leaving my potential daughter(s) with Scott Baio. He’s gone through more trim than Chamberlain. Wilt, that is.

Tony Danza? Oh Jebus, is he annoying.

Snooty brit, come on down. “Pay for this, pay for that, loot for nails and hair; who the hell you think I am, Mr. Belvedere?”

Captain Spaulding goes out on a limb;

Charles of course cuz then Buddy would come over as Bible Man!

InsidePulse TV’s own Kevin Wong uses undeniable logic;

Well, he might be pricey, but he’s a butler, and if he’s willing to live in Milwaukee, he’ll work anywhere. Belvedere’s my pick.

Well, I’m really torn on this one. I mean both Lynn and Charles could probably use the work right about now, but Tony would probably be more fun. Charles is probably the least responsible and I can’t have that around my seed, so he’s out.

So now it’s a toss up between Lynn and Tony. Tony is a manly athletic man, and that’s not really me, so that’s a strike against him. Lynn is a Brit and I’m a bit of an anglophile so we could probably watch BBC (and Hustle) together, while Tony would want to watch ESPN all day long. Two more strikes for Tony. Lynn it is.

Naturally this brings us to…

Good News/Bad News/Question of the Week

Good news; you’ve got a new job. Bad news; it requires you to move. Good news; you’re moving to a good neighborhood. Bad news; it’s all the way across town. Good news; it’s closer to were you work. Bad news; this place has had previous residents. Maybe they were all killed in a horrible mass murder. Maybe they were evicted for being destitute. Perhaps they just died of old age. Who knows, the point is the place is vacant.

So would you rather live in Jefferson’s Apartment or the Brady House?

(Feel free to email your response or post it on the thread devoted to the column.)


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And, yeah, I’m done. I hope that everything was kosher. I’ll be back next week and I’m guessing that I’ll have watched more TV programs.