Deep South Wrestling TV Report for January 14, 2007

Deep South Wrestling
Airing January 14, 2007 on Comcast Sports South
Taped on December 21, 2005 at the DSW Arena in McDonough, Ga
By Larry Goodman

Joined in progress due to some miserable college football game on CSS.

What we probably missed (courtesy of the live report by DSW website correspondent Mr. Nobody)

Krissy Vaine, the GM of DSW, made a number one contender’s match between Majors Brothers and Urban Assault. The Majors said that two weeks ago they had to put their equalizer on hold, but not this week. Freakin’ Deacon appeared, which was enough to freak Krissy out.

(1) Urban Assault vs. The Major Brothers went to a no contest. G-Rilla and Freakin’ Deacon got into it on the outside. UA and Majors joined the melee. The DSW referees had to separate them.

JIP — Brad Armstrong joined Nigel Sherrod on color commentary.

Tracy Taylor hosted another segment of the TT Bar with Vaine as her first guest. Vaine had decided to forgo the business attire in favor a low cut halter and bare midriff. Nice. Taylor noted that Vaine looked upset and asked her she wanted to go ahead with the interview. Vaine said she was tired of the nonsense, so she was ordering a match between G-Rilla and Deacon in the hopes that they would destroy each other. Bill DeMott was Taylor’s next guest. Taylor never even got the big question out of her mouth. DeMott said his he wasn’t friends with the Gymini and it was a business relationship for which he was being well paid.

Vladimir Kozlov entered the ring for another rendition of the Russian National Anthem. The fans revved up the “USA, USA” chant with cheerleading provided by his opponent, Robert Anthony.

(2) Vladimir Kozlov beat Robert Anthony in 2:24. Sherrod said Kozlov was the artist formerly known as Oleg Prudius going by his Sambo name. Anthony ducked under the lock up and grabbed a side headlock. Kozlov shot him to the ropes and blasted him with a shoulder block. The force of Kozlov’s kneelifts were enough to unground Anthony. Kozlov attacked the small of the back with a wicked combination of forearms and headbutts. Armstrong said Kozlov’s intensity was second to none. Armstrong said Kozlov was Anthony got off a weak comeback. Kozlov thrust Anthony towards the heavens. Anthony took a free fall onto his face. Kozlov scraped Anthony off the mat and hit the torture rack drop for the three count.

Backstage, Luscious asked High Impact for their reaction to the alliance between Gymini and Bill DeMott. Micah Taylor said they had known DeMott way longer than Gymini. Tony Santarelli said DeMott had happy feet but whether or not DeMott got involved in their match tonight, they were going to make a MAJOR impact. Micah looked at Santarelli like he was crazy. Micah shoved Tony out of the frame. Micah said they were going to make a High Impact. Santarelli stuck his head in front of the camera, nodding in agreement.

Rebecca DiPietro was with the “Judge, Jury and Executioners of Deep South Wrestling,” the Gymini along with Angel Williams and DeMott. DiPietro asked the Gymini if DeMott was going to get involved in their match. Jesse said it was strictly business, and if anybody was going to run in on a Gymini match, it would be DeMott.

