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I don’t know if I’m in the minority here, but I think this season of Prison Break is doing all the 24 stuff better than 24 is doing. Not that I don’t love watching Jack torture his own family members and all the twists and turns and such, but this whole thing with the Presidential coup attempt feels like a repeat, and I suspect Morris will end up being that most cliche of 24 cliches, the mole in CTU. I’d be happy to be proved wrong, however. Still, as Deadwood showed, you can’t do much better for an evil bastard than Powers Boothe (with the exception of Major Dad, who managed to become possibly the most evil villain on TV in season 3). At any rate, Prison Break was fantastic, although it had the saddest ending of the entire series, as poor Haywire was forced to embrace suicide as an escape from his pain. Really, although he was my favorite character on the show, his storyline had reached a dead end and he was disposable. You had to feel for the poor guy, trapped on the tower and never able to reach Holland, crazy a dream as it was. I also have to admit, the fake President bit kind of floored me, as I never really suspected that it might have just been Kim playing Kellerman all along. And I think it’s kind of sweet that Kellerman is still so ridiculously in love with the President that he bought it too all the way, until his analytical nature made him realize what was happening. I really, truly, have no idea where this season is going or how they’re going to proceed at the end of it, and I think that’s a great thing, and really shows the growth of the show past the original premise. I suspect it’ll end up with Michael and Linc back in prison again, but really who knows?

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