[WSX] Update on MTV Wrestling Promotion


The 30 day contract extensions signed by wrestlers involved in the MTV Wrestling Society X project were set to expire Friday at midnight, allowing them to move on from the project if they are not informed that MTV will be optioning their contracts. Over the last week, several wrestlers were asked to provide email and fax information so they could be immediately informed in writing that the contracts had been picked up, and it now seems as though they have been.

According to several sources, wrestlers under contract to the Wrestling Society X project were contacted via telephone and/or emailed Friday evening, informed that MTV had indeed picked up the show. Wrestlers were told that their contracts are going to be optioned, which means they are not free to sign elsewhere.

The WSX pilot taping in California featured Sean Waltman, New Jack, Chris Hamrick, Justin Credible, Puma, Matt Sydal, Vampiro, Jack Evans, and Teddy Hart, among others. MTV filed a trademark for the “Wrestling Society X” name shortly after the pilot was filmed.

Credit: PWInsider