Rasslin Roundtable: TNA Sacrifice

Rasslin’ Roundtable: TNA Sacrifice

NWA World Heavyweight title
Christian Cage (c) vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Kace Evers: All 3 beat the crap out of each other, with Christian using a moment of indiscretion between Angle and Sting to his advantage for the win.
Winner: Christian Cage

Danny Cox: As much as I’d like to see Angle hold the strap, for some reason I feel that just won’t happen. They’re going to hold off on that a bit more and let the “dream feud” of Angle and Sting last a while before letting Kurt finally snag it over an “icon.”
Winner and NEW Champ – Sting

Pulse Glazer: This type of match, in kayfabe, gives the champion a greater chance to lose since he can win without being pinned. In practice the champion usually wins these because there can be miscommunication preventing the opponents from looking weak and allowing for rematches. In this case, Cage will likely retain through trickery, leading to a Sting-Angle feud.
Winner- Christian

Vinny Truncellito: The triple -threat stipulation allows for unusual things to happen involving, or not involving, the defending champion. In this case, I picture Angle and Sting’s issues clouding their judgment while the opportunist known as Christian Cage escapes with his title intact. This will lead to the inevitable showdown between Angle and Sting, of course.
Winner – Somehow Christian retains (count-out/DQ)

Eric Szulczewski: This has become Angle versus Sting, with Christian as a mildly interested (and peeved) observer. For those of you who think there’ll be a title change, look at the calendar. What’s next month? Oh, yeah, Slammiversary and King of the Mountain. They’ll reserve any title change for there.
Winner – Christian

David Brashear: Take a good look at this match. Here are most of your competitors for King of the Mountain next month (Jarrett’s another lock). Christian retains. No question here.
Winner – Christian

Widro: it’s tough to tell where this is headed, and i could see anyone winning. i’ll go with my fave.
Winner – Christian

NWA World Tag Team titles
Team 3D (c) vs. LAX vs. Tomko/Scott Steiner

Danny Cox: Oh look, let’s throw in ummm Tomko and yes, Steiner so we don’t have the EXACT same match for the thirty-sixth PPV in a row.
Winners and STILL Champs – Team 3-D, screw it let’s retire!

Pulse Glazer: Two triple threats at the top of the card is strange and the stiff to acceptable worker ratio is badly in favor of the stiffs with only Homicide a real plus in the ring at this point in his career. In all likelihood, LAX steals the win then ducks out of the way so the Dudleyz can feud with Tomko and Steiner.
Winner – LAX

Vinny Truncellito: The Pump brothers are a non-factor in the title scene, so this is nothing more than yet another thinly-veiled rematch between 3-D and LAX. I figure 3-D snagged the belts when they did, before the NWA lineage was forced to change, and they can always regain them at a later date, when they’re known as the “TNA Tag Team Championships”. It’d add one more title to their long list. That being said, LAX takes back the straps here.
Winner – LAX

Eric Szulczewski: No way in hell the Dudleys lose their first title defense. This becomes critically important with the NWA pulling their titles away from TNA “any day now”, and they’ll need the Dudz to give some cred to the new TNA tag titles (and add to their list of accomplishments). The surprise in this match might be a Tomko face turn. The ‘tards at the Impact Zone have shown themselves to be perfectly willing to cheer Tomko.
Winners – the ex-Dudleys

David Brashear: So TNA cuts a perfectly good tag team in the Naturals loose and then three days later presents the Dudleys vs. LAX again. Brilliant. Anyway, I’m going to say that LAX takes the belts from the super-stale Dudleys to give us a title change of some sort before Slammiversary.
Winners – LAX

Kace Evers: Nobody’s interested in Scott and Tyson winning the belts. Therefore…they’ll win just to spite us.
Winners: Scott Steiner & Tomko

Widro: I’m tired of the Dudleyz. I could see Steiner/Tomko losing to set up Scott bringing in his brother. I think 3D retains and we could see a double turn with LAX.
Winners: Team 3D

TNA X-Division title
Chris Sabin (c) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt

Pulse Glazer: They badly want people to take Lethal and Dutt seriously, but Nash turned them into worse jokes than they were already becoming under the previous regime. Lethal might win due to his strange push, but he can feud with Dutt without the title and Sabin’s the best regular X-Division worker they seem willing to push (sorry Ki and Aries).
Winner – Sabin

Vinny Truncellito: Bad blood between Macho and Dutt leads to Sabin retaining, and the feud between Lethal and Dutt can start proper.
Winner – Sabin

Eric Szulczewski: It’s another title match where the title holder is playing second fiddle to an angle. If they’re going to do something with Lethal’s gimmick, they’ve got to do it now. He can hold the title for a while, then drop it to Van Dam when he comes in.
Winner and New Champion – Jay Lethal

David Brashear: TNA needs to figure something out to do with the X title. Sabin has had a four month run now and there has been nothing to make this reign really stand out. I think Lethal will win (accidentally screwing Dutt out of the belt in the process), and away that feud goes.
Winner – Jay Lethal