(3) Gymini (Jesse & Jake with Angel Williams & “The Equalizer” Bill DeMott) beat High Impact (Micah Taylor & Tony Santarelli with Tracy Taylor) to retain the DSW Tag Team Titles in 15:35. Armstrong commented on the good those title belts looked. Sherrod noted that this marked Impact’s first appearance as a team in quite some time (10/15/06). DeMott stationed himself near the entrance ramp and never moved. It was a 50/50 back and forth match in the early going. However, the crowd was solidly behind Impact. Gymini tried to isolate one member of Impact in the corner and brawl, while Impact worked the arm of Jesse and used their superior quickness to stay out of trouble. At the 6:30 mark, Jake shot Micah through the ropes. Micah managed to land on his feet and shoulder block Jake from the apron, but Jake then ran Micah’s head smack into the ringpost. Santarelli came over to check on his downed partner. Gymini’s attack on Micah consisted of mainly of elbow drops and a punishing figure four headscissors by Jesse. The crowd chanted for Micah. Armstrong commented on Micah’s never-say-die attitude. Micah slowly backed Jake towards his corner. Jake blasted Santarelli and waited for him to charge in, so Gymini could double teamed Micah. Jesse stomped Micah’s gut. Armstong said they were cutting off Micah’s oxygen supply. Micah fought his way out of the Gymini’s corner but Jesse cut off his path to the tag. Santarelli dropkicked Jake from behind, sending Jesse out to the floor. But Jesse reapplied the headscissors before Micah could get the tag. Micah kicked out of the hold and made the tag. Santarelli unleashed a barrage of blows – including a couple of Polish hammers. Santarelli leapfrogged Jake, who speared Jesse. Santarelli covered Jake for a two count. Santarelli springboarded off Jake’s back for a splash on Jesse for another near fall. The Gymini were down, but Santarelli paused to play to the crowd. Sherrod said he needed to capitalize. Jesse caught Santarelli with the full nelson Russian legsweep. Santarelli kicked out. Jesse went for the TKO, but Micah broke it up. Micah gave Jesse a kneelift and Santarelli followed with a spinwheel kick. Jake broke up the pin attempt with an elbow drop. Cut to ringside just in time to see Williams tackle Tracy. Catfight! Micah ran over to pull Williams off. Meanwhile, Jesse used the distraction to catch Santarelli with a small package for the three count.

Theodore Long was introduced as the special guest commentator for the main event per Vaine’s request. Sherrod gave him a genuinely warm welcome.

(4) Freakin Deacon’ beat G-Rilla in 1:12. Deacon and G-Rilla started slugging it out at ringside. The Bag Lady was along the rail cheering Deacon on. The action finally moved inside the ring, and John Cone called for the bell. Deacon went right for the Deacon Bomb, but G-Rilla planted him with a belly to belly suplex. G-Rilla softened Deacon up with a pair of elbow drops and a massive legdrop. G-Rilla picked Deacon up for the ICU, but Deacon elbowed him in the head. Moments later, it was the Deacon Bomb for the 1-2-3.

Deacon wheeled the Bag Lady out of the building in the shopping cart for a night on the town. That’s how he rolls.

The rest of Urban Assault (Cocky Siaki, Eric Perez and Afa) was in the ring with their defeated cohort. Perez and Afa helped G-Rilla to his feet. Siaki laid G-Rilla out with a superkick and they all started putting the boots to him. The ref frantically signaled for back up. A lot of good that was going to do. UA took target practice on G-Rilla’s face and covered him with Afa’s cloth.

The Inside Pulse
Closing Thoughts: G-Rilla/Deacon was fine for what is was. You gotta love the way UA ruthlessly kicked G-Rilla’s giant ass to the curb. Why would a heel group worth their salt show any patience or forgiveness? (I assume that UA losing the titles on G-Rilla’s screw up aired at the top of the hour)…So it’s strictly business between DeMott and Gymini, eh? Something tells me there’s more to this story The tag match was the longest bout on DSW in quite some time. It may have been the second longest ever behind the Knox/Neikirk 20 minute draw. Gymini, who got a babyface pop when they won the titles, were back to being heels here For me, the only heat from Kozlov’s singing is on my remote control. Though his offense, while basic, has become quite watchable Armstrong did serious old school style color commentary. No comedy whatsoever. The plus was that he was great at providing credibility to the wrestling. Referring to the Gymini as “kids” was a bit much. It’s bad enough when Ross refers to a guy in his early 30s as a youngster, but Gymini are closer to 40. It was surprising to hear Armstrong mention “belts.” I mean they’re not titles, they’re belts, but that’s not the way Vince wants it. Not long ago, one of the Majors Brothers called them “straps.” It never aired…The High Impact promo was better than it reads. They’re very innovative when it comes to avoiding the typical promo cliches This week’s dark matches Jake Hagar beat Keith Walker, Afa beat Bob Hopkins, “The Big Deal” Daniel Rodimer (w/ Brooke Adams) defeated Kofe Nahaje Kingston, David Heath beat Johnny Carter and Heath Miller & Suede beat Big Bully Douglas & Francisco Ciatso.

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