Guns, Women, College Basketball and Dumb Fathers

“My son never fired a gun in his life,” A.J. Baynes said.

Sorry to break it to you dude, but he just did. Like, fired that thing a lot. This is exactly why I stopped going to school dances a LONG time ago.

If you don’t know the story by now, 5 Duquesne University players were shot Sunday morning outside of a school dance being thrown by the Black Student Union.

Apparently the shooter, or one of them, was angry that the girl he brought to the dance was talking to one of the basketball players. Which begs the question…why would she NOT be talking to a baller? Seriously, you obviously bring nothing to the table other than a glock, why wouldn’t she talk with some dude who has better earning potential?

But whatever, I’m really here to talk about the stupid ass statement by the shooter’s father: “My son never fired a gun in his life,”…yeah, that YOU SAW you dumbass! Obviously you weren’t there to see what was going on and a stupid statement like that helps NOBODY.

I can’t stand when people make stupid statements like this. “My son never fired a gun in his life,”? You’re proud of this!? He’s not supposed to be shooting guns at people! This reminds me of Chris Rock talking about lazy fathers taking credit for shit they’re supposed to do. “I take care of my kids!” You’re supposed to you dumbass!

Here’s a lesson…well a few from this:

-Don’t go to school dances. Nothing good happens there.
-Be a good parent.
-Don’t shoot people
-Don’t say stupid things when your kid shoots someone.

Please kids, be aware of stupid people…they might ruin you.

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