Kace Evers: Dutt loses, blames Lethal for whatever reason and snaps on him. Chris Sabin continues his paycheck inducing title reign while looking bored and uninspired…which probably means he’ll lose the title on free TV at the next tapings, just to spite the PPV buyers. And he’ll lose the belt to Shark Boy. Why? Because Shark Boy’s due, dammit!
Winner: Chris Sabin

Danny Cox: Match of yon night! There will be a bit of dissention between Lethal and Dutt leading to bad blood all around and no-one liking anyone. Sabin is fantastic and I’d love seeing him hold onto the title forever, but Lethal as Savage is straight up GOLD! And besides the killer gimmick, Lethal has deserved the title since before he even had his TNA Title shot at Jarrett LONG ago.
Winner and NEW Champ – Black Savage

Widro: I have a feeling Nash will play a part in confusing one or both of his men, leading to Sabin getting the win. It’s also possible Nash just turns on them and is aligned with Sabin and Shelley.
Winner – Sabin

Texas Death Match
Chris Harris vs. James Storm

Vinny Truncellito: The Wildcat is due for a measure of revenge, and I think he’ll clobber the Tennessee Cowboy here and move on.
Winner – Chris Harris

Eric Szulczewski: Yeah, we know the deal. They beat the crap out of each other, Jackie and Gail help, blah blah blah. Just end this damn angle and reunite them a few months from now. These singles pushes aren’t working for either of them.
Winner – Chris Harris

David Brashear: This is bound to be the blowoff match. Harris wins, end of feud, thanks for coming.
Winner – Chris Harris

Kace Evers: America’s Most Wanted is still in the midst of exploding, I see. Both guys hit the Chris Adams Superkick and the match ends in a draw. Alright, alright, I’ll pick a winner…er…that guy.
Winner: James Storm

Danny Cox: Do we care? I can never remember who is who anyway!
Winner – The one that used to have the eye patch not the drunk one!

Pulse Glazer: Can I be honest here? I don’t care. This has been booked so badly, I really don’t care. This will suck. They hid each other’s weaknesses as a team and suck solo. What a waste.
Winner – Harris

Widro: This feuds seems to have lost a lot of steam, and this should be the end of it.
Winner – Harris

Christopher Daniels vs. Rhino

Eric Szulczewski: If TNA pulled Daniels out of ROH shows (and remember that this happened before the PPV announcement), there’s got to be a reason. I have a feeling that the rematch here will be a qualifying match for King of the Mountain.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

David Brashear: As much as TNA’s booking doesn’t make sense at times, you’ve got to like how they almost never give Rhino a defining win, yet still manage to get those rare wins to keep him as a credible threat. Having said that, Daniels is just getting a new gimmick going, so
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Kace Evers: Daniels is rewarded for leaving ROH by jobbing to Rhino, just for spite.
Winner: Rhino

Danny Cox: Another match that could be pretty good, but why is it happening? Because Daniels has randomly run out once or twice during a match? I mean there has been no other interaction at all. Meh.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Pulse Glazer: And we finally welcome Daniels to the top of the card with this one. I hate to say it, but he fits in better here than ROH where he tended to wrestle the same match over and over again of late. Hopefully this push reignites his passion. He won’t lose to Rhino while being built to pursue Sting, so this should be good, but a foregone conclusion.
Winner – Daniels

Vinny Truncellito: None of Daniels’ new gimmick and Sting-worship amounts to much if he loses to perennial also-ran Rhino here.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Widro: Daniels is getting a push towards a Sting match, and Rhino is floating without much direction.
Winner – Christopher Daniels

Jeff Jarrett vs. Robert Roode

David Brashear: Let’s face it. Jeff Jarrett just made his triumphant return as a face. Roode has no chance.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Kace Evers: Jeff Jarrett wins, sheds a tear here and there and then promptly obliterates Eric Young for shits and giggles.
Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Danny Cox: I don’t like Jarrett as a face and doubt it will last long. I will admit though that this is the first time I have ever seen an underling rise up to stand up to their boss and not be the person to get first shot at them. This match would have been like having Piper face Dibiase long ago instead of Virgil, which makes no sense. This should be Eric Young against Roode.
Winner – Jarrett duh!

Pulse Glazer: The guy who books the company and rarely loses won’t be losing to Robert Roode of all people.
Winner – JJ

Vinny Truncellito: Jarrett has come back as a strong face, so the readily-apparent booking in this one seems to indicate the King of the Mountain destroys Roode. However there are two factors to consider. Are they going to actually feud? If so, Roode steals a victory with the help of his Chief Executive Offender. Is Vince Russo still booking for TNA? Yes is his. Therefore the obvious booking solution is the least likely to develop.
Winner – Robert Roode

Eric Szulczewski: Jarrett’s face credentials have to be solidified, and Roode is the sacrificial victim. I wonder how far they’ll actually take this. Will they have Traci defect to Jarrett’s side? Jarrett’s worked pretty well with valets in the past, and it’d certainly make a point.
Winner – Jeff Jarrett

