D2 Review – Dancing with the Stars Ob-La Di, Ob- La -Da life goes on

This season of Dancing is filled with well, fillers. A lot of performances, behind the scenes footage, and Jimmy Kimmel’s great dance lessons with Guillermo the security guard. Which, is the best addition to this season, besides watching how cute Apolo and Julianne are. Oh, which reminds me, next season look out for Julianne’s brother to be a new addition to the professional male dancer side. They are the cutest brother and sister team since Eric & Julia Roberts ew, bad example how ‘bout Donny & Marie.

Heather’s plight to win over the American public certainly worked. She showed personality and humility and a hell of a lot of effort. Not to mention going back and forth to see her daughter. I can only imagine what that flight must’ve been like going to London from LA and back in a week while learning the paso doble. She probably had Evita’s ancestors come to the house and give her pointers. I love how at the end during her “Oscar’s speech” she said that the dancers are out of work when they’re kicked off the show so she’s going to get Jonathan some work. You know that when he heard that he was stoked that he ended up with Heather. Then again, Laila’s gotta have some of that daddy cash, and Joey being in N’Sync? Gimme a break, he’s loaded Cliff probably tucked some away Billy Ray unless Hannah Montana’s got lunchboxes and coloring books he po’, Ian probably spent it all on hookers after his split with Nikki, and Apolo’s just an Olympian. So, yeah, Jonathan’s stoked.

As usual the top 3, Laila Ali, Joey Fatone and Apolo Anton Ohno were stellar. Ian’s slip sliding away. I seriously think he’s losing a lot of fanbase. He comes across as too serious to win this thing and looks like he’s having about as much fun as Boy George and Naomi Campbell doing community service. Cliff Clavin I gotta stop calling him that. He has done other things had a pretty good voice over career thanks to Pixar and he’s got his own show on the Travel Channel anyway, Cliff did really well. He’s cute and somewhat resembles Emmitt Smith’s personality of having fun with the dances. However, he’s turned into “Senior bottom 2” lately. Now, what I don’t understand is the whole Billy Ray Cyrus thing. He’s HORRIBLE. And Karina is so pissed that she got him. She had to know she wasn’t destined to be holding up a disco ball trophy at the end of the show when she pulled his name out of the hat. He’s got more left feet than Heather Mills!

Next week, I predict Billy Ray and Cliff in the bottom 2 with Cliff going home. Apolo will have the best scores of the night unless Kym brings out some kick ass choreography and Joey shines. And Ian will be wearing pants higher than Mischa Barton’s horrible new look.

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