Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 Opening Early

Credit: Variety

Due to the huge success of Spider-Man 3 at the box office, Disney has moved the opening date of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End to the evening hours of Thursday, May 24.

Spidey 3 shattered box office records this past weekend as it opened to $151 million domestically. That includes some midnight showings and overnight showings as well in the total.

Disney is looking to take top spot, not only at the box office for the week but all-time. Pirates 3 will now open at 8PM EST on May 24 to theatres that will accept the early showing. With an already expected huge amount of success, the film is opening on Memorial Day weekend which will make for big payoffs. Throw in the early openings and the film could overtake the record that the web-slinger took from the second film in the Pirates series set just last year.

Make sure to check with your local theatres soon if you wish to catch the earlier showings.