[MLB] Riding the Pine…

The Mid-season review is here. I’ll also incorporate the power rankings into the review.

The Red Sox have the 3 game lead, and I don’t see them losing it. They are looking to add an outfielder and pitching help, which is the same thing the Yankees are going. Only 1 team will be making it from the East, due to the…

This could be a toss up. The White Sox are definitely going, so the question mark is Detroit. If the best team of the first half can keep it going, they will also be in the post season. If one thing goes wrong, the red hot Twins could steal the Wild Card.

What’s with the West divisions recently? It’s really too had to pick here. The Rangers have one of the best line ups, but pitching is the question, like always. The Athletics have the pitching, but the hitting is weak. The Angels started extremely slow, but could land a hitter to help make a move. The Mariners have a decent team, but they won’t be in the race at the end. My pick right now is Oakland, based off their hot second halves in the past.

The Mets have everything locked up, right? While they look like the strong pick, still don’t rule out the Braves. They have started clicking recently and playing better; do they have enough to make a run? It’ll be closer than everyone thinks.

It’s the Cardinals division, hands down. They can’t play as bad as the have for the last month, they are just too good. The front office has said they have the money to spend before the trade deadline. Houston should make it interesting, like normal; especially since they just got Aubrey Huff.

The other West crap shoot. All 5 teams are in it, but I think this is the Dodgers division to lose. They have the pitching and the hitting to make it to the playoffs. The Padres and Diamondbacks are close and will make it interesting, but don’t have what it takes to get there.

Handing out the Hardware
David Ortiz, DH, Red Sox: As much as I hate a DH getting the MVP, he is the best choice. He is currently leading the AL in homers and RBIs, has become the face of the Red Sox, and is a generally good guy.
Runner up: Joe Mauer, C, Twins.

Albert Pujols, 1B, Cardinals: Albert will win this for the first 2 months of the season. It’s very unfortunate he got injured, because he would have broke some records. He will continue to do what he’s always done; produce in the clutch.
Runner up: Nomar Garciaparra, 1B, Dodgers.

AL Cy Young
Johan Santana, P, Twins: Maybe the voters will make up for last years mistake. Maybe the voters will realize Santana is the best pitcher in the league. Probably not, but they should.
Runner up: Roy Halladay, P, Blue Jays.

NL Cy Young
Brandon Webb, P, Diamondbacks: Webb has been a solid pitcher for a couple of years now; he could have been in contention for the award last year. Webb is currently in the top 10 in ERA, Wins, Complete Games, and Strikeouts. Also remember the pitching in the NL isn’t as strong as it was last year.
Runner up: Brad Penny, P, Dodgers.

AL Rookie of the Year
Francisco Liriano, P, Twins: He looks like Santana. He goes deep into games, he strikes out batters a lot, and he knows how to pitch. He also has a high 90s fast ball that he mixes with a solid slider and curve.
Runner up: Jonathan Papelbon, P, Red Sox.

NL Rookie of the Year
Ryan Zimmerman, 3B, Nationals: Zimmerman was one of the first to hit the majors from last seasons draft class, and with good reason. He can bat, with his power still developing, and can field. He has also gotten a couple of walk off hits in the last month.
Runner up: Josh Johnson, P, Marlins.

AL Manager of the Year
Jim Leyland, Tigers.

NL Manager of the Year
Willie Randolph, Mets.

Power Rankings: Quick Hits Edition
1. Red Sox – 77 points (28 Record, 28 Pythagorean, 21 System)
2. Tigers – 75 points (30 R, 26 P, 19 S)
3. White Sox – 75 points (29 R, 30 P, 16 S)
4. Dodgers – 74 points (21 R, 25 P, 28 S)
5. Yankees – 69 points (26 R, 29 P, 14 S)
6. Twins – 69 points (23 R, 22 P, 24 S)
7. Rockies – 61 points (18 R, 18 P, 25 S)
8. Indians – 59 points (9 R, 24 P, 26 S)
9. Mets – 58 points (27 R, 27 P, 4 S)
10. Angels – 56 points (13 R, 14 P, 29 S)
11. Cardinals – 54 points (24 R, 19 P, 11 S)
12. Diamondbacks – 54 points (14 R, 10 P, 30 S)
13. Blue Jays – 53 points (25 R, 23 P, 5 S)
14. Rangers – 52 points (19 R, 20 P, 13 S)
15. Brewers – 46 points (15 R, 4 P, 27 S)
16. Padres – 44 points (22 R, 21 P, 1 S)
17. Marlins – 41 points (6 R, 13 P, 22 S)
18. Giants – 40 points (16 R, 17 P, 7 S)
19. Braves – 39 points (7 R, 15 P, 17 S)
20. Astros – 38 points (11 R, 9 P, 18 S)
21. Mariners – 37 points (12 R, 16 P, 9 S)
22. Reds – 35 points (17 R, 12 P, 6 S)
23. Orioles – 35 points (8 R, 7 P, 20 S)
24. Athletics – 34 points (20 R, 11 P, 3 S)
25. Devil Rays – 31 points (5 R, 3 P, 23 S)
26. Phillies – 26 points (10 R, 8 P, 8 S)
27. Cubs – 20 points (3 R, 2 P, 15 S)
28. Pirates – 19 points (1 R, 6 P, 12 S)
29. Royals – 13 points (2 R, 1 P, 10 S)
30. Nationals – 11 points (4 R, 5 P, 2 S)

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