Vince Speaks at Funeral, Lillian Injured & More


Some quick WWE notes:

– Lillian is off RAW tonight due to yet another injury. She hurt her knee skiing in Vermont over the weekend and is getting an MRI. Justin Roberts from ECW is taking her place.

– Vince McMahon spoke at Arnold Skaaland’s funeral today before RAW. Also at the funeral were Arnold’s son George, who also spoke, as well as the McMahons (and HHH), Bob Backlund, Miyako Blassie, George Napolitano, Tim White and others. The funeral took place in Westchester County NY at the Sacred Heart Church in Hartsdale.

– ECW announcer Tazz is again guest-hosting on WFNY-92.3 FM in NYC this week. He’ll be on tonight and Wednesday from 9pm to midnight ET.


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