Daily Divas, WWE Broadband, Y2J to TNA?


TNA’s David Sahadi interviewed Chris Jericho here about what he’s been up to, his future plans, and of course, whether or not he’ll ever step into a six-sided ring. His answer to the latter question? “I’ve actually been working on a five-sided design for the Rhomboid Wrestling Federation that I think is going to take off like gangbusters.”

In other news, WWE has archived all of the Daily Divas going back to October here. Enjoy!

Matt Striker’s latest Word of teh Week has been posted on ECW.com, which has added a new profile for Snitsky, taking him off of the RAW roster page (although if you want a “It wasn’t my fault!” ringtone, they’re still available through RAW’s mobile sub-section). ECW.com has also posted an early preview for next week’s TV show, pushing the new Originals vs. New Breed storyline.

Roddy Piper talked with WWE.com about his cancer recovery, and says he’ll be back in a RAW ring in the future.

WWE.com also previews the HBK/Cena Mania match, interviews Honkey Tonk Man in its “Where Are They Now?” feature, and has made several updates to its Broadband network, including a new “Un-Cut” with Gregory Helms, “Seein’ Superstars” with the guys from Jackass, “Sidesplitters” and “On My Day Off” with Booker, “Ringside Reality” about Melina’s ring entrance, “Lifestyles” with Torrie Wilson, “Rollin'” with Edge, “Sex-U” with Val Venis, “This Week in…” as well as videos and highlights from WWE programming.

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