The Unveiling Of The Batcycle/Batpod

Credit: Superherohype

Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight is showing a few more toys for the caped crusader to play with.

The Batpod which can be seen here, looks a lot different then what fans of the comic book hero may remember, but that should be expected after all since Nolan’s telling of the tale is more origin then modern day.

The sequel to Nolan’s Batman Begins will have Bruce Wayne donning the cape and cowl to fight crime in Gotham as new villains are set to cause havoc. The Joker and Harvey Dent/Two-Face are both scheduled to take to the streets in order to stop Batman.

The Today Show also had a the Batpod featured on their show yesterday morning. A much better look at the vehicle in the daylight can be seen in the video

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