The Sunday HEAT

— Notice: For those who read this column and my Raw Events, just wanted to give a friendly notice that I will be out of writing the RAW column for this next entire month. Due to job complications that get heavy during August and school, I’ll be out of commission until Labor Day. BUT for HEAT fans, never fear, as I’ll still be writing the Heat Wave every Sunday! Thank goodness for the weekends. Don’t you all feel special now!?

– Val Venis vs. Nick Berk
I’m not sure if its me or not, but I think they have Maria as the ring announcer… and thanks to Grisham I am backed up on that. At least lets see if she does a better job than Grisham this past RAW in announcing the #1 IC contenders match as the Cruiserweight championship match. D’oh.

Well jobber Nick gets the no entrance and poor Val finally gets a squash match for him. Russian suplex and a few chops take down his opponent, as he stays on top of him with hard rights to the head. But Val tweeks his knee and Berk takes advantage of it for a bit. Berk looks like a steroid-less Chris Masters as I look into this match. Venis gets out of it eventually and hits the money shot for the win.
Winner: Val Venis

– Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs. Jakus Plisken & Cameron Bates
Another squash match is on the way as we get a tag team match on the official home of tag team wrestling- HEAT! Again, sadly no commentary from these two as Cade starts the match and completely decimates jobber #1.

Murdoch gets the tag in and continues where Cade left off. Trevor slightly falls but whales away at #2 and does the bar room brawling with a few more clubs to the head. No offense really from the jobber team as jobber #1 gets put back into the ring and gets the double clothesline to lose the match.
Winner: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

– [SmackDown!] We get a recap of the Diva search from last week’s SmackDown! Where they preformed the Diva bootcamp… unfortunately for us, the worst one there (in my opinion) wins the immunity. Nothing else much to put here.

– Rob Conway vs. Snitsy
And this of course is out MAIN EVENT! Slow start to this match as Conway pretty much tries to bypass Snitsky before sneaking up on him and slugging it away with a few fist. Snitsky however fights back with a body slam and reversed vertical suplex which hangs in the air for a while. And before Conway can eat the big boot, he slips out of the ring.

Conway plays it back in and starts going downstairs, chopping the knees and launching himself into Snitsky’s back. Baseball slide knocks Snitsky out of the ring, but is caught in mid air. No offense comes out of that as Conway pulls out and slams Snitsky into the post. Match slows down into a headlock for Conway, but finally pulls out a sidewalk slam to reverse the momentum.

Elbow on the mat gets two! Conway goes up top and hits a knee across the chin for two! HUGE clothesline comes out of nowhere and follows it up with a big boot for the 1-2-3. Maria announces the winner to be Gene Snitsky… sorry, just had to throw that in as a side note.
Winner: GENE Snitsky

The HEAT Wave
Not a bad show here, but I wish they would use less jobbers as it takes away from actually wondering who’s going to win. Unless they actually start giving some jobbers some wins and prove me wrong on my no entrance theory. Hey we can all dream right!? Anyway, again I will be out from The Raw Events until Labor Day (September 4th) but I will still be posting it up for HEAT every weekend, so no worries here on this end. And as always you can check out HEATy goodness in vivid color here. Till next time, I’m out, peace.