[WWE] Kennedy Goes Into Labor, Stephanie Needs Stiches

PWInsider just reported that Stephanie McMahon has gone into labor, and Vince McMahon and Hunter have left the show to go to Connecticut and be with her. This has of course led to much of the show having to be re-written, particularly the DX vs. McMahons segments.

One thing known for RAW tonight is Hulk Hogan is expected at the show live to continue the build for his Summerslam match vs “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton. Here is the latest preview from WWE.com:

The legend of all legends Hulk Hogan will be on RAW tonight. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, Hogan accepted a friendly challenge for SummerSlam against Randy Orton. However, later that night the Legend Killer showed his true colors when he hit the Hulkster with an unsuspecting RKO on the trunk of his own car. Will Hogan be able to wait until SummerSlam to settle the score?

Mr. McMahon tried to divide and conquer DX on RAW when he put Shawn Michaels in a match with his son Shane. But after the Spirit Squad teamed with Shane for a six-on-one beating on HBK, The Game came into the ring and cleaned house with his sledgehammer. With yet another plot to destroy DX foiled, does the Chairman have anymore tricks up his sleeve?

Mr. McMahon’s not the only one out for revenge. After nearly losing his WWE Championship to John Cena at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Edge showed up at RAW to sabotage Cena’s match with Umaga. Will Cena retaliate when RAW comes to Cleveland, Ohio?

Last week, after another impressive victory, the undefeated Highlanders issued a challenge to the World Tag Team Champions. The Spirit Squad has accepted that challenge, and the match will take place tonight. Which members of the Squad will step up to the plate to defend the gold? And what shape are they in after being laid out by DX last week? Tune in tonight at 9/8 CT on USA to find out.

Amy Zidian was the first to get eliminated from the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest. After Friday Night SmackDown’s Diva Dance-Off, which one of the seven remaining finalists will be the next to go? Find out on a live edition of Monday night RAW, 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

In other news, WWE.com has posted several stories coming out of the Great American Bash PPV, including one on Ken Kennedy, who needed over 20 stiches last night to close the gash in his head suffered during his match with Batista.