Shia LaBeouf Finally Confirmed For Indiana Jones 4

Credit: USA Today

After months and months of denying all the rumors that he would be a part of the whip-wielder’s fourth film, young Shia LaBeouf finally confirms that he will be a part of Indiana Jones 4 alongside Harrison Ford.

Up until about two weeks ago, it was little more than a rumor,” LaBaeouf says. “Literally, when I was saying, ‘I don’t know anything,’ I didn’t know anything. It was an act of faith. I have not read a script. I don’t think anybody has.

The plot for the film has been kept under tight wraps by both George Lucas and Steve Spielberg as they want nothing to be leaked out before the film’s aimed May 22, 2008 release. That is, unless they leak it themselves.

Lucas looks at you and says simply, ‘I can’t tell you that,’ ” LaBeouf conitnues. “Then when he thinks he is supposed to tell you something but isn’t sure, he gets up and leaves the room, goes in to talk with Spielberg and comes back and says, ‘Nope. Sorry.’

LaBeouf has confirmed that he will not be “Short Round” who tagged along with Indiana Jones in The Temple Of Doom. He does think that he’ll be a sidekick of some sort though with many jokes played at his expense.

LaBeouf can be seen in this summer’s upcoming Transformers and Disturbia which is being released today.