SKTV: John From Cincinnati

Haven’t had a chance to watch Big Love yet tonight, but that’ll be on my summer blogging list as well.

Anyway, I’m really getting into John From Cincinnati, as David Milch seems to be determined to make up for the cancellation of Deadwood by hiring every actor from it.  This week, we get Charlie Utter playing a drug dealer, and Jack McCall as the doctor.  A lot of the complaints about the show that I’m reading seem to be of the “I don’t get what’s going on” variety, and to that I say “Good!”  I’m getting really tired of being 3 or 4 steps ahead of shows that are dumbed down for network audiences.  That’s why I love shows like this one or Dexter, as they’re the kind of shows that are determined to make you THINK about what you’re watching, instead of spelling it out for you plot twist by plot twist.  JFC is an intriguing show because I don’t know where it’s going, and yet there’s a kind of internal logic to all the messed up characters that allows you to put the pieces together as they come.  For instance, John gets punched in the mouth, and an earthquake suddenly happens.  Aha, light bulb goes on, these things might be connected.  Now I’m curious as to what “What do you want, Butchie Yost?” is referring to.  Is John offering Butchie a wish, for lack of a better term?  It seems he can also read minds, as he was hearing dialog from Butchie while looking through the telescope, and it was obvious that Butchie wasn’t actually saying anything at the time.   I think Butchie’s in for some bigtime redemption, and I think he’s kind of glad to have someone as non-judgmental as John to hang around with him.  Unlike, say, Mitch, who I wanted to smack around for not wanting to let Shaunie at least have 12 hours on the breathing tubes, just in case.  I’m not feeling the whole Cunningham plot, but Willie Garson is always great and hopefully he’ll put it out.