BLATT vs. ECW on SciFi LIVE for November 14th, 2006

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BLATT vs. ECW on SciFi LIVE for November 14th, 2006

ECW this week comes to you taped from the MEN Arena in Manchester, England. If you absolutely can not wait to see the show, then hop over here to see the spoilers, but come on, you’re in for the ride. Strap in, hop over to the forum and hang with the die hards. It’s Tuesday night and time for ECW!

Update are in italics.

Open with a recap of last week’s main event. Holly turns on Rob Van Dam and they make it seem like the end of the world. It’s the end of Holly’s face run, thankfully, but not the world.

Let the Bodies Hit the Floor and the live portion of this evening’s program begins with Elijah Burke replacing Taz for the evening thanks to Taz getting some knee surgery. I guess that they have a lot of confidence in his mic skills. No ECW entrance this week, everyone enters through the RAW entrance ramp. I guess if you actually sell out all of the seats you don’t have room to make an entrance for ECW. Elijah’s large mute friend is standing by him for some reason.

Heyman’s out doing his weekly schtick. Heyman puts over the Big Show as going to beat John Cena’s team at the Royal Rumble. Boooring. Next topic is the EECM for D2D. Heyman announces Hardcore Holly as the sixth entrant to the EECM but Bobby Lashley beats him to the punch, but, um….. punching him out. Lashley takes out the Big Show on his way to the ring and signs the contract confirming all IWC rumors that were flying around about Lashley being on the outs with Smackdown! and on his way to ECW.

He’s also confirmed that ECW is indeed the little brother show to Smackdown!.

So we’ve got 5 new people on ECW from Smackdown! in the past three weeks. Holly, Test and the Big Show are bitching that Lashley shouldn’t have had the opportunity to even be on the show. Thanks to that, we’ve got Lashley vs. Holly as a main event.

The night brightens up as CM Punk is out for a match. Elijah calls Terkay the “Man-Bear”. Sounds… odd.

CM Punk over Mike Knox w/Kelly Kelly by Anaconda Vice
Punk’s got the early control until Kelly Kelly gets knocked down accidentally and Knox takes control. This is the first guy I can recall that really has control over Punk for any length of time during a match. Not a bad back and forth between Knox and Punk, essentially re-doing the match from last week. This time, the two take the speed vs. strength approach that should have happened the first time they met. My only concern with this feud is that Knox really hasn’t gotten many wins in, while Punk has been steamrolling the competition. You know, the only thing that CM Punk is addicted to. Nice set of near falls towards the end of the match, but nothing too edge of your seat. Put a fork in Knox, he’s officially a stepping stone for CM Punk.

Matt Striker is our teacher and ha some examples of quotes. His favorite is “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Mostly just to piss off the England crowd. He has a message to the “SUPERSTARS” that are going to enter the EECM. There it is folks. The extremists are no longer going to be mentioned on TV anymore. They’re superstars.

We’re given a rundown of clips form the previous Elimination chamber matches.

CM Punk welcomes Lashley to ECW, but also says he’s gonna get the title at D2D in the EECM. He’s all about the every man for himself aspect of the match. I have a feeling that that was inserted afterwards as a time killer. Just a thought.

I just checked and they are still presenting the wrestlers as extremists.

We’re given a rundown of the ‘Mania tickets going on sale. If you haven’t heard, thanks to ticket sales before even selling out, will be the biggest grossing event in WWE history.

Tommy Dreamer over Daivari by DQ
ECW’s Brooklyn Brawler, Tommy Dreamer, is out to attempt to make Daivari seem credible. This about as entertaining as a Brooklyn Brawler match can be, complete with a schmoz ending too as Dreamer wins thanks to Khali’s interference. Post match Dreamer gets one of Khali’s slams as I have a feeling we’re in for a feud that’s bound to last a few weeks and wil serve the purpose to get Daivari and Khali over as heels in ECW.

I suppose the way that they brought in Lashley is better than the expected announcement style intro that I was expecting. And they did a great job of lowering my excitement level by first showing Hardcore Holly coming to the ring.

Bobbly Lashley over Harcore Holly by DQ
Elijah is pretty down on Lashley, and I see a nice little feud between these guys down the line. Between Terkay and Burke you’ve got a nice one two punch of speed or power. Holly is introduced and…

commercial break

We’re back in the middle of the match as the WWE manages to hit one of my top pet peeves of all time. The other one happens to be when the WWE calls up local police and has TNA house shows in CT cancelled through more than shady means and I’ve driven over an hour to see Daniels vs. Styles and Angle vs. Abyss.

Anyway, Lashley’s in control. At ringside is Big Show, Test, Heyman and the security force. I’ll give Lashley some credit, he can pull off one bad ass hanging vertical suplex. Ever notice he only has extended feuds with veterans? They pushed this guy through the ranks pretty quickly, and I guess this is their way of protecting him while still making his wrestle. Knowing Holly he’ll potato him until he’s retarded.

I’m not sure about this, but I guess that the WWE’s view of the world is that mostly the RAW viewers are the ones that make up the usual 1.8 rating that ECW gets on a regular basis. This is the only reason I see for them to move all of these Smackdown! guy on the roster.

Big Show pulls the ref out of the ring which causes the DQ. Test, Show and the security get involved and Sabu, CM Punk and RVD come out to make the save. Nice stare down between RVD and Lashley to end the show.

The Inside Pulse
This show was a step up from last week, but still lacked the excitement of previous shows. With a heavy focus on the guys in the EECM, everyone else is being ignored. December to Dismember is right around the corner and we’ve got one match set in stone. Balls? Thorn? FBI? Burke and Terkay? Knox? Sandman? Dupree? Holly? Daivari? Stevie? Dreamer? Yeah. I think you get the point.

I have a fear that next week;s focus is going to be so heavy on the Survivor Series that were not going to have time to put a god PPV in place for the first real ECW PPV since 2001.