Make Movement: WWE Delivers


WWE finally makes me a happy paying customer for the Royal Rumble, and too bad we weren’t all in Dallas during RAW, catching $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar bills falling from the sky. That may have been the most placid response of getting money in the history of mankind. RAW wasn’t as good as the Rumble, but it did compliament it wel;. WWE should be proud of their efforts, the biggest surprise to me was how good John Cena versus Umaga in a Last Standing match actually was. I had little expectations for it and I was blown away as it became the match of the night before the Rumble main event match itself. I haven’t seen a crowd react so enthused for a WWE match in months. Kudos to Umaga and Cena for delivering the goods.

The Rumble match itself was good, and with the unbelievable mini-preview match with Shawn Michaels and Undertaker at the end. It’s nice to see HBK back with fire in his eyes again, but who knows if this really would have happened if Triple H hadn’t gotten injured. Even though the Rumble was in San Antonio, I think the crowd would have reacted the same way with such passion, excitement and joy with two faces and main eventing legends in our business going at it for the chance to headline WrestleMania. Now it’s going to get really good as Michaels and Cena have won the Tag Team Championships (that Orton and Edge never defended anyway), as everyone’s gunning for Cena, including the Taker. Good, quality stuff, setting up the drama until WrestleMania. I really liked the pyro/fire effect at the end, it will make for future good photos and video to promo the road to WrestleMania. I think we have a new booker, or one booker got their writer’s block kink out because the main event title picture needed a serious kick in the ass.

Speaking of kick in the ass, I believe Miz is a waste of space in the WWE and I guess he was the Pete Rose entry this year. The Test and Bobby Lashley “ECW championship match” should never be spoken of again. It is a cardinal sin to have something called ECW and it ends in a count out. Not just that, but in what world does a guy who is in a main event for his promotion match say ‘forget it’ and walk away from winning the ECW World Championship? Since Vince is appearing on ECW tonight for the “first time ever,” maybe he’ll just close the shop down.

The rising star that is Kennedy really carried Batista during their championship match. It’s disappointing to me because I have enjoyed Dave Batista’s work in the past but he’s so rusty and sloppy right now that Kennedy really proved himself to be ready.

BTW, I want to know which booker loves count outs, we got another one during RAW when Hardy got destroyed by The Great Kahli, who has been in wrestling for a year but doesn’t have enough sense to realize you can’t win the championship in a count out? It’s ridicious how TGK’s offense is punching, chopping and throwing his opponents and because of his size he can get away with it. People gave Big Show a hard time but he’s worlds better than TGK. I realize that the count out is to protect Hardy from losing and keep Kahli’s winning record going, but count outs are so dated unless it’s a real contest.

Donald Trump on RAW, not too much of a surprise, because really, no one loves publicity as much as Trump and McMahon do any way they can get it. Now who’s the face in this one? How life and reality is blurred…but I really don’t want to see Trump in the ring. We thought WWE protected K-Fed, imagine the special treatment Trump would get not to have his hair messed up.

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