Deep South Wrestling TV Report for July 9, 2006

Deep South Wrestling
July 9, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on April 13, 2006 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

Nigel Sherrod opened with highlights recapping last week’s show. Johnny Parisi picked up a victory over Francisco Ciatso with the Shaft. Danny Gimondo reversed Bradley Jay with a roll up. Palmer Canon defeated Tommy Suede with the help of a massive headbutt from Great Kahli. Canon called out Freakin Deacon for a human sacrifice by his man-eating tarantula, but Deacon was in the office playing with Willow.

Matt Striker was introduced as Canon’s special referee. Sherrod was the lone commentator. He said he hoped DeMott would join him before long. Striker introduced Canon as “your boss and my friend.” Sherrod pointed out a sign that read “Palmer Canon can kiss my Assassin.”

(1) Palmer Canon beat Damien Steele in 6:43. Canon grabbed a hammerlock and took Steele down with a side headlock. Steele reversed to a headscissors and Canon kicked out. Canon extended a handshake to Steele. Steele reversed an arm wringer and took Canon off his feet with an armdrag. Canon sucked Steele in with the offer of another handshake and kicked him in the gut. While Canon pounded on Steele, Striker turned his back and occupied himself with checking the turnbuckle pads. DeMott joined Sherrod at the announcer’s table. DeMott apologized for allowing Gymini to sidetrack him from doing his job. Steele went down on an Irish whip. Striker made a two count even though Canon wasn’t making a cover. Canon applied a leglock/chinlock combo and bit Steele’s forehead. They traded blows. Steele got the best of it, but Canon reversed a whip and backdropped Steele. Canon covered. Striker quick counted the pin attempt but Steele still managed to kick out. Striker fiddled with the turnbuckles again, and Canon teed off on Steele. Steele hit an X Factor that left both men on the canvas. Striker counted Steele but not Striker. Striker’s count skipped from four to seven. Steele ducked a clothesline and landed a right to Canon’s jaw, a lariat and an atomic drop. Steele ripped Canon’s goggles off and nailed him with his high elevation dropkick. Steele covered but instead of counting, Striker was cleaning off Canon’s goggles. Striker insisted that Canon’s shoulders weren’t down. DeMott said it was “Kabuki-ish.” Canon dropped Steele with a corner lariat and checked his bridgework. Meanwhile, Steele skinned-the-cat to the top rope. Steele hit a flying bodypress. Striker played with the turnbuckle pads, so the crowd counted “1-2-3.” Steele shoved Striker. Striker admonished Steele for laying his hands on an official. Canon bailed out. Steele chased Canon around the ring. Kahli showed up to goozle Steele and lay him to waste with a headbutt. Striker made the three count for Canon’s foot-on-the-chest cover. Striker made another three count and applauded the boss.

“Freakin Deacon, come out now!” bellowed Canon. Cut to a shot of Deacon in the office speaking to Willow in a weird British accent. Deacon was talking about Willow’s spiritual powers. Canon was infuriated.

(2) Bradley Jay pinned Cru Jones with the Kamikaze Roll in 4:13.From June 22, 2206 with Montel Vontavious Porter and Tommy Suede (I think) on commentary. Jay went right to work on the arm of Jones, who answered with a hotshot about a minute into the match. The crowd started getting behind Jay. Jones worked at cutting off Jay’s air supply. Jay hit a belly to belly suplex to spark the comeback. Jay clipped Jones’s knees with a barrel roll and hit his finisher.

(3) Freakin Deacon (with Willow) beat Mikal Adryan via submission with the Arachnilock in 38 seconds. Deacon (from Purgatory) set his spider on the ring apron. Deacon pounded his head on the turnbuckle and hit himself in the face. Deacon leveled Adryan with a the big boot the face. Deacon beat Adryan like he owed him money. Deacon put Adryan out with the cobra clutch. Canon ran out to ringside and grabbed the spider. He was joined at ringside by Kahli.

Freakin Deacon, I have had enough of your bizarre behavior and asinine idiosyncrasies. I have Great Kahli. I no longer need you. And you know what else? Willow is property of Deep South Wrestling. And as of right now, my friend, you are fired from my employment.

Deacon’s firing got heat. Deacon was close tears as he watched Canon walk off with Willow. crowd broke into a chant of “Deacon, Deacon.” DeMott said he didn’t think Deacon understood what had just happened. Deacon stood on the ramp in front of Kahli howling his spider’s name. Kahli turned and walked through the curtain.


Yeah but I’m not tryin’ to hear that. You couldn’t get me a title shot or something? Heath Miller is another diamond in my Jacob and Company watch.

MVP was on the phone with agent Quentin Michaels Esq. and he was not happy about his scheduled opponent. MVP threatened to smash the camera if it wasn’t turned off, because he wasn’t doing any interviews unless he was getting paid. The camera turned towards the wall. MVP said he would handle it, but if Michaels didn’t make it better the next time, he might find himself without a client.

(4) Montell Vontavious Porter (with Quentin Michaels) pinned Heath Miller with the Playmaker at 4:30. Michaels collected MVP’s blingage and the masked Smackdown ref called for the bell. Early in the match, MVP did a sweet move where he used a top wristlock variation to spin Miller around into a mule kick to the jaw. Miller broke a hammerlock and took MVP off his feet. Play time was over. MVP lit Miller up. Miller fired back. When Miller tried for and up and over, MVP deposited his crotch on the top rope. MVP stomped Miller into the mat for one near fall and dropped a forearm to the throat for another. MVP contorted Miller’s neck. Miller elbowed out of it. Miller ducked a lariat and landed a stiff flying lariat of his own. Miller hit the Miller’s Crossing neckbreaker for a near fall. Miller’s missile dropkick was right on the money for a near fall. But MVP reversed a whip and hit a Mafia kick to the face. MVP did the Heisman pose and went to his finisher.

