The Latest on Hulk Hogan, Lita, WSX, Booker & More

Hulk Hogan recently told US Magazine that he’s happily married, despite rumors to the contrary. Speaking of Hogan, in an interview with the Memphis Flyer, he kayfabe complains that Lawler “broke his word to me,” while Lawler says that “it’s a shame, because that kind of reality is what makes for the best storylines in wrestling. When you have something reality-based that has a personal side to it, you can get the fans’ interest much better than you can with ‘Hey, here’s two guys wrestling for a championship belt’… I suppose I could get all mad and quit [kidding] … but I’m on the top-rated show on USA. And I can have that job for the rest of my life if I want it.”

In other news:

– reports that WWE will air RAW live and tape ECW on 8/13 in Madison Square Garden, in what has become a rare event at the World’s Most Famous Arena.

– Amy Dumas, according to, is hosting a punk rock radio show sundays at 9pm ET called PunkRockalypse, which can be listened to at

– WWE has announced its upcoming corporate conference call and it’s also been announced that WWE Board member Robert Bowman has joined the board for video game maker Take Two.

– According to, OVW’s Paul Burchill and Milena Roucka were backstage at the TV tapings recently, but didn’t appear on RAW, ECW or Smackdown. In other developmental news, Deep South Wrestling’s Jon Bolen and James Rogers were released a few weeks ago, prior to WWE and DSW cutting ties.

– According to, Booker T’s knee injuries will keep him out of action for approximately two months.

– Also from RAW announcers Todd Grisham and Max Bretos will be part of Fox Soccer Channel’s “Major League Soccer Saturday,” with Grisham hosting and Bretos doing play-by-play for around 31 games per season. Bretos’ background is with Fox Soccer Channel.

– As recently as a few weeks ago, WSX was airing on MTV TR3S at 5:30 on Wednesdays, with repeats at 12, 12:30 and 5pm ET.

– Chris “Kanyon” Klucsaritis announced April 5 on his MySpace page that he was retiring from pro wrestling effective immediately. That day was the 15th anniversary of his pro debut on April 5, 1992 in Levittown, NY.

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