Big Brother 7: All-Stars – Recap – Episode 10 (7/30/06)

The “BB6” crew continues to stay in power. Who will Janelle go after now? Will and Mike will be talked about, of course. Others could be Diane and maybe George again. Personally, it would be Diane and George for me. Yeah..Will and Mike are direct threats to them, but they are interesting. But since there seem to be more “pro-BB6” now than not, it might be better to go after Will and Mike now. Then..again Kaysar and company believe they can beat “Chill Town II” in the end, so they may keep them around longer.

‘Big Brother 7: All-Stars’ – Episode 10 (7/30/06)

We see Jase leaving the house again. Mike says it’s better that Jase left instead of Will, but he liked Jase and wanted him to stick around longer. Kaysar says that this was the hardest eviction to watch. It was “heart-wretching”, but he left for “strategical purposes”. Danielle says that Jase deserved to stay longer and an eviction like this is when you start to “hate this game”. Diane said it was tough to say goodbye to Jase, but she has cried enough already. She doesn’t have a lot of tears left. And she thinks that there can be no more “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” alliance now since Jase is out. She thinks it could be good for her.

Will says he is depressed and sad. He’s also jealous of Jase. He says that James “backdoored” him and didn’t deserve to leave that early. He’s got a point there. James says that Jase wasn’t “backdoored”. He has already thrown an “HOH” competition and not tried hard in a veto competition. Those are two reasons why he is gone. Will and Mike laugh about how Will said he hated everyone and everyone voted to keep him! Marcellas is actually happy that Jase is gone!

Marcellas now tells everyone else why he voted out Jase. He couldn’t live with him any longer. Marcellas says that Jase said that his mother wouldn’t like his behavior in this house. James thinks that no one’s mother would like their child’s behavior in the house. Danielle won’t talk bad about Jase. She looks for the best in everyone.

Now James and Howie talk. James agrees that he wouldn’t want to go home the same way Jase did. They made an agreement, however Jase told James that he was going after Danielle and Janelle. James has more of an alliance to them than Jase, which is why he went back on his word. Howie doesn’t feel sorry for Jase. A strong player left the house and he is happy about it. Howie says pick a side and stick with it. Don’t play both sides of the field.

Now we get clips of Janelle winning the “HOH” competition. She is excited being the first person to have “HOH” for two times now. She says she dominates this game. Marcellas informs us that he and Janelle have a bigger alliance together than the “BB6” thing. He wanted her to throw it, but he’s happy that she won anyways. Will says that Janelle is a great player and tough to beat. Diane thinks “BB6” is now “Nerd Head Part 2” from that same season. I don’t think that’s quite correct. Yeah..they keep winning, but people like the “BB6” people in this game. They didn’t like the “Nerd Herd”, because of their personalities.

Mike asks Will why he took out Howie from the “HOH” competition? Basically, because Howie is dumb and Will can actually talk to Kaysar or Janelle. Will thinks Janelle is in love with him. We see lots of Janelle flirting with Will. Janelle is just playing with Will, though. Will and Mike actually think that she likes him, though.

EVeryone goes to look at Janelle’s “HOH” room now! Mike says that he hates the “fake walk” everyone does to go see the “HOH” room. My god..the room has exploded into a pink ball of fur! Marcellas calls it a nightmare. Erika thinks she landed in “Barbie’s Dream Land”. Janelle loves it and Diane does too.

Now time for some strategy talk. Janelle talks to Kaysar, Howie, and James. They are “BB6”. Then, there is Will and Mike in “Chill Town II”. That means there are five “floaters” named Danielle, George, Marcellas, Diane, and Erika. James doesn’t understand why they don’t go after Will and Mike. He wants Mike to go home. Kaysar says that if they take out everyone else first, the “floaters” will sit back and attack. They should take out the “floaters” first. Janelle believes Diane is the most dangerous. James still doesn’t understand, though. Kaysar calls “Chill Town II” a joke and Janelle says that she is not scared of them. James thinks that as soon as Mike or Will win “HOH”..they will put up two members of their alliance. That’s why they should take them out now. James says that when he gets “HOH” again he will look out for himself first. Time for a break!

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James talks to Diane. Apparently, James tells Diane a lot of stuff and they have a growing relationship. So James tells Diane to go and talk to Janelle and Kaysar and tell them they shouldn’t put her up for eviction. Diane does just that. She tells Janelle that she is not after her or “BB6”. She is by herself in this game. She is no threat. There are other people that have targeted Janelle and company. Diane says she is not one of them. Janelle says that Will and Mike said that Diane was after Janelle. Diane doesn’t trust “Chill Town II” either. Diane doesn’t like to kiss butt, so she doesn’t like doing that. She doesn’t know if anything was accomplished or not anyways.

Will comes in to “talk”. Actually, he wants to take a bath in the “HOH” bathroom. This leads to a puppet show in the bathtub with rubber ducks in the water. Mike says that Will is smart to use humor. He tells this long story and the point of it was to not put “Chill Town II”up for eviction. Will wants an alliance with “BB6” to eliminate the “floaters” first and battle it out in the end. He tells this to Janelle and Howie. Howie suggests it’s a “deal with the devil”. Time for another break!

