Non-Benoit WWE News – Ventura, Hardys, Kennedy & More

Some notes from the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

Jesse Ventura had a meeting with Vince McMahon on the 14th June, most likely concerning either a DVD or a General Manager character.

Dusty Rhodes is definitely pushing for an on-air role. He wants to be an authority figure of some sort in ECW, which would give him a rather tasty dual-contract role as both creative and talent.

Brian Gerwitz has been pushing for the Iron Shiek to get an on-air role. A lot of other people are concerned about Shiek’s reputation flaring up again whilst being under contract.

Johnny Knoxville has signed on to work a match at SummerSlam. The Jackass guys are probably going to be involved in a multi-man hardcore bout of some sort.

The Hardys are, apparently, going to just be used as singles wrestlers now. They want to push Matt on Smackdown with what Meltzer calls ‘a long-term soap-opera storyline’. The mind boggles. There has also been talk of changing Jeff’s character, turning him into a backstage prankster and perhaps linking him with the Jackass guys.

Ken Kennedy is not medically cleared to wrestle yet but should be in a couple of weeks time.

Rey Mysterio is now targeting an August return. He’s still planning to work the Raw live events in Mexico in July, most likely in trios matches, so he can test out his knees.

Dan Rodman is expected to be brought in with a big push sooner rather than later. He got to face John Cena in a house show match on the 17th June as both Cena and Stephanie McMahon are keen on him. Word is that he is not very good but does have a superstar look.

Vince McMahon’s latest declaration is that he wants more UFC style legitimate finishes, with more stoppages, one-blow knock-outs and flash knock-outs.

Bret Hart’s autobiography is now a mere 563 pages, edited down from 1,500. It’ll be available in a few months time, as will Chris Jericho’s, which both Bret and Mick Foley have praised.

Louise Glover, a former UK Playboy model of the year, posted on her website that she was moving to the USA to take a job with WWE in August. In 2005 she was found guilty of claiming $30,000 in unemployment benefits whilst modelling around the world.

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, 25th June 2007 (click here for subscription information)

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