AndyWeek Part Four: Adult Content

Part four to AndyWeek, Beyond the Threshold’s week-long feature about Andy LaPlegua as he releases the new Combichrist album, What the F@#$ is Wrong With You People?, and today we’ll have some words from the man himself to share with you. Metropolis Records was kind enough to pass on some interview questions to Andy for our AndyWeek feature, and Andy took some time from tour to answer them.

What is your favorite Japanese import?
Horror movies and school girls.

What methods do you use for lyrical composition?
None really. It’s all straight from my head, also depending on the music.

Describe your diet when on the road.
Jack Daniels, ice and water.

Name at least three gear fetishes.
Apple, Gears of War on Xbox 360, and any of my Analog synths.

What is your least favorite cartoon, and why?
Dilbert, I always fall asleep trying to watch it.

If you were caught at a hamburger joint, which would it be?
Vortex, Atlanta

Do you ever seek out a non-booze high, and if you do, in what way?
Being on stage or Karate Powder, or both at the same time.

What’s the best midnight movie for a date?
Any Pirate fetish movie.

Do you ever wish you could trade places with the animals at the zoo?
I already live in the biggest zoo in the world, the U S of A.

Have you ever accosted a stranger?

Have you ever accepted bribes?
I guess I stopped complaining in return for booze a few times.

If you had your own third world island nation what would you call it, and what would be the national bird?
Andyland. And the national bird would be Angelina Jolie.

Have you ever fist-f*cked someone’s brain, and if you have, who?
There are a few people I would like to meet in an Ultimate Fighter match, but no names.

What is your preferred beverage after a brisk game of hockey?
The last time I saw a hockey game was when I was 11, so I guess it was a coke.

Name your favorite highlight of Gulf Wars I, II and III.
The nighttime bombing on TV. The fireworks reminded me of the ending of a Disney movie.

What artists today (musical or otherwise) keep your interest?
Not too many. Nashville Pussy, Turbonegro, Slayer, Vitalic and Johnny Cash are often played at home.

Do you have any hobbies to keep you occupied in your old age of incontinence and mental debility?
Auto erotica never dies.

Name your most hated beverage.
When somebody mix my JD with diet coke, or any soft drinks for that matter.

What’s your favorite venereal disease, and why?

Name other uses for the new P Diddy album.
I guess it would be good for seducing a sheep if you are farmer.

Cyborg implants: for or against, and why?
For. Computers are much more reliable than humans.

What do you hate doing the most when making an album?
Keeping a deadline.

What’s your favorite children’s book?
Was Wondershowzen ever a book? If not, American Psycho.

What’s your favorite record from your parent’s collection?
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

If music was outlawed tomorrow where would you work?
Probably in state penitentiary.

Did you have a monster in your closet? Do you now?
Yeah, all my fury jackets looks like monsters.

Locked or loaded?
Locked and loaded.

Squeeze or pinch?

Stab or shoot?

What’s the best part of touring?
Being on stage.

What disturbs you the most?

“What the f*ck IS wrong with you?”
All of the above 🙂

Tomorrow we wrap things up with the album itself. The conclusion to AndyWeek, right here at Beyond the Threshold!

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