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Inside Pulse Official Live Coverage: WWE Survivor Series

Opening video hypes up the Survivor Series matches, the First Blood Match, and Batista vs. King Booker.

Tonight’s Announcers: Cole / JBL, Lawler / Ross, the Spanish guys, but no Styles and Tazz. Odd.

Survivor Series rules include elimination via singles match rules, such as disqualification and count out.

Survivor Series Match: Team Legends w/ Arn Anderson vs. Team Spirit Squad
Team Legend: Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Ron Simmons, and Sgt. Slaughter w/ Arn Anderson (who even gets his own introduction)
Team Spirit Squad: Kenny and the others, with one of them at ringside as well.

Mikey and Simmons start off. Mikey runs right into a shoulder block to start. Lock up and Mikey gets Simmons in a headlock but Simmons throws him off with ease. Mikey with shots to Simmons and off the ropes into a powerslam, the other Cheerleaders come in but Simmons takes them down. The one at ringside trips Simmons, and Anderson sends him into the steel post, but Simmons was counted out! Weak, dude, seriously weak. Simmons nails the spinebuster on Mitch as well, and takes him backstage with him. The referee sends Anderson back stage to boot! “Bullshit” chant follows. Slaughter comes in and Nicky is tagged in. Nicky does the salute and Slaughter does it a few times, so Slaughter takes his hand and kicks him, scoop slams follow. Rhodes in with the bionic elbow to Nicky. Rhodes elbows away at the shoulder of Nicky and tags out to Flair, who comes in with the chops. Slaughter back in and locks in the Cobra Clutch, but Johnny attacks Slaughter from behind, and Nicky pins him .. wait, huh? It’s down to Flair and Rhodes. Rhodes in with an elbow on Nicky for an easy three count. Mikey attacks Rhodes and Kenny eventually comes in. Rhodes looks to be dancing off the offence, and comes back with some shots and the elbow. Rhodes elbows the top turnbuckle and Kenny gets a school boy for the elimination. Down to Flair. Mikey in with rights to Flair, Flair gets some chops in and gets an inverted atomic drop into the pin bridge, using the ropes, to eliminate Mikey. Kenny comes in and nails Flair with a shoulder body toss and elbow drops. Flair gets a small package on Kenny for the three count! Johnny attacks Flair from behind and the two exchange punches and chops, Flair gets a knee breaker and elbow to the back of the knee. Figure Four for the submission!
Winners: Team Legend
Survivors: Ric Flair

Post match, the Squad attacks Flair from behind and Johnny keeps Flair in the Figure Four and Kenny drops the top rope leg drop on Flair.

Video package for Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero

United States Championship: Chavo Guerrero w/ Vickie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit (Champion)
Benoit attacks Guerrero right away. Benoit with a backbreaker for a one count. Benoit takes Guerrero to the corner for knees to the gut, Guerrero gets in an uppercut but Benoit continues with the chops and gets a snap suplex for another one count. Benoit with another scoop slam for another quick pinfall. Guerrero slams Benoit into the corner for uppercuts but Benoit fights him off and takes him down with an axe handle for another pinfall attempt. Guerrero takes it right to Benoit in the corner and a “Let’s Go Benoit” chant starts up. Benoit goes for the Crossface early on but with Vickie’s help, Guerrero gets his foot on the bottom rope. Benoit gets sent shoulder first into the steel post by Guerrero. Guerrero with a side suplex for a two count. Guerrero with a key lock on Benoit, but Benoit picks him up and nails a Samoan drop. Dropkick by Guerrero gets a two count. Guerrero misses the short arm clothesline and Benoit goes for the Triple Germans, and connects them! Benoit up top, looking for the Swandive Headbutt, but Vickie grabs his foot. Benoit pushes Vickie off of him and flies off, but the Swandive misses! Guerrero stomps away on Benoit and follows with clubs. Guerrero with a nice suplex before he too goes up top, and comes off with the Frog Splash and connects! One- Two — No! Almost a three count. “Eddie” chant of course begins. Benoit tries for the Sharpshooter but Guerrero pushes him off and into Vickie, who was on the apron, school boy by Guerrero for the two count and Benoit locks in the Crossface! Guerrero taps!
Winner and Still Champion: Chris Benoit

Todd Grisham is backstage with Edge, and soon to be retired, Lita. Grisham asks if she’s changed her mind about retiring and Lita says the fans in Philly have been the most disrespectful and stupid out of all of them, and Lita will still be retiring tonight. Edge makes some local sporting reference and they make out. Lita wanders off and Edge begins to rant, but Crime Time enter Lita’s locker room behind Edge, with an empty box. Crime Time leave the locker room with a bikini hanging out of the box, and tell Grisham that he didn’t see anything.

