The NeelDown iMPACT Zone

– First off, lots of thanks to the many of you who sent me feedback on the NeelDown for the Jake Roberts DVD. I felt like it was one of my most solid efforts in reviewing a DVD, due mainly to the context of the story part as well of the matches, which is something I usually don’t do match. Looks like I have a format for the future.

The NeelDown iMPACT Zone – 7.27.06

– From Orlando, Florida

– Hosts are Mike Tenay & Don West

– We start with The James Bore telling them they want Eric Young to be their partner.

– Spike (I still refuse to use the “new” name) is brawling with Abyss down the ramp. Spike manages to wack him with a chair, but he soon just gets Black Holed onto the chair. Raven is watching this.

Sonjay Dutt v. Johnny Devine v. Petey Williams v. Shark Boy
Petey is still doing the Canadian shtick (he wouldn’t want to have to do the dreaded finisher name change, you know) but now has different music, I think. Good for him, moving on. Dutt and Devine go back and fourth to start. That’s enough for Johnny, and he tags out to Shark Boy who takes Dutt down. Petey comes in and gets the Oh Canada groin stomp on Sharky. Sharky does some biting, and everyone starts brawling. Oh, there’s Shelley and Nash keeping a good eye on this one. After the OPENING MATCH COMMERCIALS Devine is in control on Sharky, and gets a neckbreaker, forcing him to tag out to Petey, and the two former TC members square off. Although, with Devine’s long injury and all and then just quietly leaving to join the Paprazzzzi crew, I wonder if anyone even remembers him from his Canada days. Petey wins the exchange and gets the tilt-a-whirl Russian leg sweep. Devine tags out to Dutt who comes in and gets a spine buster for two. Dutt goes up but Sharky tags himself in, just to walk into a Canadian Destroyer giving Petey the pin. Fun little four-way here, nothing too notable since it was Impact length. Would have liked to see someone new go over here for once, but oh well, that’s TNA for you. **1/2
Winner: Petey Williams

– Spike is apparently still pissed and challenges Abyss to any type of match, because he has “nothing to lose.” Well, there usually isn’t death involved in professional wrestling, so I guess he’s onto something.

– The second Bound For Glory is headed for the Motor City. So is WrestleMania 23, and I’ll be at that one. Details later.

– Christian Cage comes out to apologize to Sting for doubting him. He says he came back after 5 year to teach guys like him, and be great, blah blah blah.

– It’s Jeff Jarrett Pre-Match Impact promo video package time! This week, in edition # 524, Jarrett addressed the fans who threw water bottles at him at Slammiversary. They are not worthy, as none of us are, of the King of the Mountain. Jeff says that he will beat Sting for the good of TNA. That classy Jeff, always looking out for the “best” of Total Nonstop Action.

America’s Most Worthless & A1 v. The James Bore & Eric Young
A1 and Eric seem to have moved on from TC pretty well, too. Young and A1 start, but Eric doesn’t want to face his former teammate, and tags out to Kip. They play off that Kip is a big monster like A1 and they can’t knock each other down (this is truly the bottom of the barrel in matches) until A1 gets a slam for two. They tag Eric back in, who is frightened and I guess we are supposed to think it is funny and all. A1 seems like he doesn’t want to go after him, so Harris cheapshots Young, then holds him for A1 to hit, but his decision takes too long and Storm comes in to do it, but accidentally hits Harris, and Young rolls up A1 for the pin. This was nothing. -*
Winners: The James Bore & Eric Young

– Paparazzzzi Productions time, featuring the Madagascar Legends, Blue Cross # 6 and Samolien Joe. They practice some moves including a top rope move that Kevin has been working on in his pool at home.

Rhino v. Samoa Joe
Brawl to start, and Rhino pulls off a clothesline. Joe gets an enzigiri. Monty Brown is watching. Rhino Gores him in the corner. Rhino locks in a rear choke but Joe fights out and gets his nice-looking atomic drop followed by the even nicer-looking dropkick, and then a senton, but he seems a little too confused by the recoil. That ends up getting two. A reversed whip fiasco leads to a ref bump. Great. Joe gets a slam, but Rhino doesn’t sell that well, and then gets a spinebuster. Hey, wasn’t it just a slam that finished off Steiner? Rhino sets up the Gore, but Monty Brown yanks him out and they brawl, until Joe crushes them with a suicide dive. They brawl on the ramp now, and Rhino snaps off a belly to belly. Another Gore attempt ruined by Monty, but Joe takes care of him this time. There is a table set up, and Rhino Gores both Joe and Monty through it, leaving the match ending in a draw. Match seemed rushed, and leaning on the disappointing side, to say the least. **1/4
Winner: (DRAW)

End of show.

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