News On WWE Writers, Sid Vicious & John Cena

Remember the three new writers Stephanie McMahon hired a few weeks ago? Two of them are gone already. One, Ric Garni, was a long-time fan and sports broadcaster, who came from the Carolinas and was a big Ric Flair fan, yet according to Meltzer he ‘didn’t fit in well.’ Another, George Wellingford, embarrassed himself with a stunning lack of knowledge. At the end of a recent Raw taping he went around saying goodbye to people, telling them ‘see you tomorrow at Raw’, indicating that he didn’t know when Smackdown was taped, didn’t know most of the Raw people wouldn’t be there, and didn’t even know that he was currently at Raw.

Dave Kapoor, a.k.a. that little fella Khali hangs with, now has a performer contract in addition to his creative team contract. Christopher DeJosephs, a.k.a. fat naked oily guy, also has a dual contract, as did/does Paul Heyman. Obviously there are benefits to be had from getting two contracts, so don’t be too surprised if more members of the creative team attempt to make characters for themselves.

Sid Vicious, now 46 years of age, is said to be back in shape and looking for another WWE run…

John Cena made an appearance at the Chaotic Wrestling show in Byfield, MA, a benefit event to raise money for the local police force and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving group. His brother Dan is an officer and was injured by a drunk driver, while his father works as a heel manager named Johnny Fabulous for the promotion. Ironically, the show was held in a place called Triton High School, while Cena’s character in The Marine was called John Triton. Cena was the referee for the main event of local champion Brian Milonas vs Rick Fuller. Cena took a ref bump and none other than Vince McMahon ran in to attack Fuller. Cena recovered and gave Vince an F-U, then Vince jumped in a car and drove off. Huh.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 11th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)