ECW On Sci Fi 3/13/2007

“In Memory of Ernie Ladd 1939-2007”

We start off with backstage anger between Randy Orton and Edge as Randy isn’t too happy about Edge putting him in a match against Bobby Lashley. Edge assures Randy that he has his back for tonight and that he’s trustworthy.

ECW intro montage with Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” plays on.

Harry Slash’s ECW theme then plays as Joey Styles and Tazz welcome the viewer to ECW On Sci-Fi. The fans cheer as Joey and Tazz hype up the interpromotional Non-Title match between Lashley and Orton.

Battle Royal Match – The New Breed Vs The ECW Originals
Matt Striker, Kevin Thorn, Marquis Cor Von & Elijah Burke w/ Ariel Vs The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam & Sabu

We begin with a mass brawl as Originals and New Breeders fight all over the ring. Striker eliminates Sandman and Sandman appears hurt after hitting the floor. RVD saves Sabu from an elmination by Cor Von and the Originals double team Marquis (the former Monty Brown), forcing an elimination, evening the odds. Thorn sends Sabu over and out for an elmination to give the New Breeders the edge once again. We’re down to RVD and Dreamer for the Originals Vs Thorn, Burke and Striker for the New Breed. RVD cross bodies Thorn out of the ring, only for Striker to push RVD over and out. We’re now down to Striker & Burke Vs Dreamer. Some fans chant, “Tommy,” as the doubleteaming commences. Dreamer fights back, sending Burke to the mat and then eliminating Striker. We’re now down to Burke Vs Dreamer. Burke dropkicks Dreamer, but Dreamer isn’t elminated just yet. Burke goes on the offensive as Dreamer hangs on to the apron. Dreamer fights his way back into the ring. Dreamer blocks a boot and uses the momentum to elminate Burke to give the ECW Originals the win.

Winners: The ECW Originals (Lone Survivor: Tommy Dreamer)

The Originals celebrate until Mick Foley’s music hits. He makes his way to the ring and we go to break!

Back from break now as Foley addresses the ECW Originals, getting in his plug for his book and the cheap pop. He also wants to talk about WrestleMania. He brings up turning his back on Dreamer last year and admits to selling out. He’s proud of his book as the ECW Originals look on. Foley gives Dreamer his book and Dreamer drops it on purpose. Foley mentions that his pops aren’t what they used to be, but he wanted to shine the spotlight on Dreamer & Co. But now it’s about WrestleMania 23 and the match between the Originals and New Breed. Foley’s going to be in the audience and he’s going to chant, “E-C-W!” He leads the fans to chanting the letters before leaving the ring and the book. Dreamer now has the book in hand. This was perhaps Foley’s way of trying to make peace after the events of 2006.

Coming up Lashley Vs. Orton! Also, Gene Snitsky is next!

It’s now time for the Extreme Expose and the performers do their thing to a silent crowd. The performance is interrupted by Snitsky who has new music. The girls wisely run off and two jobbers, Michael Deakes and Danny Jackson get beat up.

Handicapped Match
Gene Snitsky Vs Michael Deakes & Danny Jackson

Snitsky obliterates and pins one of the victims without any foot molestation, thus showing that he may be over his foot fetish.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

Backstage, CM Punk’s in his locker room and Elijah Burke arrives to once again invite him to join the New Breed. They talk about having bad nights (Punk on a recent SmackDown, the New Breed earlier tonight). Burke brings up Punk being in the Money In The Bank and that things can help if he has the New Breed in his corner. Punk’s offered an NB t-shirt and Burke leaves. Punk slumps the shirt to the floor.

Coming up next, Lashley Vs Orton!

Back from break and celebrities weigh in on Trump Vs McMahon. Joey and Tazz mention last night’s Raw with Donald Trump shoving Mr. McMahon down, leading to a highlight package involving the contract signing, complete with Steve Austin appearance.

Bobby Lashley Vs Randy Orton

Lashley’s ECW World Heavyweight Championship is not on the line in this match. Scott Armstrong is your referee for this Main Event match on Sci Fi. Edge makes his way to the ring and stays at ringside. The match officially begins in a battle of World Champ Vs Former World Champ. Back and forth at the beginning with Orton getting the early advantage by attacking Lashley’s left leg and back. Lashley fights back moment later with a clothesline. Orton rolls out and argues with Edge as we go to break!

Back from break and it appears Orton’s going for the Lion Tamer on Lashley. Lashley does not submit as he makes his way to the ropes, forcing the break of the hold. Orton breaks the hold at the 4 count (DQ comes at 5). Orton goes on a stomping fit on Lashley, a slightly modified Garvin Stomp. Lashley struggles to his feet and fights back with some strikes and a backbody drop. Orton thumbs the eye to get the advantage and they now fight in the corner with Orton attacking Lashley’s lower back. Eventually, Orton signals for the RKO Diamondcutter, but Lashley counters by launching him towards the ropes. Edge gets in the ring about to attack, but the ref tells him to leave. Edge is then told by Referee Armstrong to leave ringside, causing Orton to go outside and argue once again with Edge as Lashley waits in the ring. Edge has a smirk on his face as he leaves. Aaaand we go to break.

Back from break and the competitors are outside, fighting. Orton has the advantage as he slams Lashley’s head against the steps. Some stomps and kicks by Orton to further inflict pain before executing a suplex on the outside. Lashley’s rolled into the ring by Orton and Orton slides in and goes for the pinfall, but is unsuccessful. Orton goes back to stomping away at the ECW World Champion. Knee Drop across the throat (or face, according to Joey) gets a 2 count. Orton with a dropkick in the corner sends Lashley back down. Orton brings Lashley to the middle of the ring and once again goes for a Boston Crab or Lion Tamer (or Walls Of Orton). Orton pushes his head against the top rope for illegal leverage. Armstrong checks and Orton lifts his head up just in time to not get caught. Eventually they wind up at the ropes and Orton goes to the 4 count until letting go of the hold. The fans begin to get restless as, “boring” chants begin to ring out, upsetting Orton. Orton misses a charge in the corner and both rest up for the final portion of the match. Lashley nails Orton with a couple of charges in the corner, followed by yet another. Backbody Drop, followed by a Boogie Woogie Man Elbowdrop, but it only gets 2. Lashley with the Human Torture Rack into a Musclebuster and that gets 2. Lashley attacks Orton in the corner and the fans continue to get restless. Davey Boy Powerslam by Lashley finally finishes as the ECW Champ gets the pinfall.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

The celebration is interrupted by an angry Mr. McMahon who is now in the middle of the aisle. Lashley and McMahon stare holes in each other as the show ends…kinda early at 11:01 PM Eastern.

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