Hitting Shelves This Week…

April 3, 2007

All That Jazz: Music Edition

Director and choreographer Bob Fosse tells his life story through the life of character Joe Gideon who is a drug-using womanizer. This edition gets the big-time musical treatment with many featurettes and special features devoted solely to the songs and dance numbers presented in the film.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, making of, “Perverting The Standards” featurette, music machine, and much more


Before Brendan Fraser was a helpless geek making a deal with the devil known as Elizabeth Hurley; it was Dudley Moore making a deal with Peter Cook. Doing everything he can to get the attention of the woman he loves, Moore soon learns that selling your soul to the devil doesn’t come without consequences.

DVD Features: Trailer, Paul Ryan show, interview with Stanley Moon and the Devil, a conversation with Harold Ramis

Black Christmas

A sorority has taken residence in a house filled with horrible legends of murder and lunacy, yet when a stranger starts haunting them with weird phone calls and the girls start dying one by one the stories now seem to be more then just legend. Get ready for a merry scary time in this remake of the 1974 original.

DVD Features: None

The Brady Bunch: The Complete Series

Follow along with Mike, Carol, all the kids, and Alice as they go through some of the craziest adventures that a meshed together family of eight can go through. A trip to Hawaii, one to the Grand Canyon, a broken nose, a house of cards, and much more are in store throughout all five seasons.

DVD Features: All 117 episodes from the entire series, The Brady 500, The Brady Kids episodes, A Very Brady Christmas

Charlotte’s Web

The live-action version of this children’s classic comes home as Wilbur the pig is scared of becoming dinner come season’s end. With the help of a barn spider named Charlotte and her miraculous web-spinning, he may end up staying right where he is.

DVD Features: Gag reel, farm photo album, deleted scenes, making of, music videos, numerous featurettes, and much more

Copying Beethoven

Ed Harris dons the wig and tickles the ivories in a fictionalized story portraying the last year of Ludwig von Beethoven’s life.

DVD Features: Audio commentary, deleted scenes, “Orchestrating” featurette

Death Of A President

A fictionalized documentary taking the viewers to years after the assassination of President George W. Bush. The documentary makers take an investigative look deep into the crime trying to solve what no-one has figured out yet.

DVD Features: None

Entourage Season 3 Part 1

Ari, Turtle, Vince, and the rest of the guys are back together again living the fast life in Los Angeles.

DVD Features: 12 episodes from the third season, audio commentary on 3 episodes, “Vegas baby, Vegas!” featurette

The Good Shepherd

A brilliant young man steps into a life of secrecy, darkness, and danger as the early years of the CIA are seen through his eyes and his thoughts. He will do anything to serve and protect his country, even if that means deceiving his family to do so.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes

Law & Order The Fifth Year

Detective Briscoe, Lieutenant Van Buren, and Detective Logan are back trying to make the streets safe as a horrible crime is committed and they do any and everything they can to solve it and bring the criminals to justice.

DVD Features: All 23 episodes from the fifth season

Mind Of Mencia Uncensored Season 2

Comedian Carlos Mencia is back for a second season on his own show filled with stand-up comedy, live interviews, and skits.

DVD Features: All 14 episodes from the second season, bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes, Mencia Minutes & Ask Carlos featurettes

The Natural: Director’s Cut

Roy Hobbs is already over the hill, but when a baseball team is struggling beyond belief they’ll take any help they can get. Roy and his mystic bat cut from a lightning struck tree step in out of nowhere and give them the spark that they were missing.

DVD Features: Video introduction and eleven featurettes all with behind the scenes looks, history, and the making of the film

Roseanne Season 7

A family right smack in an Illinois suburb goes through all the good times and bad as Roseanne and Dan try raising their three kids the right way with the help of learning the hard way or the funny way.

DVD Features: All 25 episodes from the seventh season

3 Needles

Take a look at the AIDS crisis and how it affects the lives of people throughout the world. Through three different stories set in Montreal, rural China, and a South African village; the AIDS virus spreads to those who are putting their selves at risk of it everyday and those who wouldn’t even imagine it could come near their families.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, cast interviews, theatrical trailer, “House On Fire: AIDS in America” featurette, “China AIDS Initiatve” with magic Johnson and Yao Ming featurette

Tom Goes To The Mayor: The Complete Series

In a creative bit of drawn stop-motion animation, witness the crazy life of Tom Jones after he moves to Jefferton and tries to make life better in the small town by coordinating ideas and plans with the Mayor that never quite go as planned.

DVD Features: All 30 episodes from the entire series, deleted scenes, behind the scenes, promos, episode commentaries, and more

Twin Peak Season 2

Young Laura Palmer was murdered and her body quietly washed on shore in the town of Twin Peaks, Washington. FBI Agent Dale Cooper comes in to investigate and question the townspeople to find out what happened to her. He soon realizes that Twin Peaks is not quite normal and he vows to get to the bottom of it all as the town’s dark secrets slowly leak out.

DVD Features: All 22 episodes from the second season, behind the scenes, interactive interview grid, insights from cast and crew


Two sisters living in Madrid lost their mother long ago in a fire, but their somewhat crazy aunt always speaks of her dead sister as if she was still alive. After their aunt also passes away, some odd mysteries begin to unravel about a past that may not be exactly as they know it.

DVD Features: None