Deep South Wrestling TV Report for November 5, 2006

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Deep South Wrestling Television Report Airing November 5, 2006 on Comcast Sports South Taped October 26, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena By Larry Goodman

Just because you decide to grow a conscience and wanna do the right thing, doesn’t mean I’m going to put my career on hold.

LAST WEEK”¦Derrick Neikirk told Ryan O’Reilly to follow through on their agreement or else. Being threatened didn’t play well with O’Reilly.

Cut to a quickie stand up by the DSW announce team of Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott. Sherrod wondered just what Neikirk was holding over O’Reilly.

Cut clips of the finishes of last week’s matches. Bradley Jay defended the DSW Heavyweight Title, pinning Tony Santarelli with the Second City Slam. Urban Assault Squad defeated the Headliners.

(Commercial break)

Sherrod said Neikirk had just given them a videotape with the evidence against O’Reilly. The tape showed the closing moments of the lumberjack match between Neikirk and Mike Knox from August 24. In the midst of a ringside melee involving Knox and the lumberjacks, a set of knucks bounced into the ring, but the camera angle didn’t reveal how they got there. Neikirk used the knucks on Knox to score the pinfall.

Angel Williams walked into the office of “old friend” and new DSW GM Krissy Vaine. Williams wanted to know what direction Vaine was taking with the Divas since they hadn’t been on television for the last two weeks. Vaine acted innocent. She said she planned to push the Divas as far as she could. Williams spun Vaine around in her chair and got in her face. Wiliams wanted to know how Vaine ended up as GM after Assassin initially offered her the job. “Just what did you say or do to get him to change her mind?” Vaine said she was in a position of authority and didn’t have take Williams accusations of unethical behavior. Williams said Vaine’s touchiness on the subject just made her more certain that she was right, and she had a good mind to tell Assassin’s wife. Vaine ordered Williams to march her trampy ass out of there. Vaine looked worried.

Neikirk said he thought he was on the same page as Vaine, but things changed once she slept her way to the top. Neikirk said he would accept a number one contender’s match, but he warned O’Reilly that it would be no walk in the park. Neikirk said he was going to pick O’Reilly apart and leave him laying.

Luscious asked a remorseful O’Reilly about how he felt about letting down the fans.

We all make mistakes. Everybody’s got demons. It’s a matter of making things right”¦In a moment of weakness, I made a bad decision, a decision that never should have happened.

On the verge of tears, O’Reilly said that in his heart that what he had done was wrong, and he hoped the fans could forgive him. “Tonight, the Roughhouse stands strong. Tonight, the Roughhouse lives.”

(1) Ryan O’Reilly pinned Derrick Neikirk at 6:52 to become the number one contender for the DSW Heavyweight title. Neikirk pounced on O’Reilly as he slid in. O’Reilly hit a Thesz Press and they scrapped on the mat. O’Reilly pounded Neikirk’s head on the turnbuckles. Niekirk struck back, dropping O’Reilly with a stiff kick in the thigh. Neikirk launched an all-out assault on the leg.

A spirited discussion ensued between DeMott, Sherrod and Jay, who had joined them on commentary. DeMott was amazed that a guy like O’Reilly was crying on (semi) national television. DeMott said the tape was inconclusive and he wouldn’t have admitted to anything. Sherrod wanted to cut O’Reilly slack. Jay didn’t give a rat’s ass their drama. He only cared about the title and doing whatever it took to keep it. DeMott thought there was something fishy about O’Reilly being involved in a contender’s match, being that he was Vaine’s boy. Sherrod said being a former champion was reason enough. Sherrod said that O’Reilly was trying to do the right thing. Jay said apologizing showed weakness. DeMott said it was a sign of guilt. “Et tu, brute? Jay noted the condition of O’Reilly’s leg for future reference.

Neikirk was destroying O’Reilly’s leg. That sucker was limp. Neikirk went for a kneebreaker. O’Reilly countered with a sunset flip. Niekirk tried to grab a figure four, but O’Reilly caught him in small package for the three count. Neikirk slammed O’Reilly’s leg into the post like a miserable sore loser.

Backstage promo by Urban Assault. Eric Perez went on a bilingual rant against the Majors Brothers. G-Rilla had to give him the chill signal. Cocky Siaki said that he and the Puerto Rican freaking nightmare were taking what belonged to UA. “You guys are done, son. Boo-yah.”

Luscious was with the Majors Brothers. Brian said they shocked the wrestling world by winning the DSW tag titles, and they knew everybody would be gunning for the “saviors of tag team wrestling.” Brett said Urban Assault were in for a ride on the Long Island Express.

(2) Majors Brothers (Brett & Brian) defeated Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki & Eric Perez with G-Rilla) in 6:25 to retain the DSW tag team titles. Majors let it be known they weren’t going to be taking any #### from UA. DeMott said that at the age of 21, gold equals confidence. Perez got the upper hand in the Roman knuckle lock. When Brett came to his feet, Siaki distracted the ref, but Brian leapfrogged Brett to break the hold. Majors drove Perez and Siaki out of the ring with double dropkicks. UA took a TO. Back inside, Brett continued to make a chump out of Perez. Cut to Freakin’ Deacon’s Bag Lady, who was down along the rail taunting G-Rilla. Brett tried for a reverse roll up. Perez escaped. Siaki dropkicked Brett in the back of the head when Patrick wasn’t looking. Nice takeover spot. Perez kicked and pounded on Brett. As they cut to the commercial break, Siaki was at it again, taking advantage of Brett behind the ref’s back. Siaki blocked Brett’s path to the tag with a double underhook. Collision and both men down. Siaki up first, but Brett rolled away from his elbow drop to make the hot-tag. Brian was on fire. Brian hit a corner double knee on Perez and then a hooked Siaki with a swinging neckbreaker for a close near fall. Brian walked into a superkick but didn’t go down. Brian spinebustered Siaki and hooked the leg again. Perez saved. Siaki hit “the best powerslam in wrestling” on Brian. Brett made the save and smoked Perez with a dropkick. Brett made a blind tag. Siaki backdropped Brian, but Brett was spot on with a reverse roll up to pin Siaki.

UA got their heat back in a gigantic way in the postmatch. The massive G-Rilla laid out both of the Majors with the ICU, which is something like a power splash.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: Some serious soap opera this week with the Neikirk/O’Reilly intrigue as the major focus. Weaving a seemingly forgotten incident from two months ago back into the mix was very cool, and DeMott made sure to drum the storyline into the viewer’s heads for the duration of the show…I’m a mark for Neikirk’s promos. There’s something about his grim, no BS delivery that makes me believe. O’Reilly’s promo had an old school feel to it, playing off true emotion; possibly drawing on his recent suspension for violating the WWE wellness policy, rather than reciting the words of a scripted character”¦Luscious is improving in the interviewer role. She actually has facial expressions and inflections in her voice now”¦On the other hand, the vignette featuring Williams and Vaine was bad, as in labored. They’re both capable of a much better. Why they didn’t do another take is beyond me. Vaine’s southern accent has gone from a subtle hint to “Gone with the Wind””¦The work in both matches was fine, but things were kept very simple, like they’re making sure that the wrestling doesn’t get in the way of the story. Both matches had good intensity in the ring and on the mic, but there was a disconnect with the shrunken, bored crowd on the hard camera side. All the excitement is coming from the kids near the entrance ramp”¦Majors combo stuff looks good. They’re making the best possible use of G-Rilla”¦Both matches called for strong finishes. They batted .500. The one for Neikirk/O’Reilly was a fine idea that lacked in the execution. The finish sequence of Majors/UA called for timing and they all nailed it.