Big Brother 7 Recap – Week 4 Episode 3

I must say after weeks of my complaining about his being included amongst the all stars, I do have more respect for Chicken George now. Granted that veto competition was pretty much designed to be won by a desperate nominee but he showed more determination (and that speech, though a bit too sappy, was nice too) than I’d have guessed. I still don’t think he’s got much of a shot at winning but at least he no longer feels entirely out of place amongst all the other all stars. Anyway, you’ve probably already seen, or at least read about, Tuesday’s show so lets get on with the recap.

Picking up at the end of the veto ceremony, Jase lets everyone know that much like Will, he doesn’t like anyone either. Jase doesn’t think this is the right game for him and that he would be far more successful on “Survivor”.

After the ceremony, Will tells Boogie that he thinks his speech may have been just the thing to ensure Will stays in the house another week.

Jase meanwhile is talking with George. He’s not sure if he wants to stay or not but asks George if George will vote for him to stay. George non-commitally suggests that Jase take a nap or something to cool down before he decides what he wants to do.

Erika and Janelle are enjoying a bath together (clothed, unfortunately) when they invite Boogie to join them. He crawls in the middle of them and gets sponged off. In the DR Boogie confides that if taking a bath with Janelle and Erika is necessary to secure votes to keep Will in the house, he’s willing to make that sacrifice.

Jase, after some arguing with Marcellas and realizing that at most he’s got Diane, Danielle and Chicken George’s votes and still needs two more, decides to cut a deal with season six. He sits down with them and offers a deal where if they keep him and he wins HoH, Jase will put up two floaters and not go after the season six people.

After making this deal, Jase discusses it in the back yard. The look on Danielle’s face says she’s obviously not too happy with that deal.

Julie has a brief conversation with the house. Nothing too exciting here, just a few quick discussions. Marcellas thinks Kaysar looks even better with his new look, Kaysar has no regrets with shaving his head and giving up a shot at the veto, everyone’s still treating Will the same after his speech, George (who’s got the fro on as well as a handlebar mustache) isn’t enjoying the slop very much and is also having a lot of gas (and is illustrating that point by wearing a ‘Mr. Fart’ t-shirt) and Boogie doesn’t know what he says when he talks in his sleep.

DR voting thoughts for Danielle, Kaysar and Boogie are played. Danielle reiterates her displeasure with the deal Jase made; Kaysar thinks he can beat Will but that Jase is more caring/trustworthy; Boogie’s likes Jase but Will is his best friend in the house. Even though Boogie’s vote seems obvious we don’t get any votes revealed.


Coming back from the commercial we get a segment on Chicken George. When he first came into the house, people didn’t really think much of him. George also lets us know that he doesn’t act goofy as part of a strategy, it’s just who he is. He then talks about his wife and family a bit and we learn that he had to quit his job to participate in BB7. George thinks it was worth it so he could pursue his dream.

It seems that the past veto competition earned George a lot of respect in the house. In the DR Marcellas says he was inspired by the speech George gave at the veto competition. James and Kaysar also tell George that he really proved himself as someone who wanted to be there and they have more respect for him now.

Julie talks to James in the HoH room. James says that Jase was just trying to get a rise out of James with his big tirade about being backdoored. James admits that he didn’t want to put Jase up but the others in his alliance did. Jase also apparently told him that Janelle and Danielle were his number one targets so James had to put Jase up to protect his friends.

They once again go back to George’s performance in the veto competition. James says that he now realizes that George has more heart than anyone else in the house. He likes and respects George now and mentions taking George under his wing.

James also tells Julie that he is most loyal to his season 6 allies and Danielle. He doesn’t really trust Boogie and Will as you never know what they are going to do.

Back to DR voting discussion with Howie, Diane and Marcellas. Howie doesn’t feel threatened by Will and also posits that Jase is would be useful as another number on their side. Diane thinks that if Jase stays she’ll be more of a target so she’s not sure what to do. Marcellas pretty much just bad mouths Jase. Once again though Marcellas is obviously anti-Jase none of the votes are revealed. You can probably guess why by this point.


Julie introduces a segment on the ‘real Will’. We get some clips from season two while Will’s brother, Ian and his ex from BB2, Shannon give us some information. Ian thinks that Will’s strategy surprised a lot of people in season 2; nobody thought his strategy could work. He also tells us that Will’s relationship with Shannon was sincere and lasted a while outside of the house and that Will’s obsession over looks is played up as a joke.

Shannon doesn’t really say a whole lot about Will. She mentions they haven’t spoken in a couple years and she thinks that is too bad. She had a bad first impression of Will and thought his early advances were just part of the game. Once they were outside of the house, personality issues lead to their break-up. She was much more outgoing while apparently Will was shy and would rather stay home playing video games than going out.

