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So season two of Prison Break comes to an end, and it’s almost like the punchline of a joke in a way. If season one ended with them breaking out of prison, then naturally season two should end with everyone getting thrown back INTO prison again. So for those keeping track, here’s where we stand at the end of the season: Michael, T-Bag, Alex Mahone and Bellick are all in a Panamanian prison. Linc and Sara are free and also in Panama. Sucre is half-dead and still a fugitive with a missing girlfriend. Kellerman is apparently dead, gunned down after testifying. Harry Kim is also dead, killed by Sara. Which means that we need a whole new conspiracy to propel the third season, and certainly the mysterious scientists at the end of the episode seem to be providing that. Overall, I thought the conclusion wasn’t enough of a CONCLUSION, but I guess that’s par for the course in a serial drama like this. I almost would have preferred closure and then a whole new set of characters next year, with a different premise entirely, because really everyone is dead or back in prison at this point. However, that being said, the second season was vastly superior to the first as an overall story, and really had a sense of openness that was missing from the claustrophobic first season.

24 showed that it’s still got some shocks left in it as well, namely Wayne Palmer not being a huge pussy like he’s been all season. It’s about time someone nuked that unnamed middle Eastern country! If there’s anything that this show has taught us, it’s that violence is only solved by more violence. And possibly torture. Good for Wayne. Jack, meanwhile, gets outsmarted by the crazy Russian, who is actually crazy enough to cut off his own arm to get rid of a transmitter, but apparently dropped dead under the boardwalk. I wonder if we’ll ever find out if he died or not, or if it’ll just be like President Traitor where they totally ignore him for the rest of the season. Although it was a good, super-tense show, there were two major faults with it:

1) We didn’t SEE the arm getting cut off.
2) There wasn’t enough Chloe.

Other than that, solid stuff this week.

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Sir Linksalot: 24

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