Women’s Championship: Mickie James vs. Lita (Champion)
Man, Lita has been here since February 2000. James slaps Lita to start and gets a drop toe hold. James takes Lita to the corner for punches and rakes Lita’s face across the ropes. James with kicks to the gut of Lita and Lita sends her face first into the second turnbuckle and James turns into a monkey flip with mounted punches. James tries for a headscissors takedown on Lita but Lita throws her down and continues with face slams before kneeing her in the face. Lita chokes James at the ropes. Lita with knees to James but James fights her off only to get taken down by a Russian leg sweep for a two count. Lita with a few low blows, and pinning bridge for another pinfall attempt. Lita with a snap suplex for another two count. Lita gets in a sleeper hold with body scissors, but James gets to the ropes. Lita goes up top and misses the crossbody! James goes up top but Lita stops her at the second turnbuckle and takes her down with a back drop. The two exchange rights with James getting the better. James with a clothesline and few elbows for a close pinfall. James kicks away at Lita and gets in a nice spinning kick for a two count. James with a Fisherman’s suplex for another two count. James goes for the tornado DDT but Lita sends her into the corner, Lita runs into a high elbow and gets a headscissors on Lita but Lita slams her face first! Lita off the top rope with the moonsault for ALMOST a three count! Lita goes for the DDT but James grabs the ropes, and a pinning bridge gets her a two count. Lita with a tight package for another two count. James falls behind a scoop slam and the two exchange two count pinfalls. James gets the tornado DDT for the three count!
Winner and NEW Women’s Champion: Mickie James

The crowd where totally all over Lita in this match. Lita demands Lilian come into the ring and tells her to say something; Garcia asks the fans to cheer for “the greatest women’s champion of all time, Lita”. Lita gets on the microphone and goes nuts at the booing crowd. Lita says that she is disgusted and cannot think of a better crowd to leave in front of. So, of course, Crime Time come out with the box full of Lita’s stuff. The shorter one and gets on the microphone and reveals they’ve got a box full of her stuff, and decide they’ll have a tribute sale, and a “ho sale”. Cute. Lita demands that the audience put their money away, and someone gives them a dollar “¦ Lita has yeast infection treatment! They see JBL and says that being the only guy in America without a copy of her panties, he’ll buy one. Crime Time pull out what looks to be a vibrator.

Michael Cole interviewed Batista earlier on today. Batista doesn’t answer a single one of Cole’s questions. Footage of how SmackDown went off air plays again. Batista simply states that he’s leaving as the Champion tonight.

Survivor Series Match: Team DX vs. Team Rated RKO
Team DX: The Hardy Boyz, CM Punk (who the crowd loves, by the way), and DX
Team Rated RKO: Johnny Nitro w/ Melina, Gregory Helms, Mike Knox w/ Kelly Kelly, Edge and Randy Orton

I’m not sure what I think of the Edge / Orton remixed entrance theme. DX tries to get Kelly to flash them, and Knox gets hit with the Sweet Chin Music right away for the elimination “¦. Okay. DX and CM talk about who that was he just eliminated. Nitro in. Michaels gets a shoulder block off of the headlock segment which eventually ends with Michaels rolling outside and putting his arm over Melina. Back in the ring Michaels chops away at Nitro, and Jeff comes in. Jeff off the ropes with a neckbreaker before he tags out to Matt; stereo elbows and tandem offence for a two count. Helms tagged in. Helms punches away at Matt and sends him to the corner but runs into a high elbow, Matt goes to the second turnbuckle but Helms trips him. Edge tagged in. Edge stomps away on Matt and parodies the pose before he tags back out to Helms. Helms with a suplex before he tags out to Orton. Orton stomps away at Matt and Matt is bleeding from the mouth. Nitro in and Melina goes all banshee on us. Matt ducks a clothesline and gets Nitro with the Side Effect, and tags out to PunK! Punk in with elbows and kicks. Punk knees away at Nitro and sends him to the corner for a high knee and bulldog. Nitro gets hung up on the top rope by Matt, and Anaconda Vice leads to Nitro submitting! Edge in. Edge stomps away on Punk and takes Punk to the corner but runs into a high boot. Punk with a ten count punches, but Helms distracts the referee and Orton drops Punk throat first on the top rope. Edge blatantly chokes Punk and tags out to Orton. Orton with a nice standing dropkick for a two count. Tag out to Helms. Helms comes in with kicks to Punk and a nice headlock, with the crowd getting behind Punk. Punk looks to be fighting Helms off but Helms gets in the knee jawbreaker and tags out to Orton. Orton and Punk exchange rights with Punk getting the better but turns into the RKO! Orton covers Punk for the two count, broken by Michaels!

