[WWE] Contracts Expire, Henry Out Until March, Helms Record, ECW in Canada, and Ratings News

– Last week’s iMPACT! did a 0.9 cable rating according to Dave Meltzer, and ECW on Sci Fi did a 2.1 (although PWInsider says it did a 2.2 with a four share). PWInsider reports that this week’s RAQ did a 4.0 cable rating, with a 6.3 share, and hours of 3.6 and 4.3; AM RAW did a 0.6 cable rating, with a 2.8 share; and Saturday Night’s Main Event did a 2.6 broadcast rating, with a 5.4 share, down from the 3.1 rating from March. It did hours of 2.4 and 2.8.

– At todays Score/RAW press conference in Canada, Shane McMahon “privately noted” (according to Meltz) that an announcement should be made in the next few days about ECW carriage in Canada. CanWest is expected to be the partner, with word that it will be on a major station but in a bad, late night, timeslot.

– WWE.com announced that Mark Henry had surgery with Dr. James Andrews and will be out for eight months. Ouch. He tore his patella tendon off the bone, split his knee in two, and subsequently lost the biggest push of his career.

The Hollywood Reporter today reported that former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler signed a talent holding deal with Disney’s Touchstone TV studio, who will either place her in an existing series or create a pilot around her.

– Eric Bischoff’s contract was expected to expire this week.

– Scheduled WWE shows in Israel have been postponed due to the violence currently going on in the region.

– WWE announced on the ECW website that Mickie Henson is the new senior official for the ECW end.

Gregory Helms has held the Cruiserweight Title longer than anyone. According to Helms, who was interviewed by WWE.com, “When I got here (to SmackDown), the other cruiserweights parted like the Red Sea … They’re all trying to get into tag teams, and the Mexicools would rather fight each other than fight me. It’s at a point where I’ve dominated so much that it is hard to find contenders.”