Two More Celebs Confirmed & More Mania News


WWE today made a rumor official, announcing that William Shatner will be inducting Jerry “The King” Lawler into the WWE Hall of Fame on March 31. Shatner was part of a minor wrestling angle with Lawler a few years ago.

In other celebrity news, Pro Wrestling Insider has reported that Aretha Franklin will sing “America the Beautiful” to open up Wrestlemania 23, as she did twenty years earlier at Wrestlemania 3.

The Wrestlemania promotional juggernaut continues, as several WWE superstars have been/will be doing media interviews. Well, unless your name is Randy Orton, who was reportedly removed from some radio appearances by WWE. Wonder why…

Kenny Dykstra in this interview about Mania was asked about the recent steroids story, to which he replied: “I think they’re policing it just fine. They have a wellness program with random testing. If you fail you’re gone, if you don’t fail you’re still here. They’re definitely cracking down on it.” Vince McMahon was asked about it in Orlando after announcing the city will host next year’s Mania, and according to Pro Wrestling Insider’s account of the TV segment, was pissed off that the subject was brought up.

Kenny along with fiance Mickie James also spoke with SLAM! Wrestling about Mania, while Batista and Kennedy are the Detroit News’ two latest WWE interviewees.

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