Edge in. Edge goes for the spear on Punk but runs into the second turnbuckle! Edge tags out to Helms and HHH is in! HHH takes it to Helms with a high knee, Orton gets the same treatment. HHH goes to Pedigree Helms but Edge gets a behind X-Factor and a little brawl starts out, HHH ducks the shining wizard and gets a Spinebuster by HHH! Matt in, Twist of Fate, Jeff with the Swanton, and Helms is gone. It’s Five to Two. Edge and Orton begin walking backstage but the Hardys give chase and send them back into the ring. Punk gets another high knee to Edge in the corner, and the Hardys do their step up splash. Sweet Chin Music on Edge for the elimination! Orton’s left all alone. Orton looks to make another run for it, but Punk and the Hardys drag him back to the ring. Sweet Chin Music and Pedigree! HHH pins Orton, and Orton’s Survivor Series streak is OVER!
Winners: Team DX
Survivors: DX, Hardys, and CM Punk

Backstage, Mr. Kennedy is with Kristal Marshall. Kennedy says that this is the biggest match of his career, so of course MVP needs to intervene. MVP rambles on about how he beat Kane and will eliminate him tonight in their match, and that if anything goes wrong, MVP will help.

First Blood: Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker
Kennedy removes the padding off of the top turnbuckles before and after he does the microphone thing. Kennedy starts with punches but Taker no sells them and knocks Kennedy down before he throws him outside. Taker slams Kennedy face first on the announcer’s table several times and works the forehead. Taker takes Kennedy to the ringside and then slams his forehead off of that, before he knocks him into the audience. Taker continues the assault with head butts and hip tosses Kennedy back to the ringside area, and Kennedy reverses an irish whip and sends Taker into the steel steps and then sends Taker into the announcer’s table. Kennedy punches away at the forehead and comes off the apron only to get caught by Taker and sent into the steel post. Back in the ring Taker goes after the ribs and positions Kennedy on the top turnbuckle and hits a superplex! Kennedy gets a low blow on Taker, but shortly runs face first into a big boot. Taker slams Kennedy face first into the steel turnbuckle and continues to attack the ribs. Kennedy looks to be spitting out blood! MVP runs down and makes him spit into a towel. I can’t say I’ve seen a First Blood match where the opponent tried to makes his opponent bleed internally rather than from the forehead. MVP sends Kennedy into the ring like he did to him a few weeks ago! Taker takes Kennedy to the corner for punches and kicks, including a ten punch attempt but Kennedy drops him face first into the exposed steel post. Kennedy punches away at Taker, and MVP comes in from behind with a steel chair! He and Charles Robinson argue with it and MVP accidentally hits Taker, busting him open! Taker stalks MVP but Kennedy punches away at Taker, and the referee notices the blood!
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy continues his assault even after his arm has been raised. Kennedy declares himself the victor, but Taker grabs his throat! Kennedy tries to punch him off but Taker keeps up with the punches, and smashes the steel chair over the head of Kennedy! Taker takes Kennedy out with a Tombstone! Looks like it might have been a bit screwed it, though, and Taker continues to punch away at Kennedy!

The King and Queen are backstage. Sharmell reminds us that this could be Batista’s last chance at the title, and Booker says that his dream will never come true. Booker says he’ll retain tonight.

Survivor Series Match: Team Big Show vs. Team John Cena
Team Big Show: MVP, Test, Umaga w/ AAE, Finlay, and The Big Show
Team John Cena: Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Bobby Lashley, Kane, and John Cena