(5) Eric Perez pinned Onyx with the Annexation of Puerto Rico at 4:12. Onyx was in control with a wristlock until Perez cheated on the break. Perez hit the ropes and decked Onyx with a shoulder block. But Onyx hiptossed Perez and regained control with an armdrag. Perez sent Onyx face first into the middle buckle. Perez worked over the whiplashed neck of Onyx. Perez used an elbow drop and a legdrop. Frustation set in when Perez was unable to keep the Genetic Specimen’s shoulders down for the three count. Perez griped at the ref. Onyx surprised Perez with a roll up to spark the comeback. Onyx flattened Perez with a flying shoulder tackle. Onyx hit a back suplex for a near fall. Onyx put his attack on pause to rev up the crowd. DeMott said that was a bad idea in DSW. Sure enough, Perez smoked Onyx with his implant DDT to score the pinfall.

Sherrod said they had behind-the-scenes footage that occurred after Deacon’s match. Cut to Deacon stomping through the backstage area and into Canon’s office. Canon warned Deacon not to make a move for the spider. Canon told Deacon that since he was no longer employed by DSW, Willow was company property by default. Deacon grunted like he was channeling Bruiser Brody. Deacon shoved Canon into his chair and grabbed the box containing Willow. Kahli stepped up to Deacon, crossed his arms, and glared. Deacon stood his ground. Canon was seen peaking over Kahli’s shoulder.

Cut to a promo by Gymini. Jake said they had unfinished business with Team Elite and “that washed up old man” DeMott. Jesse said Gymini would show Elite that they were the best tag team in DSW, and DeMott was going to pay a heavy price for causing them to lose the three-way dance last week.

Gymini were pointing at DeMott and talking trash as they entered the ring. Sherrod said this had gone on far too long. DeMott said he had refused to take the bait from Gymini, but he could only take so much.

Derrick Neikirk said Team Elite had problems with Gymini, the biggest of which was the idea that Gymini looked past them to DeMott. “NEVER look past the top. And we’re it.” Knox laughed maniacally.

(6) Team Elite (Derrick Neikirk & Mike Knox) vs. Gymini (Jesse & Jake) was ruled a no contest at 3:50 when all hell broke loose with Bill DeMott. Sherrod said the crowd was so sick of Gymini’s crap that they gave Team Elite an ovation. Elite had Jessie’s number in the early going. Jessie hit a sweet full nelson legsweep on Knox to turn the tide. Sherrod said he had not seen Knox take that kind of punishment. As Jake was beating on Knox, Jessie taunted DeMott. Jake hit a swinging neckbreaker to cut off a comeback. DeMott warned Sherrod to stick to calling the match, but the taunting continued. DeMott approached ringside. Jessie thew the first blow. DeMott blocked it and landed a big right hand. The place came unglued. Sherrod went nuts on the mic. Gymini double teamed DeMott. Jake blasted DeMott with a VCR from the announcer’s table. Pieces flew everywhere. The crowd groaned. DeMott went down like a ton of bricks. Sherrod drew attention to the dented metal in the VCR. A digitized square appeared over DeMott’s face to hide the blood. Jessie walloped DeMott’s skull with the VCR again and then smashed it to smithereens. An army of babyfaces ran out from the dressing room. Gymini decked them one after the other until the numbers were too much. Sherrod said DeMott was bleeding from the mouth now as well. Gymini attacked DeMott again before the babyface brigade could drive them up the ramp. The camera cut to a close up of DeMott’s digitized face with the wrestlers crowding around him. DeMott went into convulsions. Sherrod pleaded for some medical attention. DeMott slowly struggled to his feet. The crowd gave him a standing ovation. Sherrod said DeMott was wearing the proverbial crimson mask. DeMott ripped his shirt open. Sherrod said DeMott was crazy with rage. The wrestlers looked like they were afraid to get to close to him. DeMott staggered over to the ringsteps and took a seat.

Life will never be the same for Bill DeMott. But I can tell you this, life will never be the same for the Gymini if Bill DeMott lives to fight another day, damn it.

Closing Thoughts: Deep South made the call to hide the blood with digitization to avoid potential problems with CSS. It turned a dramatic peak in the storyline, one that Deep South had been building for two months, into a long and tedious letdown. This e digitization hid the blood all right, but it also disguised DeMott’s facial expressions, which the commentary made out as compelling stuff. Leaving it to the viewer’s imagination might have worked out OK with a shorter segment, but this went on and on. The heat was incredible though. The situation called for Sherrod to take his emotional intensity to another level and produced his best work to date…Striker was the star of Canon’s match this week. In the hands of a performer that didn’t have such a special talent for being an ass****, the heel ref bit could have been pretty tired material. This match also had great heat. Onyx/Perez not so much. Match itself was fine as Perez clicked with Onyx…There’s nothing quite like the story of a man and his spider to tug at the heartstrings. The firing was an instant face turn for Deacon, but I’m sure going to miss those office vignettes with Canon’s misfits…Deep South knows how to maximize Kahli’s strengths and minimize his weaknesses…MVP’s character is getting more interesting. Miller shows a lot of potential…Jay/Jones was heel vs. heel but the crowd got behind Jay as the babyface, which probably had more to do with how effective Jones is as a heel. I got a kick out of MVP bringing up the “five touchdowns in one game” from “The All-Star gimmick Jones used in NWA Wildside…Elite/Gymini didn’t amount to anything beyond setting up the angle with DeMott.