Widro: I like how TNA lists this match second from the top.
Winner – JJ

Voodoo Kin Mafia vs. Doug Basham & Damaja

Kace Evers: Some feuds are long and interesting. This one’s just long.
Winner: Voodoo Kin Mafia

Danny Cox: So is Hemme the new Shaniqua?
Winner – Bashams

Pulse Glazer: VKM should be heels for this and… you know what. This is just gross. Terrible execution all around. VKM seem to have some dirty pictures of JJ so they’ll win blowing off this farce.
Winners – VKM

Vinny Truncellito: This thing needs to end, and if the former Bashams are coming in to TNA full time, they shouldn’t come in with a first-match loss to the former Outlaws.
Winners – Basham and Damaja

Eric Szulczewski: Every month, we’ve been saying that Christy’s team will be the Bashams and they’ll win this match. Now it’s pretty certain that it will be, and it’s still pretty certain that they’d win this match. In fact, at this point, given the degradation of this angle, they have to.
Winners – the Bashams

David Brashear: While I hate to say it, I can see VKM pulling out the win in the blowoff match. This, however, ain’t it.
Winners – Bashams

Widro: Tenay’s reaction to the Bashams, like they were the Outsiders “you know who they are!”. Really?
Winner – Basham and Damaja

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

Danny Cox: This could also possibly be the match of the night, but again I don’t see the point of it. Joe should be in the title picture without a doubt, and AJ should too for that matter. The only reason these two are fighting is because they are involved in two factions that are feuding, but it’s not like they have been facing off one-on-one or anything. Good match, but strictly filler.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Pulse Glazer: This is the major reason to get the show. They hit about ****1/2 stars in both their previous TNA meetings and hit about that in ROH as well. This will be fantastic and Joe, who is hopefully still being protected, should win. This being TNA, I’ll pick AJ.
Winner – AJ

Vinny Truncellito: Where the hell did this match come from? I assume Joe gets the duke over the suddenly-cowardly and goofy former double triple-crown winner, keeping the Samoan Submission Machine hot for a possible rise back to the main event.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Eric Szulczewski: Remember the days when this would be the main event and an automatic MOTYC? Yeah, that was way, way back in 2006. Now they’re an undercard attraction, A. J. has become a peevish little bitch, and Joe looks like he’s continually constipated. You want a good summary of Vince Russo’s crimes against wrestling, this is it.
Winner – Samoa Joe

David Brashear: This is going to definitely be one of the main reasons to get this show. I can already see a great match coming together here.
Winner – Samoa Joe

Kace Evers: Your reason to buy the PPV right here, if you’re gonna actually do so. The real Winner here’ll be the fans, as long as these guys are allowed to go balls out. After the match, Nora Greenwald’ll make her return to wrestling by running in and beating up both guys, shortly before being Twanged by Jeff Jarrett. Because he’s Jeff Jarrett.
Winner: Samoa Joe

Widro: This is going to be awesome, and it’s a shame it’s such a throwaway.
Winner – Joe

Tiger Mask vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Low Ki vs. Alex Shelley

Pulse Glazer: I haven’t seen much of the new Tiger Mask, but all reports are he’s the best at the roll since the original. If that’s the case this is reason 1.A to get the show. If Ki and Shelley are motivated at all and they get time, this steals the show. I’d buy a 30$ Pay Per View for Ki and Mask 1 on 1.
Winner – Tiger Mask

Vinny Truncellito: I think Senshi’s due for a big win in this one, but it’s tough to count Alex Shelley out of anything. In fact
Winner – Alex Shelley

Eric Szulczewski: Yeah, but it’s not any of the good Tiger Masks, is it, so who cares? It’ll be a good match, but totally inconsequential. In matches where there’s nothing at stake, that’s when they push Shelley or Low Ki, so one of them will win it. I’ll give it to Low Ki on basic principle.
Winner – Low Ki

David Brashear: If Tiger Mask was going to be hanging around for a while, I’d say that he would pull out the win here. While he just dropped the NWA World Junior Heavyweight belt to Mike Quackenbush a couple of days ago, I still don’t think that he’s going to be a regular. That just asks which one of the other three regulars will get the win
Winner – Low Ki

Kace Evers: Tiger Mask is revealed to be a real tiger in a mask, devouring Mr. JL and Alex. The tiger however still submits to the Artist Formerly Known As Low Ki, because he’s that much of a badass.
Winner: Senshi

Ben Morse: Flights from Japan are expensive, but I figure a homegrown talent who’s actually sticking around goes over here.
Winner – Shelley

Danny Cox: Notice how all my possible MOTNs have X-division stars in it? Yeah, there’s a reason for that. I know that the person I want to win this match won’t and that’s Alex Shelley. But I’m going to go against my gut and say he will. Tiger Mask probably won’t be around long and Low Ki has been buried beyond belief. Jerry “I Put Over People” Lynn is out there for only that reason. I don’t understand why Shelley is so far down the card and should be feuding with Sabin right now over the damn X-Title.
Winner – Alex Shelley
Widro: Should be a nice spotfest.
Winner – Tiger Mask