The referees take the shillelagh away from Finlay before the match begins, during his entrance. Nice. Cena and Umaga start off, with Umaga running into the turnbuckle and fighting off some of Team Cena. Cena clotheslines Umaga outside and brings Finlay into the ring. Tag out to RVD. Umaga begins taking apart the RAW Announcer’s Table and attacks team Cena with a monitor! Kane / Test and MVP / Lashley are fighting in the ring while Umaga has been disqualified. Cheap way to keep his record straight, I don’t like it. Anyways, back to Finlay and RVD. No, tag out to Test. Test comes in and takes RVD to the corner for elbows. RVD gets a crossbody but Test counters it with a rib breaker. MVP in with a sleeper to RVD, but RVD escapes and gets a school boy on MVP for a two count. RVD gets in some random kicks to MVP, Test, and Finlay, and low dropkicks Show onto the apron. RVD super kicks MVP down but Test drags him outside and goes to send him into the steel post, but RVD falls behind and sends Test into the post. Chokeslam by Kane to MVP, and Five Star Frog Splash finishes him off. Test with a big boot to quickly eliminate RVD. Sabu with a school boy on Test for a two. Test sends Sabu outside, where Lashley connects a spear to Test. Sabu with the leg drop and springboard tornado DDT to pin Test. Sabu quickly gets hit with the Showstopper Chokeslam for the elimination. Kane comes in, and we have a meeting of the giants. Show grabs Kane by the throat, and Kane does the same to Show! The Little Bastard comes in and simply stands in between the two and distracts the referee, and Finlay hits Kane with the shillelagh! Show pins Kane! Powerslam on Cena by Show, before Finlay comes in with a dropping thump to the gut on Cena. Lashley distracts the referee, allowing Show to get some cheap shots in while Finlay argues with the referee and Lashley. Show in with a Headbutt and some loud chops to Cena, and Finlay back in. Finlay comes off the top rope into a boot by Cena, and Lashley is tagged in! Lashley comes at Finlay with full force and nails a nice spinning rock bottom but the pinfall is broken by Show! Cena and Lashley double team Lashley, but the three clothesline each other! Finlay throws the Little Bastard to Cena when he gets speared by Lashley! Cena goes to F-U the Little Bastard, Lashley pins Finlay, but Show big boots Cena. It’s down to Show vs. Cena / Lashley. Lashley drop toe holds Show into the top turnbuckle, tags out to Cena, and a double team DDT gets Cena a two count. Cena tries to suplex Show, Lashley comes in and the pair hit Show with a suplex! Five Knuckle Shuffle to Show, Show goes for the Showstopper by with Lashley’s help; Cena sets Show up for the F-U and nails it!
Winners: Team John Cena
Survivors: John Cena and Lashley

Video package for the Extreme Elimination Chamber next week, as well as for Batista vs. King Booker.

Theodore Long comes out and says that if King Booker gets counted out or disqualified then we will have a new World Heavy Weight Champion.

World Heavy Weight Championship: Batista vs. King Booker (Champion) w/ Queen Sharmell
Batista attacks Booker during his entrance, not even letting him disrobe. Batista gets a two count after an elbow. Booker takes Batista to the corner for shots but Batista reverses it and gets shots of his own in. Batista with a suplex to Booker and he looks to go for the Batista Bomb early but Booker rolls outside and recovers as quickly as he can without being counted out. Booker gets on the apron and gets sent throat first into the top rope by Batista. Batista with a rib breaker for a two count. Batista with a short arm clothesline for another two. Booker drops Batista throat first on the top rope, and slingshots him throat first into the bottom rope. Superkick by Booker for a two count. Chops and right hands by Booker in the corner. Batista connects with rights but Booker gets an eye poke and sends Batista into the corner for a clothesline. Batista sends Booker into the corner and back into a Sideslam for a two. Jackhammer gets Batista a two count. The two exchange blows on the apron, and Batista elbows Booker into the ring. Sharmell distracts Batista long enough to allow Booker to dropkick Batista off the apron into the security rail. Sharmell distracts the referee and Booker slams Batista into the steel steps. Back in the ring Booker gets a two count, with one of his feet using the ropes. Booker clubs away at Batista and poses for the crowd, Batista gets some shots in but comes off the ropes into a crescent kick by Booker, getting Booker a two count. Booker locks on a sleeper hold, or at least an odd Cobra Clutch, but Batista fights him off. Batista sends Booker into the corner but runs into a high elbow, and Booker runs into a belly to belly by Batista! Batista with punches and clotheslines and big boots Booker out of the ring. On the outside of the ring, Batista sends Booker into the steel steps. Batista goes… up top “¦ and comes off with a shoulder block! Spinebuster to Booker gets Batista another two count. Booker off the ropes with the Book End to Batista for a two count, almost a three! Batista gets the Batista Bomb on Booker and covers, but Booker gets the bottom rope JUST in time! Sharmell hands Booker the World Heavy Weight Championship and distracts the referee but Batista goes to hit her with a Batista Bomb! Batista lets go of her and ducks a title shot, and Batista nails Booker with the title! One! Two! Three!
Winner and NEW Champion: Batista

“¦ Damn it. JBL bashes the victory and calls it a hallow victory. The fireworks go off and thankfully this is over.

Hope you enjoyed the Pulse Wrestling coverage of Survivor Series, and expect this show to be torn apart soon by us here at Pulse Wrestling. Feel free to send feedback.