More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks – Resolution: Week 8

Someone, I think it was Cameron Giles, once questioned Shawn Carter’s integrity by asking, “Where’s Sauce Money at?”

Sadly, after listening to Sauce Money’s Middle Finger U the question is answered; Sauce faded into obscurity for just cause, which is ironic because the guy is so cocky.

This album is the definition of mediocre. If this album were sushi, it’d the California roll; it’s so unimpressive that in the end you’re left with nothing. It’s really a sad affair.

The album is an eye-opening affair. First off, while, Sauce Money hailed from the Marcy Projects, just like Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek, he’s slightly disappointing. It’s clear upon listening to this album that Jay is the exception and Bleek and Sauce are the rule.

It’s also obvious that Diddy’s stunted, stilted flow on “I’ll Be Missing You” didn’t come from the performer but rather from Sauce, who wrote the song. And that’s the best way to describe the album; imagine listening to Puff’s flow from that single, on 18 tracks, every song.

What’s worse is that Sauce fancies himself as witty, which means punchlines galore. Sadly, this album has been ravaged by time. I mean, the guy makes reference to “bitter beer face.” Like I said, it’s a sad affair.

I’m really trying to think of a redeeming aspect of the album. The beats are adequate, but nothing too impressive (though it’s always good to hear a sample of Frank Stallone’s classic “Far From Over”, used on “For My Hustlaz”). The guests are equally touch and go; for every Puff Daddy and Jay-Z there’s a Bam Bus and Maverick.

Clearly this album didn’t get that much burn from me because it wasn’t deserving. Even by 2000 standards this album was wack. Even by 2007 “I’m dying to hear some hip-hop” standards this album disappoints.