Lance Storm’s Plan, TNA Ratings & Team 3D Re-Signs

News, Ratings reports that last night’s TNA did an 0.88 cable rating, which is up from last week, but saw quarter-hours dropping down to a 0.73 throughout the show. Also the iMPACT! replay from last Saturday did a 0.4 cable rating with a 0.8 share, according to PWInsider.

Speaking of TNA, PWInsider is reporting that Team 3D has signed a new one-year deal, with an option for a second year, as they have told people that this is the best option for them. As previously noted, they were to shoot an angle with the Insane Clown Posse last week, but ICP no-showed, and that segment was re-written.

TNA has also recently shot an angle in Mexico with LAX and AJ Styles that is expected to air on next week’s show.

Lance Storm has a great commentary up on TNA, that he wrote before the Kurt Angle announcement. Here’s an excerpt of the commentary, which you can read here (along with a recent Q&A that can be found by clicking “commentary” on the right side of the page):

The talent roster in TNA is deep enough in both name value and talent to produce a great product, in my opinion, it’s just finding the best way to book and present in on TV in order to sell PPVs … With only 1-hour of TV each week how do you establish enough characters and get over sufficient angles to sell a PPV? I’m not entirely sure you can. You are left with the decision to put all your eggs in one basket and promote one top feud heavy on TV and just lightly touch on others, or rush several and not really devote sufficient time to either.

The day before Bound for Glory, TNA will have a Fan InterAction convention, featuring an appearance by new addition Kurt Angle. Tickets can be found here.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.