TV Babies – Prison Break – Episode 2-20

Poor Michael Scofield. A year or so ago he was a successful engineer who was really going places. Then his estranged brother starts mixing in with the wrong crowd, and before you know it – he’s the perfect fall guy for murdering the vice president’s brother. So Michael makes the ultimate sacrifice: putting himself behind the same bars as his brother in order to break him out. Yet now, after all they have gone through together, he seems to be losing focus.

First off, he feels guilty for Sara’s current situation. Understandable, but Sara knew the risks. As for the T-Bag guilt, I’m not buying it. Leaving Lincoln on the boat to go hunt down T-Bag is just plain stupid. It’s not Michael’s fault that law enforcement is inept.

Speaking of T-Bag, he’s busy killing hookers. Is there really anyone who doesn’t think his storyline is played out? Speaking of played out, we also have Sucre and Bellick hot on his trail. Apparently, Bellick has Maricruz stashed away. What happened to his aunt then? This seems fishy in more ways than one.

Mahone continues to crack, while somehow still piecing together Scofield’s next move. This is especially impressive considering all the guys that are supposed to be working with him working against him. Much like Scofield, he’s being pulled so many different ways – he eventually has to snap. Doesn’t he?

Wheeler, the main Mahone traitor, even sets C-Note loose in exchange for information to bring Mahone down. As C-Note exits with his wife and daughter, it’s hard to believe this is the last we’ll see of him.

Side Note: Way too much of Kim, and where the hell has Kellerman been?

Our chapter concludes with the brothers getting down to Panama, boarding the Christina Rose…until Michael ditches, that is. This leaves the brothers seperated and vulnerable, while the entire rest of the cast seems to be heading for the same destination…

Next week: Sara’s trial, and a tearful Fox River reunion in lovely Panama…

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