WSX News: 29 Reruns, Jim Ross Comments & More


Jim Ross, in his latest blog entry gives his thoughts on Wrestling Society X:

I watched a little bit of WSX recently, but it was late at night as in a repeat broadcast. I thought the wrestlers worked hard but the pace of the show sort of had me scratching my head as to what I had just seen when the show ended. A slower pace would have suited me better but remember that I am not in this show’s target demo any longer either.

He also discusses his recent crazy travel schedule and talks about Vampiro, Stacy Keibler, the Bashams, John Cena and more.

The episode for WSX scheduled for Tuesday 2/20 has been pulled off the air by MTV. Pro Wrestling Insider’s Mike Johnson has reported that Episode 4 was pulled after MTV’s standards & practices department changed its mind about questionable content, which you can read about by highlighting the following text (hidden due to spoiler information): in the episode, Ricky Banderas debuts, throwing a fireball into Vampiro’s face. Despite originally approving this storyline — which comes into play throughout the rest of the season, as it is part of a major angle — MTV saw the tape and felt viewers might try to recreate the stunt. Show Producer Kevin Klinerock in a past interview with Pro Wrestling Insider admitted that MTV didn’t want light tubes used as weapons, for example, but were okay with exploding caskets — since light tubes could be used by kids in their backyards, but who has an exploding casket lying around?

Johnson also indicates that recent MTV layoffs, has led to the network re-evaluating programming strategies, including the WSX timeslot going up against ECW.

The next new episode of WSX is currently scheduled for Tuesday 2/27 at 10:30pm on MTV. reports that there will be 29 reruns of past episodes airing on the different MTV networks between now and then.

Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.