TNA Spoilers for April 19 and 26, 2007

Impact Spoilers for 4/19 Episode

*Mike Tenay is in the ring and he brings Jeff Jarrett out for an interview. Tenay talks about the guitar shot on Abyss and wonders what happened to Jarrett over the last six months. Jarrett said he appreciates the warm reception from the crowd. He explains why he let Sting take the title match at Sacrifice, saying he had time to reflect on everything and realized he needed to change because things don’t always need to revolve around the King of the Mountain. He says it’s time for him to give back the way Sting has given back during his time in TNA. Jarrett says their career have paralleled for the last 20 years. Jarrett said there are three steps towards giving back to wrestling – the first step was Impact last week, the second step was the Lethal Lockdown, and step three will shock everyone.

Kurt Angle came to the ring and asked Jarrett if he came back to TNA to make things right. Angle said he was ridiculed by everyone for having Jarrett on his team for the Lethal Lockdown. He said he put everything on the line to have Jarrett on the team and then Jarrett goes and hands Sting a NWA title match. Jarrett says that he will be putting things right between he and Angle like he did he and Sting and the business is all about timing. Angle says that it’s not the right time. Jarrett says that perhaps Angle should be talking to Sting then.

Sting comes to the ring and asks if Angle with the way Sting got the title match or just a problem with Sting overall. He says that he’s been dealing with Abyss the last few month and points out that Angle has been acting like he’s the leader among the wrestler, but Angle’s only been wrestling for 10 years compared to Sting’s 20 years. He said that people like Sting and Jarrett paved the way in the business. He said that without people like them, Angle would be a gold medal winning gym teacher. Sting says that problems should be solved in the middle of the ring and challenges Angle to meet him next week on Impact, putting the Sacrifice title match on the line.

*Robert Roode defeated Chris Harris. Before the match, Harris and Gail Kim come to the ring. Jackie Moore attacks Kim and they brawl through the crowd. James Storm comes out and watches the match. Harris had the match won but Ms. Brooks pulled the referee out of the ring. As the referee and Harris were distracted by Brooks and Storm, Roode nailed Harris with the handcuffs he usually brings to the ring and pinned him. After the match, Roode and Tracy Brooks argue on the floor. Young pushes Brooks down. Roode slapped Eric and teased fighting in the ring. Roode says that he’s tired of Young making a fool out of him and asks Young how it felt watching Roode beat up his “friend” at Lockdown. Young says that Petey wasn’t the friend he met. Roode says Young has seven days to tell him who the “friend” is or he’s fired.

*Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe, AJ Styles and Rhino in a Four Way after Daniels struck Rhino. Rhino went for the Gore but Daniels hit him with a bat and pinned him. Four minute match.

*LAX comes out to the announcing table for the next match.

*NWA Tag Team champions Team 3D defeated Christian Cage and Abyss in their first title defense after a 3D clean on Abyss. After the match, Cage was browbeating Abyss. Abyss grabbed him for a chokeslam. Mitchell demands Abyss let Cage go. Abyss teases Shock Treatment but Mitchell again tells him to release the hold. Mitchell finally strikes Abyss. Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, and Tomko all attack Abyss. Abyss begins fighting back. Mitchell tries to “call the authorities” about Abyss’ mother, but Abyss slams the phone out of his hand and hits him with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss goes outside the ring to retrieve thumbtack, which gives Cage’s team a chance to recover and attack Abyss. Cage nails Abyss with a chair, busting him. It was a gusher. Everyone took turns nailing Abyss with a chair. Styles gets a barbed wire bat from under the ring and they use it on Abyss. They put the barbed wire against Abyss’s head, then drilled him with a conchairto. They left Abyss destroyed and he was treated by medical staff.

Xplosion/TNA Today Match

*Jerry Lynn pinned Havoc with a cradle piledriver.

Impact Spoilers for 4/26 Episode

*In a segment taped earlier (after the four-way match), Robert Roode demands to know who Eric Young’s friend is. Young says that Roode has everything and all Young has is professional wrestling. He tells Roode that he can fire him because he won’t break his word. Roode demands to know who the friend is again. Young punches Roode. Ms. Brooks attacks Young from behind, so she gets a powerbomb for her troubles. Roode attacks Young with a chair, busting him open. Roode goes to handcuff Young and demands to know who the friend is. Jeff Jarrett hits the ring and brawls with Roode. Brooks tries to low blow Jarrett, but he blocks it. Jarrett clobbers her with the guitar, which the place goes nuts for.

*The first-ever Sting vs. Kurt Angle match went to a double disqualification when Team Cage attacked both at about 3:13. Cage attacked Angle with a chair while Steiner locked the Steiner Recliner on the floor on Sting. Tomko and Styles held Angle against the ropes as Cage beat him with a chair. They drilled Angle with a DDT on the chair. Sting hit the ring with a chair, running off Team Cage. They put Angle in a neckbrace and he did a stretcher job.

*In a “Sabin Suicide Stampede”, where the winning team would get an X-Division title shot in a Three-Way bout against Sabin at Sacrifice, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt defeated Jerry Lynn & Petey Williams, Senshi & Shark Boy, and Alex Shelley & Kaz. Sabin came out to watch from ringside. Lethal pinned Kaz with the top rope elbowdrop. Kevin Nash came to the ring to congratulate them, but Dutt walked off when Nash entered the ring.

*Dave Penzer announces that because of what happened tonight, NWA champion Christian Cage would defend against Sting tonight with the stipulation that if any member of Team Cage interferes, Cage would be DQ’d and Sting would win the title.

*LAX came back out to the announce table.

*NWA Tag Team champions Team 3D defeated Tomko and Scott Steiner. Hernandez pulled the ropes down on Tomko, who crashed out of the ring. Homicide tried to hit a hurrancanrana off the top on Tomko but was caught. The angle appeared to be LAX didn’t want 3D to lose the belts to anyone but them. After the match, Homicide and Hernandez brawled with Steiner and Tomko.

*NWA champion Christian Cage defeated Sting by DQ. Angle returns in the neckbrace and attacks Cage, getting Sting DQ’d. He gives Cage an Angleslam. Tomko, Styles, and Steiner come out and pull Cage out of the ring. Sting hits Angle with a bat, leaving him laying and walks out.

Xplosion/TNA Today Match

*Alex Shelley & TNA X-Division champion Chris Sabin defeated Senshi & Petey Williams. Best match of the night, taped before the 4/26 Impact main event.

Notes: Sean Waltman was in attendance…the next taping is Monday, 4/30.

Credit: & Richard Trionfo


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