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George is eating his “slop”. He says it’s terrible and causes gas. George is the only one on it this week. Kaysar thinks it’s getting to him. He tries to find new ways to prepare the “slop”. He puts cinnamon and sugar on it. He tries to bake it. He tries to toast it in the toaster even! It doesn’t work. This all leads up to you know what.

It’s now time for the next “Food Competition”! This is a night contest. James thinks it’s dodgeball. He wanted to hit some people with rubber balls! But this competition is a food fight! They will be fighting for their food. There are seven rubber balls with one having a star on it. The person he gets the “star ball” gets to eat for the week. But then has to eliminate a person and put that person on the “slop”. No matter what happens, though, George still eats “slop”.

Danielle is worried that there are only three girls competing and they are all tiny. They are going up guys that are big and powerful. She says she will knock down a man, though. Will says he made a deal with Howie that they would not make the other eat “slop” for a week. Will just wanted to test Howie.

The game begins and the balls fly into the air. Mike sees the “star ball” and grabs it. He is putting Marcellas on “slop” this week. Marcellas did it to him in the “HOH” competition. So it’s payback.

The balls fly again and Howie grabs the “star ball”. He gets to eat. He turns his back on Will and puts him on “slop”. Will knows he can’t trust Howie now. Howie just wants to break down Will for next week’s competitions.

Round three begins and Kaysar grabs the “star ball”. He puts George on “slop”, which doesn’t matter since he is already on it. A safe choice for Kaysar sasys Janelle.

James gets the next “star ball”, but only after Danielle takes him down and out! He puts Diane on “slop”, though. She seems happy about it actually.

It’s now just down to Danielle and Erika. They go for the ball and Danielle grabs the “star ball”. Erika is on the “slop”.

So it’s four “floaters” and Will eating “slop” this week. Time for another break!

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We come back and Janelle, Howie, and Diane want to make something they haven’t eaten yet. Howie wants cookies and banana bread. But neither Diane nor Janelle know how to cook. They talk about the differences in baking soda and baking powder along with old bananas.

Will, Mike, Janelle, and Howie talk again about the “floaters”. They need to take them out to have a fun summer. Will says don’t put up two “floaters” this week. Put up Will and a “floater” with Will as just a “pawn” instead. Will and Mike say they trust “BB6” to save him. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to trust. If people react horribly when being put up for eviction, you know you can’t trust them. Janelle and Howie go upstairs to discuss it. Mike says that Janelle and Howie are going to get “played”!

Howie says that “Chill Town II” sucks at competitions, so it would be a waste to have them as allies. Janelle still thinks they can lessen the “floaters”, though. She just doesn’t want them to make a dumb move. Janelle thinks of the “floaters” as an alliance and they have the largest number. They go get James and she tells James that she trusts Erika, Danielle, and Marcellas this week. But doesn’t know what they will do next week. James suggest putting up Marcellas and Danielle then since they are the most dangerous. They are always around in the “HOH” competitions. James still thinks Will and Mike are the best bets. If she doesn’t do that, then lots of people in the house will be mad at her.

Janelle talks to Will about this. Will tells Janelle to take a “big risk”. He really wants to be nominated with another “floater”. Janelle is leaning more towards Mike and a “floater”. Will thinks Janelle likes him. Will asks why Janelle cares what other people think about her? He then says that everyone in the “BB6” group got a backup for an alliance. Kaysar has Erika. James has Danielle. Janelle has Marcellas. Howie has no one. But that proves that they could jump ship as soon as they could to benefit themselves. Will says everyone got “selfish”. The “BB6” alliance is more concerned with keeping themselves alive with their “safety net friend” than just being in the “BB6” alliance. Will thinks she should put up Erika and Danielle. That would test her real alliances in the house. Kaysar and James will get mad, but Will says that he and Mike will be with Janelle for the future and take it the end. Vote the way she wants them to vote. Basically, he and Mike want to take Kaysar and James’ spots in Janelle’s alliance. Time for our last break!

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Janelle thinks about the nominations. Diane, Will, Mike, and Erika all talk about possibly being nominated. Janelle is going to put up people that could go after her later.

It’s now time for the “Nomination Ceremony”! She said it wasn’t easy for her and she just picked people since she didn’t know who to nominate. Janelle pulls the first key and it belongs to James. James gets Marcellas’ key. Marcellas pulls Howie’s key. Howie has Kaysar’s. Kaysar gets Will. Will pulls out Danielle. Diane is safe. So it’s down to Erika, George, and Mike. Diane pulls the final key and it’s George! Erika and Mike go up! Janelle nominated Mike, since he said he was coming after her and dislikes him. She put up Erika, since she everyone likes her and thinks no one would vote against her. So she wants Mike to go home!

Final comments now! Janelle says that her real goal was to shake up the house and take out a “floater”. Erika doesn’t know if she can now attack “BB6” or not, but it does leave the door open for her do that. Mike says it’s not over yet. There is a lot of game to played. He says he will play it until the end. Will says that Janelle met him half way. She put up a “floater”. Will figures she did that, because she loves him, of course!

And that’s all for the Sunday show this week! See you next time!