Notes on, Changing Plans, MVP & More seems set to get another change of direction now that Stephanie McMahon is overseeing it. She and Triple H are of the opinion that the site should be used to shift merchandise and further storylines, while Shane McMahon had wanted it to deliver real news as pretending that wrestling was real when all other wrestling websites did not made into a laughing stock. Kevin Dunn, who formerly ran the site, remains in charge of it in regards to business matters but Stephanie is in charge of the creative side and can block content she deems harmful to characters or storylines. Michael Cole remains in charge of day-to-day operations. Many are taking this as another sign that Vince McMahon wants Stephanie to take over from him in the future, leaving the more personable Shane to attend meetings and represent the company to the public rather than making business decisions.

The Dalton Brothers gimmick may wind up being scrapped before they actually get a chance to do anything in-ring on-camera.

Teddy Long has been told he is going to remain the Smackdown General Manager after all. Vince is intent on using Vickie Guerrero as a TV character but she would not be able to work the house show schedule that Long does, where he does a great job of interacting with fans and doing the necessary PR tasks well.

There has been some very tentative talk about bringing back Paul Heyman as a TV character again. It’s still an exceptionally long shot but stranger things have happened.

The Wrestling Observer says that Montel Vontavious Porter’s costume conceals the Malcolm X tattoo on his chest that WWE wants covered up. His birth name was Alvin Burk but he took the name Hasaan Asaad when he became a Muslim whilst in prison, though reportedly he doesn’t mention his religion much at all nowadays.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 4th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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