[RAW] Updates On Trish, Edge, Bischoff And More

– The original plan for the 3rd July edition of Raw was for a three-way tag team match of Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. Edge & Mick Foley vs. John Cena & Ric Flair. Due to the complications with RVD, Foley was at the show but not used and Flair was allowed to take an early flight home to Charlotte. Similarly, Edge was due to win the WWE Championship at Saturday Night’s Main Event in the three-way with RVD and Cena.

– This was the first time a world title had changed hands on a TV show in WWE since the 18th September 2003, when Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship in an Iron Man Match on Smackdown. It is the first time the title has changed hands on Raw since the 8th October 2001, when Steve Austin defeated Kurt Angle – although The Rock did defeat Chris Jericho on the 5th November Raw to win the WCW World Title.

– Although he only wound up as WWE Champion due to the need to promote ECW heavily, Van Dam had impressed management with his recent performances and the reactions to them and, for the first time since Triple H stopped his proposed World Title victory in 2002, he was being looked at in a new light. One backstage source said “Vince was starting to warm up to RVD and block out the anti-RVD contingency (in the company). Sabu was about to receive the biggest push since the Taz program in ECW.” Obviously, Van Dam now has to rebuild this confidence. Sabu is in a similar situation, with Vince McMahon refusing to shake his hand as he apologised about getting caught.

– Trish Stratus is not expected to sign a new contract. Her current one expires in August and, as planned, she will be taking time off in September after she marries her long-term boyfriend. However, she would like to pursue an acting career, which doesn’t mix well with the hectic WWE schedule. At 30 years-old, she feels that it is now or never.

– Eric Bischoff’s contract expires this week.

– Vengeance drew a crowd of 6,800 paid for a $400,000 gate. Raw the following night drew 5,500 paid and Smackdown/ECW the night after drew 3,300 paid.

– Brooke Hogan’s album is due to be released on the 26th September. Harry Smith has filmed scenes in the current season of Hogan Knows Best as a date for Brooke, which will air in a few months time. There is talk of having Smith feud with Randy Orton soon.

– Chris Masters is currently in rehab due to a drug issue, but it is not because of steroids.

Credit: Wrestling Observer newsletter (click here for subscription information)