Deep South Wrestling TV Report for November 19, 2006

Deep South Wrestling Television Report
Airing November 19, 2006 on Comcast Sports South
Taped November 9, 2006 in McDonough, Ga at the Deep South Arena
By Larry Goodman

Nigel Sherrod and Bill DeMott opened the show talking about last week’s Divas match. Tracy Taylor defeated Angel Williams with an assist from Shontelle.

Last week”¦Mike Knox confronted Ryan O’Reilly.

Was it you? Answer me, damn it. Was it you?

O’Reilly said he was sorry. Knox hauled off and slapped him across the face. O’Reilly took it like a man. “You were my friend,” said Knox and whacked him again. Two times was one too many for O’Reilly. He went nose-to-nose with Knox. O’Reilly said everyone makes mistakes including Knox. O’Reilly warned Knox to never, ever do that again (almost identical to how he warned Derrick Neikirk to never, ever threaten him again the week before). Knox said he couldn’t let it stand.

Sherrod said it came down to a match between O’Reilly and Bradley Jay for the DSW Heavyweight Title. DeMott said they had a little help from their friends.

Cut to the finish of Jay vs. O’Reilly from last week. Mike Knox joined Derrick Neikirk on the ring apron. Knox blasted Neikirk, knocking him to the floor. While Scrappy McGowan eyeballed the action on the outside, Knox tossed brass knucks in to Jay. The champ put O’Reilly’s lights out for the 1-2-3.

Sherrod said DSW General Manager Krissy Vaine had a HUGE announcement on tonight’s show. DeMott said Vaine equaled controversy in the DSW Arena.

Angel Williams stormed into Vaine’s office. Williams said she was upset and demanded a match with Tracy Taylor. Vaine said she understood Angel’s feelings. Vaine said Williams could have the match tonight. Angel reacted with surprised but accepted. Williams said it was time to settle the score with Taylor. “That’s fine, darling. You just run along with Mr. O’Reilly here, and he’ll have you sign all the necessary paperwork,” said Vaine. Williams left with O’Reilly. Vaine addressed the camera. “My, she is so distraught. Poor little thing.” Vaine giggled.

(1) Tracy Taylor (with Shantelle) beat Angel Williams in 6:03. Williams clubbed Taylor in the back to knock her out of the ring. Shantelle came out to second Taylor. Cut to a shot of Vaine studiously taking notes from her vantage point on the ramp. DeMott said things were picking up where they left off last week. Tracy went after Wiliams’ surgically repaired knee with a dragon screw legwhip and applied a single leg crab. Williams scrambled to the ropes. Williams kicked Taylor off the leg and leveled her with a lariat. Williams sold the knee before covering Taylor for a two count. Williams leapfrogged Tracy, caught her with a monkey flip, and played to the crowd. The fans started to chant for Taylor. Taylor countered a backdrop attempt with a sunset flip. Willams used her knee brace on Tracy with a kneedrop. Williams cradled Taylor for a two count. With Taylor hung in the tree of woe, Williams delivered a double knee to the gut and a low dropkick to the face. Williams hooked both legs. Taylor kicked out just before the three count.

(Commercial break)

Tracy on the comeback with a high backdrop. Taylor cradled Williams for a near fall. DeMott wondered what Vaine was scribbling on her note pad and if might be in line for a raise. Williams nailed Taylor in the gut with the kneebrace. Williams went for a piledriver, and Tracy countered with a modified Northern lights suplex. Williams reversed an Irish whip, and Taylor took a chest bump into the buckles. Williams caught Tracy with a reverse roll up and grabbed the ropes. Shantelle slapped Williams’ hands off the ropes. Tracy rolled through and pinned Williams using the ropes. Vaine politely applauded.

Vaine was at her desk viewing the finish of Jay vs. O’Reilly. Vaine decided that since they were at each other’s throats anyway, she would put them in a tag match: Niekirk & O’Reilly vs. Jay & Knox. Luscious entered. Vaine gave her a fake kiss. Vaine complimented Luscious on her work as an interviewer and offered her the spot as her personal assistant. “I’m speechless,” said Luscious. Vaine told her to run along. As Luscious opened the door to leave, Williams shoved her out of the way and barged in. Williams was obviously about to throw a tantrum. Vaine innocently tried to comfort her but Williams would have none of it. Williams demanded a match against Tracy with Shantelle banned from the building. Vaine told Williams she could have the match next week. “I’m on your side, honey,” said Vaine. Williams said thanks, but if looks could kill. “No problem, darling, bless you heart,” said Vaine. Williams departed. Vaine sat down at her desk and sighed. “I love my job.”

Luscious conducted a backstage interview with “the saviors of tag team wrestling,” the Majors Brothers. Luscious appeared to be getting hot and bothered by their animal magnetism. Brett said that Urban Assault had the giant G-Rilla, but if they thought they could derail the Long Island Express, they had another thing coming. Brian said 3 against 2 wasn’t fair, but Majors were ready for anything and the only way UA would get the tag belts was over their dead bodies.

(2) Majors Brothers (Brett & Brian) vs. Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki & Eric Perez) ended as a no contest when Gymini interfered (10 minutes). Majors went right at UA. On the outside, Brett sent Perez flying into the steel ringsteps. Inside, Brian gave Siaki a flying double knee in the corner. Brian hit a monkey flip for a near fall. But Perez distracted Brian and Siaki superkicked him through the ropes. Perez then did a number on Brian on the outside. UA isolated Brian and gave him one hell of a beating. Freakin’ Deacon’s homeless lady friend showed up to cheer for the Majors. Brian fought off a double suplex. Siaki tried a vertical suplex and Brian countered with an inside cradle, but Scrappy McGowan was busy with Perez. The camera cut close up of the Bag Lady yelling incoherently at G-Rilla. Perez hit a senton backsplash on Brian. At 8 minutes in, Brian turned a double team suplex into a dual neckbreaker and hot-tagged Brett. He hit a Frankensteiner on Siaki for a near fall. Perez gave Brett a spiral slam but Brian made the save. Four-way action ensued. G-Rilla pulled Brett out, hoisted him into a bearhug, and slammed his back into the rail. G-Rilla was threatening to tree slam Brett onto the floor, when Gymini Jesse waffled him with a chairshot. UA started brawling with Gymini. With the match in a shambles, Scrappy called for the bell. The show ended with the ref crew struggling to keep UA and Gymini separated.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: DSW managed to advance all three of the major storylines inside of less than 30 minutes. The vignettes with Vaine and Williams were way better this time around. Vaine is a hoot as the southern belle with the dominatrix look. The Scarlet O’Hara accent is over the top for sure, but the character captures the essence of a particular species of upper class southern female, all sweetness and light to your face, and nothing but scheming and treachery behind your back. Williams was great at getting across an intense frustration that had her right on the edge of losing it”¦I saw this taping live, and I thought both matches came across better on television. Williams may be small, but her work in was solid, and she’s got great facial expressions. Taylor’s offense is showing improvement”¦They’re doing a great job of keeping UA strong, while constantly finding a way for them not to win the titles. I like the positioning they set up here with UA as the tweeners of the tag team division”¦Perez has a sweet spiral slam that is deserving of a name, but was surprised to hear Sherrod call it the Catatonic again. The extended heat on Brian was good stuff. Both Majors sell well, but Brian’s offense is clearly stronger, so he’s much better cleaning house off the hot tag”¦Majors keep their promos short and to the point, but their on the bland side”¦Matches that were cut for the 30 minute version included Heath Miller over Francisco Ciatso and David Heath over Johnny Curtis.