And then we get the final round of DR comments. Not surprisingly no votes are revealed. George isn’t sure who deserves to be there more; Janelle says Will is a threat due to Chilltown and then talks about how she might be safe keeping Jase but that he would come after her (apparently not too concerned with making sense at that moment); Erika thinks that keeping Jase around might come back to bite her in the ass.

~ commercial

Julie gives Will and Jase a chance to say something to the houseguests once the commercials are over. Jase isn’t mad at anyone in the house. He thinks that everyone is crazy, collectively, and that can lead to people making the wrong choice. Jase seems pretty sure he is going home. He says that he hate the method in which he’s leaving and requests that Diane and Danielle accompany him to the door.

Will apologizes for his speech at the veto ceremony. He elaborates that he doesn’t hate everyone; it would be more accurate to say he has a “severe dislike” or “strong disdain” for them all.

With the speeches out of the way Julie reveals the voting results. And by a unanimous vote of 9 – 0, Jase is evicted.

After a quick round of hugs and handshakes, Jase makes his way out of the house (as Will pointed out, he certainly didn’t use all of his allotted minute for goodbyes) saying something about being back in a couple weeks.

When Jase talks to Julie, it’s pretty much what we’d already heard. He’s upset that he was backdoored out of the house again (though he’s got far less reason to complain this time around than he did in BB5). There’s some talk about his reaction to being put up and comparisons between the old and new Jase. Jase reiterates that he would not have done the same thing to James.

Julie then asks Jase if his strategy of playing everyone in the house was a bad one. Jase says he was the Marvin in the Santa Monica Van Boys to season 6’s Four Horsemen and that he was also a third wheel with Will and Boogie so he was in trouble no matter what. He refuses to confirm or deny having a secret alliance with Diane before entering the house but he says he doesn’t think he did.

Before he goes, Julie plays a round of goodbye videos from the houseguests. Mike says lots of good things about Jase; Howie says Jase lost some trust by trying to play both sides; Marcellas complains about the two Jases (he didn’t like one of them); Diane says that even with what went down between them in season 5 she admires and respects him a lot; Janelle apologizes to Jase for not accepting his deal; Danielle cries as she tells Jase that it wasn’t an easy decision; she tried but she couldn’t do it.

As he’s leaving Jase says he’s going to hang out on the beach and that he’ll be back in a couple weeks and when he returns he’ll ‘rip things up’. I don’t know if Jase has some knowledge that we don’t here or if he’s just preemptively campaigning in case they do a repeat of the America’s choice that saw Kaysar return to the house last year but I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Before we go to commercial we are urged to text our votes for how often those wake-up calls they’ve been bugging people for are played in the house in the lead up to the next veto competition. The choices are every 3 hours, every hour, every 30 minutes and every 15 minutes. This seems like a rather unexciting poll as the obvious winner is every 15 minutes.


As Julie greets the houseguests in the backyard she talks about how this HoH competition “kicks off a week’s worth of comps where you may be single-handedly responsible for fate of your housemates.”

This week’s competition is called “Define and Dismiss” and is focused on the word posters around the house (the loyalty, honesty, love, betrayal, deceit and hate ones) and their definitions. If you’re first to buzz in and answer correctly you get to choose a guest to eliminate from the competition. If you answer incorrectly, you’re out instead.

Each of the questions asks about a word on one of the posters. Which word definition (on the poster) contains the word _____?

‘Dislike’ is on the Hate poster. Marcellas gets it right and chooses to eliminate Boogie.

‘Unfaithful’ is found on the Betrayal poster. Kaysar gets this one and eliminates Diane.

‘Integrity’ is on the Honesty poster. Will eliminates Howie.

‘Upright’ is next. Will incorrectly guesses Loyalty and is eliminated. They don’t reveal the correct answer but if I had to guess, I’d say Honesty (feel free to correct me if that’s wrong because I’m not all that confident with my guess).

‘Enthusiasm’ is the next word and Erika buzzes in to say it is on the Love poster. She knocks the Chicken Man out of the running.

‘Desert’ can be found on the Betrayal poster. Kaysar knew this one and put Erika out of the running.

‘Sneakiness’ is located on the Deceit poster. Jannelle gets this one and eliminates Daniell from the running.

‘Intense’ is found under Hate. Marcellas got this one right and eliminates Kaysar.

With Marcellas and Janelle as the final two, it is time for the final question.

Which definition (on the poster) contains the word ‘obligation’? Janelle buzzes in and guess Loyalty which is… correct!

Janelle wins HoH and season 6 stays in power for another week.


Julie congratulates Janelle on her victory. She then asks Will if he still feels disdain after everyone voted to keep him in the house. Will says that not only does he still feel disdain, he volunteers to put himself up on the block at that very moment.