Goldust’s Big Opportunity, Edge’s Status, Draft News & More

Dave Meltzer says WWE had considered doing a draft lottery after WrestleMania 23 but there was no serious talk of going through with it until the recent injuries to The Undertaker and Ken Kennedy. However, the idea was dropped when it was decided to simply send Edge to Smackdown. It was Shawn Michaels’ injury that finally convinced them to go ahead with the draft, since Raw’s talent pool was too shallow for their liking. At the moment the only move that seems close to being probable is sending Chris Benoit to Raw to give John Cena some support. Michaels is tentatively slated to return in time for Survivor Series.

According to Dave Meltzer, the idea behind Edge’s current status on Smackdown is to promote him as an all-time great, figuring that if something is said enough times then it becomes true in the minds of the fans.

It seems that Brian Gerwitz had drawn up a contract for Dustin Runnels to return full-time as Goldust. They were planning for him to be a major heel on Raw who would help to get Santino Marella over, with the possibility of Goldust working with John Cena or Triple H later in the year if he was sufficiently over. This all stemmed from the good reaction he received at the Hall of Fame whilst inducting Dusty Rhodes. However, as he pulled out of a planned Saturday Night’s Main Event appearance due to a back injury these plans have been nixed. Goldust was to have teamed with Kane, Kamala and Shannon Moore to take on Umaga, Viscera, Doink and Kevin Thorn. Vince McMahon got mad when he heard that Dustin had pulled out and refused to bother getting any other non-contracted workers for the show, which affected Kamala. Dustin had agreed to appear on the 25th May but then cancelled on the 28th, citing chronic back pain and a prior booking.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 4th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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